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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Love | 50 comments I need two books that have good quotes that i could use for my summer reading assignment. The assignment requires you to find 10 quotes per book that have meaning, contribute to the theme, have figurative language, etc. Does anyone know exciting noteworthy books?

message 2: by Grace (new)

Grace | 19 comments The freedom writers diary by Erin gruwell and the freedom writers

message 3: by Katie-May (new)

Katie-May Sayers | 28 comments The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

message 4: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (goodreadscomRumbelle517) | 287 comments Between Shades of Grey and Salt to the Sea. Jane Eyre

message 5: by Tacey Raye (new)

Tacey Raye The Alchemist by Paulo Koalo. Sorry for the misspellings

message 6: by Bailee (new)

Bailee | 174 comments The book thief I personally didn't like it but there were a lot of good quotes and i know some people who really like the book

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