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A small wooden pier extends about 10 feet into the lake. Although it isn't very large campers have lots of fun jumping into the water from the pier.

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There are times in which Isa felt like a fool for signing a contract with her agency. Her phone was buzzing like crazy, and she had lost count of how many calls she had declines in the past 15 minutes. Seriously, what did they not get when she'd told them she was heading off to camp? But to tell the truth, she'd been aware of the consequences when the offer had first been made. Rolling her eyes, she turned her phone on mute - the satisfaction! As she headed towards the end of the wooden pier, the girl bent down and swung her legs over. Today she was wearing knee length jean shorts and an oversized white shirt for the summer. Isa let out a sigh of exhaustion and let the wind caress her cheeks before pulling out her mobile again, checking social media just for boredom. Curiousity got the better of her, and she began scrolling through the comments of her instagram. She hadn't even realized how hard she'd been biting her lip.

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Parker had been walking along the edge of the lake at the moment, but noticed a camper on her phone, and wondered how long that would last. His flipflops were all sandy and so were his feet, so he trailed sand onto the pier was he walked out towards the girl. "Is camp that boring?" He asked nodding to the phone she seemed to stare at so intently. Parker wore a button up flannel shirt and cargo shorts, not the perfect combo, but he made it work.
He wondered why she was out her along, she looked older then all the new campers, and that typically got a few shadows, aka young ones who follow them around. "May I sit?" He asked gesturing to the empty spot on the side of her.

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Isa skimmed the words with her eyes, taking in all the support and the hate. She knew she was supposed to be over this, but sometimes it still stung slightly. "Hmm?" she hummed distractedly at the question someone behind her asked. Realizing how rude that might've seemed, she winced and turned to look at them. He looked a few years older than her, so she assumed he was somewhat of a graduate returning to help. He looked familiar, but he couldn't be a vampire or else she would've recognized him. Her eyes glanced briefly at the light trail of sand now on the boards. "No, this place is great. It's just - I've been caught up in some stuff," she explained hastily. Her phone screen changed into a caller's ID; eyebrow's twitching, Isa turned her phone off. There. "Sure," she said and scooted over a little to give him some space. "Say, how long do you think it would take for this thing to die if I throw it into the water?" she waved her phone as she spoke.

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He caught a peek of the screen before she shifted it out of view, and it looked like a comment section, but no words were clear for him to read, it was too far away. He smiled at her distracted 'hmmm', he didn't usually get remarks like that. He shifted his hands to his pockets, waiting for a response while he looked towards the water. "I'm not even gonna ask what, but just staring at it won't help." Girls and their drama.
Parker arched her eyebrows at the fact of she didn't answer the call, which looked important from the ID. Her question caught him off guard as he sat down next to her, so his face turned to puzzlement. "I don't know, but you could always crush it." Parker spoke, his eyes following the phone, wondering why she wanted it destroyed.

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The corners of her lips curled up, and Isa let out a laugh at his comment. She was hoping he wouldn't just shrug and look away, and deeply appreciated his sense of humor. Pocketing her phone, she stared out into the water. "That was a stupid thing for me to do. I mean, over here we're supposed to enjoy and be comfortable with ourselves, but just now I was still part of the outside world," she said and took a deep breath. He was probably feeling a little befuddled at her attitude with the gadget, but she didn't have the heart to explain at the very moment. "Is it a human thing? Wanting to please everyone?" Isa stopped herself before she went on a full blown rant on life to a complete stranger. She turned to face him, and her eyes naturally landed on his arms to catch a glimpse of his birthmark colour.

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He smiled, it being a meaningful smile, and not just plastered on. He followed her gaze out across the water, just so he wouldn't be staring. "No, it wasn't stupid, it takes time to get adjusted, but it can be sped along..." Parker said a mischievous smile on his face, he always had an idea to help the new campers adjust, but not all of them liked his tatics. "Wanting to please everyone is a feeling everyone gets, but what you do with it defines who you are." he understood the feeling of feeling like the only one, if that was what it was. He caught her looking down at his wrist, most likely searching for the S birthmark, and without looking at her, he leaned in and replied, "Shapeshifter, if you're wondering."

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"Sped along?" Isa echoed, attempting to hide her interest. "How?" When she'd first discovered her identity, she'd been too busy rejecting the new truth to even think about adjustment. She had liked the fact about being supernatural, but a vampire? No way. She couldn't even remember the other campers' guidance, only that it had made her curl up in her shell even more. "Well if that's the case I can safely say that I'm doing loads better than before," she couldn't help but quip. It was true; she's accepted her body and is perfectly comfortable with it. Unfortunately, people can still catch her off guard sometimes with their opinions. Isa's eyes lit up visibly when he told her he was a shapeshifter. "Lucky," she blurted out before she could stop herself. "It's what I wished for...when I first arrived." The unspoken words 'even now' hung in the air. Not knowing what to do, she showed him her own red mark on her wrist.

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Parker gave a smile, that definitely caught her attention, "Thats for my to know and you to find out, but I'll give you a hint," after you give me your phone..." He said holding out an open hand as he looked at her expectedly, he wasn't going to break it.
"As long as you are making more progress forward then backwards then you're doing fine." Parker noted, looking out across the lake, to hide himself so he couldn't easily be read, he hated the fact that the past sometimes haunted the present, and hold back the future.
"If you were anything else then a vampire, you might not be the same, and where would the fun be in that?" He said looking down, many campers were plaqued with the question of "what it", but he had finally decided that if the person was something else, instead of what they got, they wouldn't be the same person, wouldn't have the qualities they have now.

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Isa threw the older boy a skeptical look. Her phone? Thank goodness it was off and he couldn't see the rolling notifications. Hesitantly she reached into her pocket and handed it over to him. The thing is, if he accidentally slipped it from his fingers and dropped it into the water, she had an excuse to buy a new one. She was just trying to be optimistic, and so far it was working. "I guess I am. It helps to not run backwards when you have people here looking up to you," she said with a smile. She liked being a role model, especially to the young and new ones. "You feel needed, and not completely useless." She noticed his gaze at the water but didn't press on. Isa tapped her fingers on the board at his question. "I know I would've been someone else," she began. "I don't hate being a vampire, but it just doesn't feel," she said slowly. "I think it would've taken a shorter time for me to accept myself wholly if I belonged to another species. Maybe even happier. I've grown used to it, though."

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He waited patiently, knowing she probably wouldn't trust him enough to hand over her phone, but a look of suprise flickered over his face before he brushed it off. "Thanks." Parker said pocketting it himself, he was going to take photos on it, but it was off, so that would be later. "I promise I won't get it wet." He said giving her a side glance, well not purposely anyway.
"That is true. You'll find yourself here this year." Parker said, standing up and motioning for her to stand up also. "If you had been someone else, we may not be having this conversation, and that would lead up to what I'm about to do..." He said meaningfully, it may or may not involve getting wet, and stopping this serious atmosphere.

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((Welcome back! I hope the trip went well :) ))

She shrugged in response, feeling curiosity build up inside of her as he pocketted the device. "I trust you," she found herself saying, although it still had a wary tint to it. Perhaps she should just let him take care of the situation while her mind sat back. She had absolutely no clue to what his plan was, and she didn't make an effort to force it out of him, since it had been a while since she'd been surprised and caught off guard. "That'll be great, actually, since I'm leaving this year," she said, her voice trailing off at the self-reminder. This was practically her home - she wasn't ready to depart. She knew she could always come back and get a job as part of the staff, but she didn't want to grow up. "And what's that?" Isa stood up after him, raising her eyebrows while an amused smile crept up her face.

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"You be the first." Parker said seriously, although he was joking, then he gave her another smile, "I'm joking about that." He loved getting to know the campers here, most were excitable, and went along with his plans he made. Most of his plans were on the verge of being against the rules, but that is what made them fun.
"And if you don't, you can always scome back and help next year." Helping others allows you to help yourself, thats why he was still here, that and his mother and brother hasn't contacted him yet, so he didn't want to interupt anything they were doing.
"Do you really want to know?" He asked taking a small step toward her, the slight twinkle in his eyes giving off a sense of mischief. "Because it involves you going in the lake." He raised an eyebrow then pushed her into the lake.

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Isa narrowed her eyes at him. "I can never tell when you're being serious," she sighed, before her mind drifted off to what his plan was. She wished there had been someone to guide her back then, but if that had been the case she would've never turned into who she was today. "I've been thinking about it," she admitted to him. "I think I'll be content with whatever job I end with here, as long as I get to stay," she said with a smile. "Where does your family think you are?" she asked, hoping he wouldn't find it too personal. When he took a step towards her, she took a step back, unaware she was close to stepping over the pier. Isa caught the spark in his eyes; she'd seen it before, a hundred times. His didn't have the cruelty her former classmates possessed, though.

"Wha-" she began, eyes widening upon realization just as he pushed her into the water. She found herself falling, before the waves enveloped her body. In the next instant, she is splashing wildly in the lake, trying to find balance. How ridiculous did she look? As she came up, she washed her face and rubbed her eyes before glaring friendly daggers. "You," she spluttered and cough. Isa was completely drenched, but she didn't mind that much. Soon enough, after she gained regained a bit of composure, she found herself laughing, all her worries vanishing in a second. "Is this what you do to the others?" she inquired and flicked water at him.

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Parker shrugged innocently when she narrowed her eyes, and said that she couldn't tell when he is serious. "One of my perks I guess." That quality worked for him and not against him, most of the time, but got him in trouble a few times.
"I can totally see you working here." Parker said grinning, it was an interesting thought, Isa working outdoors and not inside doing some fancy job. He gaze turned downwards when she asked about his family, where did they think he was? Good question... "Last I talked to them, they thought I was working some big city job, but this job is better than any job I could be offered." Though the pay wasn't as high as he would like it to be.

Parker shook his head, she had fallen for it again. Alot of the campers fell for his pranks, it was fun suprising them. He bent down so he was in a crouching position, and looked at her. "Yes?" He again asked innocently, before reaching his hand out for her to grab, before retreating after she splashed him. "Not this exactly, but everyone gets something." Not everyone came to the lake though, so he had snagged this opportunity while he could. "Here let me help you, just remember, I've got your phone so don't pull me in." Parker again extended a hand to her.

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Isa cocked her head to one side. "Is that sarcasm I hear?" she asked, although she was half joking. She didn't have a problem with working outdoors and wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty, but she was a bit too used to big cities and having a camera directed at her. It might take her some time to adjust if she chose to work at camp, but it would be nice to lead a peaceful life where people didn't just shun you out after they paid you in cash. She wouldn't have to worry about social media or protecting her privacy. She just didn't know how to break it to her family, maybe come up with a cover up that she wanted to get a job at summer camp. Nevertheless she was certain they'd come around and support her. "Why did you choose to come back?"

"I see," Isa nodded slowly. "Well to be honest, I think it's a great way to help people adjust, especially the new campers," she told him while spinning in a circle in the water. "Helps them loosen up and that. I hope none of them takes the pranks too seriously, though," she added quickly. As he extended his hand, she smirked as she thought of payback. However, the plan was ruined before she could pull him into the water at his reminder. "Right," she grumbled before taking his hand, lifting herself onto the pier. "This is so unfair - I highly regret handing you my phone," she commented with a chuckle.

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"No...why would I be sarcastic?" Parker asked looking away and cringing. It wasn't suppose to sound sarcastic. Camp was better than having to move around every year, but from what he last heard, they hadn't moved in a few years. "In full honesty, my family lost contact with me after i left for my first year of camp. Sure they called once in a while, but they didn't make an effort." Parker said looking away while talking so she wouldn't see the pain those words were to say.

"Thats what I tell them after they get mad at me. They get over it though." Parker said smiling, watching her enjoy the water. While she spinned, he slipped her phone out of his pocket and into a little cut out spot on the pier, that he may or may not have put there. It was completely hidden from view, and safe from the water, unless you poured water directly over it. After lifting her onto the pier, and listening to her statement of regret, he chuckled. "Good thing I don't have it on me anymore." He raised an eyebrow before wrapping an arm around her and pulling them both into the water.

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Isa was about to open her mouth to retort when she caught his expression. Oh no. She should've known this was a topic way too personal; now she felt incredibly guilty. "Nothing," she shook her head furiously. Listening to his explanation, she wondered if he made an effort himself to stay in contact with his family. "I'm sorry for asking," she told him apologetically, suddenly taking great interest in her nails. Every young camper that ever arrived was still a child, even the seniors, and having listened to him say 'first year' she wondered how old he was when he was scouted. If she were in his place and her mother never bothered to check up, she'd no doubt sulk and feel abandoned. He was even a counselor now, for goodness' sake.

"They do, now?" Isa couldn't help but chuckle. She'd met a few reserved and moody newcomers during her years herself. "It's lovely to see how they progress and grow, though," she pointed out, thinking of the young ones. "I feel like a proud mom," she laughed. Unlike him who pranked the others, she usually went for hugs, which worked most of the time. Most. Isa shot him a confused look when he abruptly told her she didn't have her phone with him, for she never saw him put it down - he must've done it when she was distracted. "Wait, no-" she protested as he pulled them into the lake. Isa was immensely grateful it was summer, for the water actually felt pleasant, or else she would've frozen under already.

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The new campers were often scared to the point where they wouldn't participate in his plans, but the returners were usually always down to do some prank with him. "I've been doing pranks ever since I was recruited, roughly seven years ago. I know how to pull stuff off." He shrugged, most of the camp leaders didn't particularly care for his pranks, but once they see the progress he makes with the campers they were okay with it, though it got him in a lot of trouble while he was a camper...

As soon as he was underwater he let go of Isa, giving himself a moment in the cool water before resurfacing. Parker pushed his hair back from his eyes, and smiled at Isa. "Sorry, I was getting hot, and was going to go for a swim eventually today." He swam on his side so he was out of reach, and was further from the pier. The water was a perfect temperature, around 79 degrees Fahrenheit, so it was crisp and refreshing.

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Looking up at him in awe, she clapped lightly. "You never got in trouble for that?" she questioned him. Isa now understood why the Camp was willing to accept him as a counselor, seeing how he had the ability to make others step out of their comfort zone. But it also felt funny since they were willing to take a risk, when he just might pull something big. Who knows, maybe make a kid disappear or something. "Thank you for willing to give for the community," she said in a deep, slightly mocking voice. "I think you just revealed your age," she smirked and wagged a finger.

Upon surfacing, Isa rubbed her eyes and glared at him while trying not to cough. The water dripped onto her face from her hair, and she tried not to imagine how ridiculous she looked. "Right," she replied with a slow nod. "And you couldn't bring yourself to tell me," she said, torn between a smile and a frown. The girl watched him swim further from the planks, her gaze landing on the floating platform in the center. Upon her first arrival she had been scared to venture out, since she'd seen too many movies in which seaweed or underwater plants got ahold of people's ankles. Tempted to join him, she decided against it and took a deep breath before disappearing completely under. Isa opened her eyes and stared into the blurry, dark blue depths. Her phone and stressful career were completely forgotten.

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Parker just choose to frown at the mocking voice Isa used on him and made sure to roll his eyes in a sarcastic manner. He didn't particularly care about the campers knowing his age, it would occasionally help them understand and connect with him.

Parker laughed after seeing Isa break through the surface of the water. Her hair was plastered against her cheeks, and his was flat against his face. They both looked ridiculous. "No, telling you that slipped my mind." Parker said looking up in the sky, as if avoiding her gaze, which he totally was trying to do. He had planned on heading over to the floating platform but it changed when she went back under the water. A bit confused, he went under to. Coming over to Isa, her form coming into his view after a couple of seconds. He raised an eyebrow at her under the water, and just looked at her. What was she doing?

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((Sorry for taking so long! I just returned yesterday. I also apologize for dragging the rp till now, I know we started a long time ago. Do you want to end it?))

Isa watched him gaze up at the sky, bemused, before looking away with a faint shrug. While she held her breath under water, she wasn't expecting him to swim over. What was he doing? Her vision was blurry, so she was certain they couldn't communicate using hands. It wouldn't hurt to try, so she pointed at her nose and signaled the number 2. She fairly liked swimming, and if relaxed in a pool that was generally how long she could hold her breath. She wondered if he planned on heading back or swimming towards the platform and stared back under the waves, hoping she wasn't wasting his time.

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Shelia felt happy being outside and glanced around, feeling extremely peaceful; something nature always had made her feel. It felt nice to have a familiar landscape, although she was mostly just thinking of the light wind. She was thinking about jumping into the lake despite not wearing the proper attire as she hadn't actually been planning to go swimming but the lake was calling her. Or at least that's what'd she say if anyone asked her.

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Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments Ember had decided to go for a walk so that she could grasp everything. Only a few weeks ago had she found out that she was a fairy. She could still hardly believe it. Thankfully she hadn't burnt anyone.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia had started taking off her boots and socks so that they wouldn't get wet and/or ruined when she heard footsteps and looked over to see a girl, who seemed to have a lot on her mind, walking nearby. Jump in to the lake or go socialize and see what's up? The lake would always be there while she may never see this girl again. She left her shoes and socks there before racing up to the girl. "Hey! What's up?" She said, giving her a broad smile.

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Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "Hi," Ember replied.

So much for being alone but then again maybe this girl could help. Plus it didn't hurt that she heard her best friends voice in her head telling her to socialize.

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Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia hoped that she wouldn't be much of a bother to the girl, not that she'd even mind too much if she was. "How are you doing today?" She asked, thinking of the reason she came over in the first place and trying to think of a way to continue the conversation. Then remembering she had yet to introduce herself she gave an apologetic grin and said, "Oh sorry, I almost forgot. My name is Shelia. What's yours?"

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Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "Ember and I'm good," Ember replied, "you?"

Sheila seemed nice and Ember knew that she could always use more help when it came to Camp Occult.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments "Ah, Ember! That's a beautiful name!" Shelia said, smiling. "I'm glad to hear that you're good, although that contrasts how you seemed not so long ago." She told her, rather bluntly not thinking to much about it. 'Oh, I'm fantastic! Being outdoors makes me feel so refreshed." She replied.

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Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "Thanks," Ember replied. She was never really the talkative type but she tried.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments "You're welcome!" Shelia chirped. She could tell that she wasn't a talkative person, but still she pressed on. "What's on your mind?" She asked.

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Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "Oh nothing really," Ember replied and she was actually telling the truth.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia nodded at her response, thinking. She decided to go to asking simple basic questions. "So what are some of your favorite things?" She asked.

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Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "I enjoy reading," Ember replied, "Have you read all of the Harry Potter books?"

Ember was always asking others about the Harry Potter books. She had only ever read the first one and she loved it but she could never get herself to continue the series. She was curious to see what others thought about it.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments "I love reading too!" Shelia told her, happy that if they had anything in common it'd be reading. "Yes, I have! It took me forever to finish it though because I barely had any time to read and I was borrowing the books from the library, but it was totally worth it! The characters were beautiful, the story was magical! I just love it! Have you finished the whole series?!" She asked eagerly, not wanting to spoil anything if not all had been read. That series had been an escape for her. She would read whenever she could. She would beg the librarian to let her take the book she was on home for the Summer and she'd always end up finishing it in the first two days, having nothing better to do, and then would end up rereading her favorite parts.

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Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "I've only read the first book."

Ember was starting to get excited. She loved talking about books.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments "Ooh whenever you get the chance you should totally continue! The whole story line just kept getting better with each book." Shelia told her. "What are your favorite genres to read?" She asked curiously.

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Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "I like fantasy but I'm open to most genres," Ember replied, "You?"

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Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments ((Sorry about replying so late!))

"Same actually! I'll read mostly anything, even if just to give it a chance." Shelia replied. "I also really love to read classics, as I love that they show me a different way of thinking." She added, thinking through some of the books she's read over the years.

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Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "I want to like classics but every time I read on it just makes me think that I am forced to read it."

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Shelia nodded. "Yeah, I hear a lot of reader's say that. It's understandable too. The first classic I read was so long, I thought it'd never end, but when I finished it I found myself wanting more classics." She told her.

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Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "What classics have you read," Ember asked.

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