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Laura | 2 comments YA? 1-5yrs ago, Dystopia, humans almost wiped out, babies die immediately, genetic modification

Main character (female) is an older teen (17is i think?). The human race was almost entirely wiped out by a disease or virus. A very small minority survived, along with some genetically modified people who are superhuman in many ways and blamed for the virus. The government has made it mandatory to have babies as often as physically posable once you reach a specific age. Babies all die almost instantly after being born because of the disease. They are hoping to get some that are immune but none seem to be. Partway through the book I think the youngest human turns 12ish. The government was going to lower the age for this and the mc would soon fall under it. I think there was a lot of violent protesting going on against the government. The mc works in the hospital and gets permission to study the disease more closely. She learns about different stages of it or something of that sort. Somewhere in there she goes to find one of the genetically modified people to use them to find why they are immune. She finds one and studies them. I remember that if she leaves the blood from them(male) somewhere not airtight it solidifies. She becomes friends with her study subject. The government stages her attack by the person to gain favor with the people. They both escape and end up going away from the place where people live where the super human people live.
Spoilers below...

I think she is captured by the genetically modified people and they do tests on her. At the end they decide that she is not actually a human but one of them.

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Hayley Partials by Dan Wells??

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Kris | 13844 comments Mod
Partials by Dan Wells - Hayley's suggestion

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Laura | 2 comments Hayley wrote: "Partials by Dan Wells??"
Yes, that is it! Thank you! I should have started with this, I have been searching and looking all over the place.

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Hayley Welcome!!

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