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Lacey (LaceyParisBooks) | 381 comments Mod
A building where vampires are supplied with blood. Always cold inside because of the giant freezers where blood bags are stored.

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Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
Evelyn guided Chloe to the blood bank, only having to deal with some suspicious actions from Chloe. "Here we are, just go inside and request a bag." Evelyn always got disgusted by this process the vampires go through, but she knew it was something they couldn't really resist.

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie frowned, "What, like a drive thru window? Some O Negative and fries on the side?" But she knew she wasn't being fair, to either herself or Evelyn. She certainly didn't want to hurt the girl. Quickly, she took a step backwards. "Thank you for bringing me here. I didn't know what I was feeling was... thirst. I hate to think what might've happened if I came across anyone else." She swallowed a lump in her throat at the thought of hurting someone. Even the thought of drinking blood made her want to empty the contents of her stomach onto the ground. She'd have to find a way around the blood drinking urge somehow.

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Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"No I mean go inside and have the lady in there help you get what you need." Evelyn said pointing to the double doors on the building. She didn't enjoy going in there, the one time she did ruined it for her, so she just now waited outside. "It's alright, we all know what to do in a scenario like this. Well us returners at least." Evelyn said noticing the girl's retreating, she however just stayed put.

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments ((Sorry for the delay. I have to go and stay with my parents until Friday but I'll try to play some this week))

Lolie nodded, happy that she wasn't being too harshly judged, "Thank you." she said, but she couldn't say any more because her throat felt like sandpaper. Her blonde hair swished as she turned towards the blood bank doors. They weren't as heavy as she'd expected them to be, but that might've had to do with the whole vampire thing. She didn't actually know very much about her abilities.

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Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"I'll wait out here Lolie." Evelyn replied, remembering her nickname she asked her to call her. "Take your time." She said sitting down on the front porch of the building. Yeah the blood bank wasn't for werewolves, they could just get their meat they craved out in the forest. She took out her phone and checked some messages.

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Inside the blood bank, Lolie was torn. She couldn't drink human blood, it was the same as killing someone in her book. The kind woman inside of the bank understood her panic, and assured her that the blood was donated. No one was hurt to acquire it. After hearing that, Lolie agreed- albeit regretfully- to drink some. After all, the burning ache in her throat and chest had become unbearable. After she had drank, the action rushed and messy and violent, and tinged with self loathing, she'd returned out the bank doors. She was much more cheerful now, "Evelyn! The lady in there said that I could hunt animals. That way I don't have to drink human blood." She insides of her lips were visibly stained crimson.

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments ((:D no rudeness intended but... *pokes you until you respond*))

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Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
Evelyn went from being on her phone to fiddling with her hair, braiding it, then unbraiding it, finally leaving it in a single french braid. Satisfied she took a few photos of herself, then played a game on her phone, patiently waiting for Lolie to come out.
When Lolie came out, she stood up and before she could ask how it went, Lolie spoke first, "That's good news. Us werewolves hunt animals." To supress the wolf instincts.

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie exhaled shakily, still feeling regret for drinking human blood, especially now that she knew it wasn't necessary. "You'll have to tell me which animals taste the best then." She smiled softly, "I don't like eating animals, but it's better than the alternative." She laughed, a tinge of hysteria in the giggle. "Thank you again for helping me to the blood bank. I'm eternally grateful, and I hope I've made a friend."

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments ((Reminder))

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Evelyn didn't particularly have a favorite animal to hunt, but she usually just went for something easy to hunt. "I'll let you know what I like, I've got to figure that out though." She said looking at her. She smiled and stood up, "you're welcome, and of course you've made a friend." She slipped her phone into her pocket and looked around. "Anything you want to do now?"

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie laughed, "Yay! It's been a while since I made a new friend." she grinned widely. While she thought, she pulled her blonde hair into a ponytail. "I'll probably just go wander around, see if I hit it off with anyone else. Maybe test out these newfound vampire talents." She was less concerned about exploring now that she knew what thirst felt like. Accidentally biting someone wasn't high up on her list of concerns. "It was nice meeting you, Evelyn."

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Evelyn gave a small laugh as well. "It's always nice to have a new friend, and we'll have to hang out sometime again." She said brushing her own hair behind her shoulder. "Nice meeting you too Lolie. See you later." She said with a small wave before walking off.

((End I'm assuming.))

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie nodded, "We've got all summer to hang out." she agreed, finishing piling her hair on top of her hair. "Later!" she said. She started off towards another part of the camp.

((Yeah lol. This was fun!))

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Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
((we'll have to do it again then. Later though.))

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod

Kim had snuck up to the building in her fox form. Looking for Leo. Even though she liked his real name he preferred Leo so that was what she would call him. She wasn’t sure if any of the other vampires would be unhappy at the non-blood drinking visitor. So she peered in cautiously, hopping to spot Leo and intending to revert into her human form should she find him, if not she would scurry away swiftly.

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments ((Kim. Also, his real name is Leo, his nickname is Owen.))

Leo had woken up just a little bit early and was sitting in the corner of the room with a bag of blood. He couldn't drink it as fast in the morning since it made a him nauseous, a little bit like if someone ate too much before their body was ready to eat anything. He noticed the adorable face of a certain fox. He waved and grinned at her, beckoning for her to come in. There were quite a few other kids wandering around since it was breakfast time, but a lot of them had friends that weren't vampires too, so he figured they would be fine with Kim coming in.

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((Oops! Sorry, not sure how my brain got it backwards! Kim and I both prefer Leo though XD ))

Fox-Kim spotted motion and realize the arm belonged to a familiar face. Though she didn’t turn in through human form right away but look through the window scrambling up and seen was right next to him looking up at him. Been glancing around as if I’m certain she should be in her human form or not. She tilted her head to the side as if asking him a question. As he had noticed before it was pretty amazing how much communication she could do without words even in this form.

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments ((It's fine! Leo and Owen are both some of my favorite names, although I would never name any of my kids either one. (Like, if I ever have kids.) Also i'm confused, is she still outside?))

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((I don’t know I know an owen and Leo could be short for Leonardo ^_^

Yes sorry! She scrambled inside through a window. I’m no with It lately. Some tough things in rl and my writing seems to be suffering :-( ))

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments ((Oh okay, If you ever need to take a break just tell me alright? Hope everything gets better soon!))

Leo looked back at Kim and tilted his head to match her expression.
"What?" He asked giving her a confused smile. He had absolutely no idea what she was asking from him. He figured she didn't want any blood, but he had nothing else to offer.
"Uh... good morning?" He asked, wrinkling his nose slightly. Maybe she just wanted him to be polite and have some manners? He wasn't sure.

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((Thank you. Our 13yr old dog passed so it’s left us pretty messed up))

Fox-Kim would have rolled her eyes had she the muscle control to do so in this form. She gave a slight bark, not loud, but almost as if returning the greeting, but then looked around trying to find a place to sort of hide behind us she transformed back there really wasn’t much opportunity to hide so she got behind where he sat and referred to her human self but stayed on the floor on hands and knees. “Will I bother anyone?” She asked tentatively, barely audible.

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments ((Oh. I know that this will probably sound fake cause everyone says it but, I'm sorry.))

Leo watched her weird behavior with a puzzled frown on his face. He still didn't understand what she was trying to get at. Finally she turned back into a human and was able to speak to him.
"You're not going to bother anyone! Half the people here aren't vampires anyways." He chuckled. It was really nice that she didn't want to bother anyone and how careful she was. But most of the vampires who didn't like others watching them eat would usually choose times that weren't quite so busy to eat their meals.

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((Thank you. And no it doesn’t sound fake. I appreciate it. And so sorry for not responding, I guess I missed the notification ))

Kim blushed fiercely and moved slightly rise from where she was trying to casual as if it was nothing strange about her hiding behind something room full of people. “Oh… I... sorry.” She was so embarrassed now silly she was acting, she wondered if he thought she was so ridiculous. “H-how are you? I mean good morning.” All of her manners when out the window. Why she had to be acting so much like a doofus why couldn’t she react like a normal person

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments ((That's fine!))

Leo grinned at her as gestured for her to take a seat in the chair across from him. It was endearing how worried she had been about it, and the blush just made it even cuter.
"Good morning to you too. I'm doing very well." He answered, ignoring her stuttering. He could tell that she was pretty flustered about the whole thing still, but he figured the best thing would just be for her to calm down. Grinning he reached behind him and took a vase of flowers off the table behind him.
"Since you really liked the flowers last night, I figured I would make it a bit of a tradition. A new flower every day?" He smiled at her and gave her the daisy that was in the vase.

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Kim was glad to take the seat he offered her and out of nervous have it settled with her hair a little bit trying to Tuckett around her ear or over her shoulder so it wasn’t in her face like it normally was. She seem to deep in a shade of Crimson when he handed her the Daisy. “Thank you.“ She took the flower smiling at it, never in her life or anyone given her a flower and now she’s had two given to her. She couldn’t help smelling it. It was sad these flowers would wither and die so easily but they were so beautiful and the smell they carried was so pleasant. “ I think eventually you run out of flowers though.“ She was trying to be a little more relaxed and playful, not wanting to be the Nervis awkward person all the time though she didn’t have a clue just how many types of flowers that were in the world she figured in this camp they were quite limited.

((Thank you ! <3 ))

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments Leo smiled and shrugged. He had thought about the fact that there were only so many flowers near by, but it would be a fun thing while it lasted. He loved to take walks when he had some time alone, so it would be an interesting challenge to see how many flowers he could find each day.
"Well, I figure one day i'll just take you to a meadow or something and that'll be enough." He shrugged again and took another sip from the cup in front of him.
"Did you sleep well?" He asked absentmindedly, smiling at her.

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Jim’s heart fluttered and she wasn’t sure why she felt so… What’s personal word for it, it wasn’t a bad feeling but it was certainly a new and strange feeling. And she couldn’t stop smiling probably looking like an idiot when he asked about how she slept though she nodded her head. Secretly grateful for the chance of refocusing her thoughts. “I slept pretty good, How about you?” She actually had slept pretty decent last night. Which wasn’t always the norm in fact she had a lot of really fun and interesting dreams dreams that came to her mind made her smile she was a little silly about her dreams though she would have a lot that would often be pretty crazy

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments Leo couldn't help but notice how happy she seemed this morning. She had a really nice smile and it made him happy to see her in such a good mood. When she asked how he had slept he grinned at her.
"I am Dracula, I do not sleep like a mere mortal." He said, trying to do a rather poor Dracula accent. One of the questions he most often got about being a vampire was if he slept during the day, and when he did, if he slept upside down. The answers to both those questions were no. Although when he was younger, he had tried to sleep hanging upside down.
"Just joking. I slept really well actually." he said after a moment.

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Kim laughed, maybe she was a little too logical or maybe she made silly assumptions but because it was daytime whenever she had seen him and he was awake she assumed that he slept when the camp told him to sleep which would’ve been at night. Though honestly she was more nocturnal in many ways and she preferred to stay up till about 10 o’clock at night at least sometimes 2 AM in the morning and when she was even more free of her time she would go to sleep right at sun up. Maybe that was because she liked turning into animals that were somewhat nocturnal as well. It would never even occurred to her to ask if he slept upside down but mostly because she hadn’t watched vampire movies and only read some books about the topic. “This is gonna sound like a silly question.“ She was hesitant to ask really but then again that already talked about some more awkward and embarrassing things out within their powers. “Do you dream a lot?“ Probably not the question he was expecting sings how he’s a vampire and she’s not but she was interested in knowing if she was weird and the fact that she dreamed so much

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments "Do I dream a lot?" Leo repeated the question and gave Kim a puzzled look. She had definitely been right that it was a sort of random question, although silly wouldn't be the way he would explain it. It was better than what he had been expecting though. He had been expecting some stupid question about him being a vampire. It was amazing how many questions he got that were obviously untrue. Such as "do you really burn in the sun?" This question often seemed to be asked while Leo was walking across camp in broad daylight. So, while it was a random question, he didn't mind it.
"I guess." He frowned and tilted his head slightly. He didn't know what constituted as dreaming a lot. Sometimes he would remember more than 2 dreams per night, but other times he wouldn't remember any of his dreams. It really depended on how well he slept.
"Why? Do you?" He asked in return.

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Kim bit her lower lip nervously as she waited his response but I didn’t laugh at her so that was a good sign. “I was just wondering, I haven’t hung around a lot of people and when you asked how I slept last night and made me think about how I had had several dreams and that I always have quite a few dreams and they’re very detailed dreams... so I wondered...” Okay why was she being so silly now? It wasn’t as if he was a stranger to her

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments Leo raised an eyebrow, this was definitely interesting. He leaned back in his chair and after finishing his glass of blood ((That is a very weird sentence)) regarded Kim with a curious look on his face. Maybe it had something to do with being a shapeshifter, but more likely it was something personal that made her remember all this stuff.
"If you don't mind me asking, what are your dreams about?" He asked. He didn't want her to feel like she had to tell him, but being a naturally curious person, he wanted to know. He also figured she wouldn't have brought it up if it was a very uncomfortable topic for her.

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((Haha XD Fantasy roleplay, where sentences you never thought you would ever say are born. LOL))

Kim actually didn’t mind talking about her dreams because they were exciting to her adventures and fun things.” No I don’t mind, though they may seem silly. A lot of times I’m flying in my dreams but sometimes I’m different people, it’s a little hard to describe I don’t write them down first thing in the morning I don’t seem to be able to remember them as well, but one time I was a spy, and I was trying to get information and then use that information to rescue a friend who was trapped. Another time I was a cop but I was a guy this time, and he and his partner broke into this old apartment building looking room and there was this girl on the couch who is sleeping and I sing off my partner to get her out of there as I went through to the back to get this criminal. Who I knew had killed someone.“ She thought another moment. “Then there’s been other times when I’ve had special powers not just flying but like able to control elements or shoot energy for my hands, and then there are times when I was in outer space on a spaceship. The galaxy was so beautiful there were so many colors, there were the shooting stars and meteors and planets I don’t know if there anything like real planets, but if they are I want to see them!” She realize she was rambling about her dreams and lowered her head slightly. “Sorry...”

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments "After learning that there are supernatural beings in the world. Not much is that sill anymore." Leo chirped, grinning before quieting down again so she could talk. The flying dream seemed to be one that everyone had at least once in their life. They all talked about how wonderful it felt to be able to fly, and how disappointed they were when they woke up. Leo had never really been able to sympathize with them, since he had never had a flying dream before. He listened with interest until she stopped and apologized. Probably for talking so much, although he didn't mind.
"I know people say that dreams are all about your inner physiology or something. So I wonder what your dreams are trying to say about you." He tilted his head slightly to the side and grinned at her.

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Kim I was really glad how nice he was being right now. Basically reassuring her that nothing she was saying was silly she wasn’t sure if he was just saying it ir meant it sincerely but she took it as sincere and was very grateful. “Says something about me?“ She thought a moment, and put her dreams we are so varied in different and drastic. Yet There was a connection. “Maybe I like seeking adventure? Seeing new things, maybe going after trouble and traveling?” She was restless, always wanting to be seeing or doing something, even though she was a calm sort of person.

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments "Maybe. Perhaps we should go on an adventure." He shrugged and grinned at Kim. He was always up for a good adventure, as long as it didn't involve moths or zebras. He had a very irrational fear of both moths and zebras. The moth thing was more normal since a lot of people were afraid of bugs. But the zebra thing was probably since he had been bitten by a black and white horse when he was little. He had never quite gotten over it.
"I never really thought you would be the restless type." He admitted. Kim seemed to calm and balanced, not constantly moving around. In reality, Leo hated moving. That didn't mean camping trips or anything but he had moved so many times in his life that he never wanted to move again.

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“Really? What could we do?“ Kim sounded instantly excited. She love the idea of them going on a venture together she wasn’t sure what they could do but sure it would be fun. “Well I guess I’m not restless in but I can’t sit still but I need to always have my mind doing something. So reading books drawing or exploring I mean one of my favorite things to do here campus turn into a fox and wonder around so… I guess that’s my type of restlessness I like to explore.”

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments Leo stared thoughtfully at the empty glass on his table. The camp had a pretty limited space for an adventure, and he wasn't sure where they could go to have a little bit of an adventure.
"Oh. That makes sense." He said absentmindedly at her comment about restlessness and being a fox. After a moment his thoughtful look changed into a smile and he looked back up at Kim.
"Have you ever been to the midnight falls?" He asked her, raising an eyebrow. He had heard many things about midnight falls, the only forbidden place in camp. He had never been there, although he didn't really care about all the rumors he heard that flew around camp about it. But he was still curious about what it was like there.

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((Oooh! Nice! ^_^))

Kim’s eyes sparkled with delight. “Midnight falls?“ From the sounds of it she hadn’t, but the name itself provoked curiosity and excitement. “Is it some sort of waterfall?“ Is probably a stupid question but was only thing that made sense. “How far is it?“ If he was looking for an answer that was probably a yes. She certainly wanted to see a place like that and whether as a human or as an animal going with a friend, because she now actually had friends! It would be even more fun and exciting and they could look after each other and make sure they stayed safe. She wondered just what might be there, curiosity was practically consuming her.

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments Leo's face light up with happiness as he saw the delighted sparkle in Kim's eyes. He loved making other people happy, so it was nice to see the excited look in her eyes.
"I don't honestly really know. I've just heard about it. We're not really supposed to go there..." He paused before giving her a sly smile.
"But that makes it even more fun right?" He grinned at her and propped his elbows up on the table, raising an eyebrow at her. He had wanted to go to midnight falls for a long time but (although he didn't want to admit it) he had never really wanted to go alone. The idea of having someone like Kim to be calm if he started freaking out or something, was a nice idea.

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Kim though not a bad person wasn’t opposed to breaking rules, so she will she thought and really make sense. She understood things could be dangerous but if she didn’t care and was going to take the risks and why should be against the rules? It wasn’t like she was going to intentionally hurt someone else at the worst it would be only heard they got hurt and if he was willing then just the two of them and that was their decision. They weren’t going to go on attack someone or steal something or do anything like that so she didn’t think it should be against the rules. And it wasn’t like it was someone’s home that they were breaking into it was nature, nature should be accessible to anyone! “When do we go?“ The excitement almost tangible in the air.

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments Leo waited eagerly for her response. Some people got freaked out by the idea that they would be breaking the rules. He didn't really know what Kim's reaction was going to be since she tended to be quite calm, but he also just found out that she loved adventures. So when she simply asked, when do we go? He gave her a happy smile. He wanted to go now, but realized that she hadn't eaten breakfast yet.
"Well, today seems like a good day." He said brightly. It actually was a very nice day. It was quite warm and sunny, perfect for exploring. Many people didn't realize how important weather was when going on an adventure. Walking in the rain made everything seem much less enjoyable.
"But only after you eat breakfast." He added, smiling at her.

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Kim chuckled. “ OK we can swing by and grab some food. I can grab something that’s good for the road.“ She winked at him, With how excited she was the idea of sitting still and eating a meal slowly was certainly very low on her list. Besides they were burning daylight as it was, she stood up showing her eagerness. “Are you done? Because we can head that way now?” She was trying not to be too pushy though still be somewhat polite at least.

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments Leo grinned at her. She seemed to share his impatience to get on with this adventure. Most people would definitely choose a warm breakfast over a hike, but Kim was different.
"Alright!" He smiled at her happily. He was already full from his form of breakfast, but a muffin sounded quite good. Standing up he stretched and yawned slightly.
"Yeah. Let's hit the road." He said cheerfully. Of course, they wouldn't be hitting the road, but rather the camp pathway, but that sounded much less catchy. He hadn't dressed for an adventure though and he gave Kim an embarrassed look.
"Do you want to grab some breakfast while I go change?" He asked her as she walked to the door
"Oh, and get me a muffin when you're at it?" He asked, grinning at her.

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Kim nodded. “ yes sounds great! Where should we meet?“ She was resisting the urge to bolt off right now and go do it but she had a little more self-control than that though she wondered exactly what she could find that was quick and easy to take. She wasn’t necessarily dressed for an adventure but she could turn an animal, so she often didn’t worry about that anymore. She also pondered if she should run by her cabin right quick and grab something that might be helpful to have on an adventure.

Max-mostly off for the next few months sorry! | 157 comments "Um, let's meet at the path that goes down to midnight falls. You can't miss it, there's a giant do not enter sign." He grinned at her and opened the door. A flood of warm air hit him and he grinned. The blood bank was always freezing since it had to store and keep all of the blood in good condition. He never noticed how cold it was until he left the building. He grinned at her one more time before jogging off to his cabin.
((Should we meet at midnight falls?))

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((Yes I’ll post my gloss over of
What she did there next ^_^ ))

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