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A building for Arts and Crafts of all sorts.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia had practically been in the Arts and Crafts building all day as today was one of those days where all she wanted to do was continuously create. She'd finished up the big project she'd been working on for months and now was choosing to do multiple small projects. She had a long period of time where she didn't work on anything, and everything she had collected from her adventures, had just sat there. She held up a weird looking rock that she had picked up and studied it carefully, thinking about where she'd put it.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia glanced over at the person who came in. Since she loved talking to people and hadn't talked to a single person all day as she'd been too busy keeping herself distracted with her ideas that seemed to be endless, she figured this was a great time to talk to another person for the day instead of just to herself. "Hello!" She chirped up with a wide grin on her face from where she was sitting on the floor, her things spread out all around her. She moved her hands down from where she had been holding the rock up and sat the rock on the ground before picking up a different one. She was in the middle of sorting the rocks into different groupings of where she had got them. "How are you today?" She asked, her eyes flickering over to the boy before returning to her rocks.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia nodded at his response. "That's good." She replied, trying to sound enthusiastic, although wishing he could be better than fine as he often did with most people. "I'm doing beyond fantastic!" She said honestly. She felt great and had been making great progress throughout the day. If anything else good happen, she felt as if she might just explode of happiness! It'd been awhile since she actually found herself a reason for feeling so happy and she had hardly wasted anytime while obtaining this happiness, so it seemed worth it to feel every ounce of it she could.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia gave a smile when he introduced himself. "I'm Shelia. Nice to be acquainted to you." She said, as she placed another rock into a pile that was related to the ones she found near lakes, rivers, or streams. She then proceeded to record on a piece of paper like she'd been doing with the others. "So, Harrison, what were you going to work on? She asked, indicating to the notebook he'd started writing in. Although she was a curious person she didn't think much about the question or any of the possibilities of what the answer could be, even if it held a simple answer.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia gave him a nod of encouragement when he finished speaking. "That's a wonderful idea. It's a method of how to express how you feel in which you can give it thought, and you also don't have to think over and over what you're going to say until you memorize it. It can just flow out of you." She replied, agreeing with what he said. "Awe yeah, it'll be both sweet and romantic!" She repeated, trying too add a dramatic flair to the tone of her voice. "You seem pretty thoughtful too which means you may be able to gather your thoughts easier or much harder than other people. But feelings are a complicated matter and much harder to handle than thoughts, so perhaps it'll be different." She observed.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia had to force herself not to roll her eyes as she didn't want to seem like a rude person. Noticing his raised eyebrow, she just shrugged. "I like to pry into other people's deep feelings." She said simply as one would say when stating a hobby that they do or a job that they have. "So you'll confess your feelings on a piece of paper, but if something goes wrong you'll push them off as somebody else's feelings? Don't. Just don't do that. That'd be a cowardly move and it'll make you look bad, if not to anyone else, to yourself. The person will most likely just appreciate your honesty, whether they like you back or not. They'll take comfort in knowing that they can be 'liked' or 'loved' even if they don't feel the same." She told him. "No matter what people say or think, your feelings aren't what makes you look like a doofus. Sometimes it'll seem better to go and runaway when a situation doesn't turn out as you hoped, but that doesn't change anything, or fix anything. Show yourself respect and love before trying to give it to others, or at least try to accept the fact that you and your feelings matter." She advised, wondering if anything she was saying was having any effect on him whatsoever.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia shook her head, not bothering to even try to understand what she so-called didn't. Although she didn't like people telling her what she did and didn't understand, she understood what he was meaning by it. "Yes, I don't understand. I've never allowed myself to fall in love or have a crush on anyone, so I've never felt the nervousness you feel." She began, trying to sound as sincere as she felt. "I get that you don't want him laughing at you, most people don't. And I get that you've never asked anyone out: there's a first time for everything. So let him be your first, even if he happens not to be your one and only." She continued with a thoughtful expression on her face. "If the fact that you don't know him well is a problem, then get to know him. Talk about each other's interests, ask questions you have. But stay true to yourself because that'll always be better than the perfect person your mind will try to make you come up with." She shook her head again at his final statement. "No, no, no. That's a horrible idea!" She said, a little too bluntly. Her face softened as she noticed how at loss he seemed. "At least in my opinion, it is." She added softly. "You should write. You don't even have to give it to him anytime soon if your not ready, or if you'd prefer to not give it to him at all, but writing about how you feel toward him isn't a bad idea. It might even help you understand what you're feeling more than you do now." She suggested, feeling hopeful.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia gave a small sigh, watching him throw away his letter. "Maybe. Maybe not. I'm good at speaking inspirational stuff but I don't do much that can be inspiring to others. And besides," She paused, unsure of how to continue the sentence as there was many ways she could. "My mental state isn't as a good as an inspirational speaker's should be, my feelings are whack and although I'm empathetic I often act on impulse, which isn't the best thing when you're trying to be inspiring." She finished. It wasn't that she was trying to bash herself despite how she sounded. She was just too self absorbed in her own creations and ideas despite her love of helping people. But it wasn't just the helpfulness she loved, she loved the feeling of helping people, the reactions to the help. It was the kind of love she felt toward adventures, it was the thrill of helping people that made her find it enjoyable. She didn't add this though, not really seeing a point to.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia gave him an approving nod. "That's a good idea. Good luck." She replied, smiling brightly. "And thanks!" She said, looking down at what she had been working in. "Have a good rest of your day! Bye!" She added.

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Brian (OscarT) Tia wandered the camp looking at all the buildings and deciding which one sounded interesting. She spotted 'Arts and Crafts' and headed that way. She was hoping that they had a darkroom. She was in to digital photography, but sometimes the old fashioned kind worked best.

She pushed open the door and timidly stepped into the building.

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Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
Madison had already been inside the arts and crafts building for a while now. It was the only place she could go and really participate at. She sat at the table in the front lobby area. Each room seemed to hold something new and exciting but she hasn't explored all the options yet. Madi had we phone out and was trying to take selfies, but none turned out decent.

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Brian (OscarT) Tia saw another camper almost immediately and gave a kind of half wave. "Ummm Hi " she called out, "I'm Tia. Do you care if I look around?" Her eyes began roaming the interior of the building, hoping to find something that might be a darkroom. She watched from the corner of her eye as the girl fiddled with her cellphone. "What are you doing?" she finally asked.

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Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"Go ahead! Have a look around." Madi said giving her a small wave with her one hand, while still clutching the phone. Madi went back to her cellphone, and tried to get another angle that would make it work, but it was hard to do when you only have one arm. "Trying to take a decent photo, but I can't seem to get any good ones. Oh, I'm Madison." She said looking up and smiling.

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Brian (OscarT) Tia looked around but found no darkroom, maybe she should suggest one. She wandered back over near Madison. "Hey Madison, I'm uhh...kinda in to photography, you know? Can I help? Maybe three arms would be better than two, huh?" She smiled as sweetly as she could, trying to give no offense.

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"Would you?" Madison asked perking up a bit. The joke took a moment to process "yeah, any amount is better than one." Even if it was in her wolf form, she kind of felt normal then, but was still so different. Madison set her phone down on the table. "Any ideas?" She asked shrugging, not knowing what to do with herself really.

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Brian (OscarT) Tia picked up Madison's phone and figured out how to take a pic. "Kinda flip your hair behind your shoulder." She instructed, moving around a bit to get her in the best light. "Now give me your best 'mizhak' look, how do you say it, ummmm naughty look." She grinned.

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Madi waited and did what she was told, flipping her short hair that just went past her shoulders behind her shoulder. She looked confused and gave a small laugh. "Wait what?" She asked holding her hand up in confusion, she never made naughty looks before in her photos.

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Brian (OscarT) Tia frowned. "That's not the word, I think.... I mean pretty, or mischievous. You know, like a flirt....flirty look." She blushed at her own confusion. "Like a wink or something." She was flustered with trying to make herself understood.

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