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message 1: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (LaceyParisBooks) | 381 comments Mod
The stables lie right before the Occult Forest. Camp Occult had 14 horses of varying breeds and colors. Students may use the camp grounds but are not allowed to venture very far into the forest on horseback.

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Allie | 122 comments ((Elizabeth/Harrison))

Romeo was having a bad day, though it didn't take a genius to figure that out. His eye was a dark blue color and swollen, clearly a new injury.
"Listen, señorita I didn't mean to make you run into that tree," he said, scolding one of the horses, a strong brown mare. "It was an accident, and I got the worst of it. Quit your griping." The mare huffed in response, turning her head away from Romeo.
He threw up his hands, exasperated. Moving to the side of the stable, he started gathering some apples from the bins, intending to use them as a peace offering.

message 3: by Allie (new)

Allie | 122 comments Romeo didn't notice the other boy, and jumped when he spoke. He almost dropped a couple of the apples in his arms.
"I'll say," he said, trying to hide his shock. Romeo straightened up, looking over at the boy.
Mios Dios, he has killer cheekbones, he thought to himself.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo was slightly offended by the boy's correction, but he could tell that he didn't mean it in a rude way.
"I'm Romeo. Also a shapeshifter." He resisted the urge to let go of all of the apples, letting them all, choosing instead to turn and dump them back into the bin behind him.
"And thanks for the horse advice. I'm more of a small-mammals kind of guy." Romeo gave Harrison a small smirk.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo flushed red. He usually wasn't embarrassed about his injuries, but it was easy telling people that he got into a fight. It made him sound tough. He did not recieve his black eye in a fight.
"I, uh--" Romeo stopped to take the rag that Harrison offered. "Thanks."
"I was riding the horse really fast and we were heading for a tree and she stopped and I kind of flew forward?" Romeo said, sounding like a question, and the words coming out too fast to truly comprehend. He held the wet rag to his eye in shame.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo couldn't help the small snort that came from him. Imagining this kid, a bird one moment, a screaming boy the next, was hilarious.
"Sorry," he said, feeling bad for being amused. "I haven't tried birds yet. Are they difficult?"

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Allie | 122 comments "Mostly I do small mammals, rodents, the like," Romeo said, shrugging. "I do a pretty great rabbit."
Though Romeo did want to try birds. The image of him soaring through the sky was enough to get him to dream. To be honest, he was a little scared. But he'd never admit it.

message 8: by Allie (new)

Allie | 122 comments "Yeah, that'd be fun," Romeo said, truly meaning it. He had never practiced with other shapeshifters before, and the idea was exciting. Everyone had their own style, and learning how to do birds would be amazing.
"Water animals? Like fish?" Romeo sounded like he was holding back a chuckle.

message 9: by Allie (new)

Allie | 122 comments "That makes sense," Romeo said. He had never thought to try a dolphin. He had reserved himself to the smaller mammals, mostly out of fear of if something went wrong. Which was probably idiotic. If Harrison could survive as the tail of a dolphin, Romeo would be fine. Right?
"Fish would be easier. Why do you try such difficult animals?" Romeo asked, his voice part curious and part condescending.

message 10: by Allie (new)

Allie | 122 comments Romeo found himself speechless at the boy's comment. He couldn't admit that he was scared, of course, and in his frustration, he wandered back over towards the horses, reaching out to stroke the mane of a smaller grey horse.
"What if something bad happens? When you change?" Romeo kept his eyes on the horse, not wanting to face Harrison.

message 11: by Allie (new)

Allie | 122 comments Romeo thought on Harrison's comment. Maybe he shouldn't be so afraid of making a mistake.
"I've never really had someone to practice with," Romeo said, shrugging. "Most people don't like me."

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo grinned as Harrison spoke, his eyes lighting up.
"Thanks," he said, feeling somehow rewarded to be liked by Harrison. He was a really nice guy, and Romeo was proud to have somehow gotten on his better side.
"For what it's worth, I like you too. Anyone who can tame that beast--" Romeo paused, nodding towards the brown mare, "--is good in my books."

message 13: by Allie (new)

Allie | 122 comments "Definitely," Romeo said, nodding. He was grateful for the opportunity to practice alongside another shapeshifter.
"Catch you later?" He tossed the wet rag that he was supposed to be holding against his eye between his hands. He intended to go to the infirmary and get an ice pack or two.

message 14: by Allie (new)

Allie | 122 comments Romeo waved back, and headed out of the stables the opposite way. Finally, he had met someone to practice with!

((END. Thanks Elizabeth, that was really good!))

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod

Kim loved horses with a passion. Though she loves all animals there was something special about dogs and horses to her of course in her mind she was a little bit silly as she considered horses like giant dogs. I just had such soulful eyes were so beautiful. She wasn't sure if she was allowed to but she was gonna spend time with the horses and maybe ride one if they seemed to like her because of that she was wearing comfy jeans and the simple T-shirt. She found one beautiful chestnut mare that she loved right away and begin brushing her mane, back and flanks. She home and a sweet song as she did this thinking she actually could be happy on a ranch at least one I had horses she wouldn't be much for getting up at 4 AM or milking cows or anything weird like that but taking care of horses she could like that.

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Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
Somehow, and for some reason, Chase had found himself at the stable. He didn't particularly care for horses, so he was just checking out the grounds, seeing what there is to do and what not. The stable door creaked terribly when he entered, causing some of the horses to snicker and whine. The smell had just hit him the moment he walked in and with his hands in his hoodie pocket he scrunched his nose and looked around. He kept his distance from the horses, and from the girl who was in there already.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim was standing on a small step ladder, and turned her head at the sound of the door squeaking, and unfortunately the horse she had been brushing stomped and neighed thrusting her head left and right and sent her sprawling backwards. She gasped as the step toppled and fell hard. Landing and spooking the horse who started stomping again. Kim gave a shriek as she was trapped and trying to reach for the gate to the stall she was stuck in to get out.

message 18: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
The stall with the girl in it was were the loud bang and shriek originated from, and caused his head to turn. The horse had been spooked and she had fallen. He rushed over, opening the stall door with caution but swiftly. "Woah!" He said to the horse, his full attention on the horse and not the girl. Allowing the horse to ignore the girl and look at him. He motioned for her to move out of he stall. He gritted his teeth as the horse didn't seem to calm down. That's when he realized, the ground beneath him, and the horse. The earth seemed to move at his will, he used it to grab the hooves of the horse to keep it from moving any closer, and rereleased the horse once he had exited the stall with the girl and closed the door behind them. "Are you okay?" His attention now on her, and his eyes full of worry.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim had tried to press herself as snuggly against the stall as possible to avoid being trampled to death, but she was relieved when someone showed up and providing her an escape distracted the horse. She crawled out as quickly as she could, breathing heavily. That was so dumb... what were you thinking? She blinked looking up at him. Considering what could have happened she was in good shape. Her whole right arm got scraped up pretty badly and her elbow was already turning purple. And there was a nice size cut on her head from the horses hooves thrashing. "I-I'm alright... thank you..." Dummy... you shouldn't have gone alone... you know better...

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Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"Listen, you need need to sit down for a moment." He gently set one hand on her shoulder and guided her to a hay bundle, away from any horses. Chase on the other hand remained standing, unable to sit and wait. What should e do, call for help? He couldn't just leave her here to go get help. Hmm. "Here. I don't know what you did to you know, but I don't wan you moving it." He pulled a bandanna from his cargo pants and fastened a sling/brace. To hold it in place and also put pressure on her bleeding cuts. He didn't divert his attention from her, and to make sure she didn't get any worse.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim was astonished that he seemed to actually care. And didn't put up any resistance as he helped her to a more comfortable and safe spot. Then he even used his own bandana to help her. "T-thanks..." now she was stammering? But it couldn't be helped he was being nice. "It was stupid of me..." she added softly. Why was he being nice? He helped her he could have just left?

message 22: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
Chase nodded. "Yeah it was." He agreed, and just because he never liked these creatures, he had a bad experience with a wild horse when he was younger. So why he was even in this stable he had no idea. "Next time, I suggest bringing someone with you. Not me." The distaste he had for horses were evident in the why he spoke the last two words and looked around the building. "Do you need help getting to the nurse?" He asked standing up and stuffing his hands back in his pocket, not really knowing what to do now.

((Infirmary is still being used but we can pretend they go there.))

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
His response stung. It was true but it still stung. Kim of course felt sad, but didn't cry. She had learned when to hide her tears. "Right..." ehe didn't have friends to invite with her, so that wasn't going to happen. She wondered why he seemed so against being here, but at his question she rose to her feet. "I'm alright..." so she said, but was obviously unsteady. It was a shame she hadn't been able to turn into a horse she wouldn't have gotten hurt!

((Yeah sounds good to me ^_^ ))

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Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"I guess I could walk you there." He said noticing she didn't say anything when he asked her if anyone would go with her. He stayed by her side though he didn't do much talking. "Do you want to meet somewhere after?" He asked seeing if he wanted to hang out, if not, he'd be on his way.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim looked at him as she moved along and couldn't even come close to masking the surprise in her expression. "You would... want me to? Don't you..." she looked down. Think I'm a clumsy idiot? She bit her tongue. "I would like to, but you don't have to feel obligated..." It must be pity, that was it, he felt sorry for her. She was all alone and got hurt.

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Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"Hey." Chase said, stopping her from speaking, as he stopped her from walking too. "I offered, I wouldn't have offered if I didn't want to." He said looking at her, trying to judge why she wouldn't want to. Chase looked at her carefully, and thought he got the message, "but if you really don't want me to, I can leave." Chase took a few steps toward the door. He was going to let Kim choose.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim bit the i side of her cheek. "W-wait..." she took a few steps after him. "I... I don't have any friends so I don't know how to respond to this, but... yes, if you want to... 'hang out'? I'm glad to." She hopped he didn't laugh and make fun of her. She was so ridiculously awkward it was pathetic.

message 28: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
((Sorry! Forgot about this one Kya. Did you want to keep it going?))

message 29: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"It's all good." Chase said holding up his arms as if to surrender. "Where is your favorite spot in camp, we can meet there tomorrow." He said a bit fast, trying to figure out a way to get it to work, without sounding rude.

message 30: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
"Favorite? Oh, waterfalls... I mean anything around water." Him that it was a little strange she was going to meet him, was that what normal kids did? They made friends and then we can meet somewhere and just hang out? Was that what it was called? She did like the idea though finally making some friends and she didn't off and hang around boys either this would be her finally growing in the right direction.

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Brian (OscarT) ((Tauria-Aberdeen))

After leaving the library, Deen wandered the camp angrily and eventually wound up near the stables. The smell of the horses and the shuffling of their feet reminded him of the circus horses, so he walked over and opened the door slipping into the dimly lit stable.

He walked down the rows of stalls admiring the animals. He stopped before the stall of a beautiful white mare, and began petting her nose. He laughed as she nuzzled his jacket. "Sorry, beautiful, I'll bring you a snack next time." Being near the horses calmed him and he let go of his anger.

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Ahana~  (KingAhana) | 502 comments ((Aberdeen))

Tauria roamed around the stables, her edgy look on. Today, her hair was blonde with yellowish green highlights and she was wearing a black sleeveless crop top and ripped jeans. The horses around were so beautiful and majestic! Her eyes fell on a white horse who was being petted by a boy around her age. "Isn't it the most cutest horse ever?"she asked, in an excited tone and went beside him.


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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
((Sorry, we still had a role-play going here))

message 34: by Brian (new)

Brian (OscarT) (( So even though no one has posted in over a week , no one else can use the location? All locations are in use then.))

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
((You can ask a mod to make a new thread if all others are busy, but the roleplays that are going slow will get drowned out by new Roleplays so its best to pick one where both parties there are posting frequently than to drown out the slower one))

message 36: by Ahana~ (new)

Ahana~  (KingAhana) | 502 comments ((Can you, Kim? As you are a mod? :D))

message 37: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
((Yes, but I would need to know what sort of thread would you like? Also we will move from here so you two can continue))

message 38: by Brian (new)

Brian (OscarT) ((Kim we're not trying to inconvenience you. You were here first, if we could get another location, we would be happy to move. Maybe a corral attached to the stables?))

message 39: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
((Its no problem ^_^ Kya said she'd like to move anyway. I will make the corral though, but I'm working a 10 hour day so since y'all have already had to wait feel free to stay here and rp. Sorry about interrupting your roleplay. I see that there are a lot of in progress rps so feel free to request threads or even message the people asking about the rp. ^_^ ))

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Brian (OscarT) ((Tauria-Aberdeen))

Deen looked up when she spoke and his mood began wilting, his last encounter with another student hadn't gone well at all. "Yeah, she's a beauty all right." he spoke softly, and took that time to study the girl a bit further.

He smiled tentatively and asked her, "You want to pet her?"

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Ahana~  (KingAhana) | 502 comments ((Okay! :) ))

Tauria smiled at the boy and then looked at the horse. It was such a lovely creature and she really wanted to pet it. Her enthusiasm was just bursting out of her. "Yeah!"she exclaimed and nodded eagerly.

message 42: by Brian (new)

Brian (OscarT) Deen stepped up and stood alongside the horses head, he really didn't know this horse and it could be a biter. "Reach over and pat him on the neck, horses like that."
He decided that she was really cute, even if she did tend to dress with a bit of flair. He had seen worse in the circus.

"I'm Deen."

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Ahana~  (KingAhana) | 502 comments Tauria with a giggle listened to him and reached to pat the horse's neck. The skin felt soft under her hair and she kept on patting it. "Good Boy!"she murmured with a smile. She turned towards the boy when he introduced. "I am Tauria!"she said with a smile and extended her other hand in greeting.

message 44: by Brian (new)

Brian (OscarT) Deen grinned. "She's a mare....a girl." He took her hand and shook it, he always felt a little silly doing that, it was a grown up thing, shaking hands.

"Now rub along her nose, between her eyes, let her get a good smell of you." He watched the mare carefully, but she seemed fine with the attention.

"I'm new here, how about you? Oh, yeah...I'm a wizard, of sorts. Not very good at it yet." He blushed and grinned sheepishly.

message 45: by Ahana~ (new)

Ahana~  (KingAhana) | 502 comments Tauria laughed when Deen corrected her. "Oh, then good girl!"she said with a chuckle. It was really a pretty horse. She did what he told her to and slowly moved her hand over the nose and between her eyes. The horse didn't seem to mind. It seemed like she was enjoying herself to the attention and care. "I am a new too and a vampire!"she told with a cheeky smile and grinned.

message 46: by Brian (new)

Brian (OscarT) "Wow, a vampire huh? First one I've met." Deen smiled at her and stepped back a bit to give her full access to the horse. "So it must be pretty cool being a vampire, huh?" He scrambled up atop the stall door and sat there watching her pet the horse.

message 47: by Ahana~ (new)

Ahana~  (KingAhana) | 502 comments Tauria looked at him and grinned. "Well, it is a cool thing but I think being a wizard sounds better!"she said with a wink and laughed. She patted the horse on his head and took some of it's food and made it eat. "It looks like now we all are good friends!"she told him, a happy smile on her face.

message 48: by Brian (new)

Brian (OscarT) "Well yeah," Deen blushed a little and grinned back, "I guess a wizard is cool too, but with a vampire you got all these cool abilities. I've got to learn spells and how to use them, and it's hard sometimes."

He watched her pet the horse and enjoyed her enjoyment. "Yeah, horses are pretty easy to make friends with." Not like people he thought.

message 49: by Ahana~ (new)

Ahana~  (KingAhana) | 502 comments Tauria chuckled and shook her head. "Oh well, I still have things to learn."she said with a smirk. She was so excited to learn those things and her fire powers were just so cool to her! "But spells must be fun!"she exclaimed.

"Well, she can be my friend!"Tauria said nodding her head.

message 50: by Brian (new)

Brian (OscarT) Deen laughed when she did. "Yeah, she really seems to like you." He lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper and winked. "Here's a little secret, bring her a cut up apple, or some sugar cubes and you really be her friend."

He sat back on the stall door and thought a minute, then snapped his fingers. "Hey can you turn into a bat, or a wolf like in the stories?"

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