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Post all villain profiles here.

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This is Cania and Sofia. They are best friends, but also have a hidden power. Every time they touch, great pain in inflicted on someone they have strong feelings on (love or hate). They found this out years ago, when Cania's baby brother passed away after they hugged.

They were very upset, and tried to keep the power hidden, but it was hard for them to cope without each other. Somehow, one day, the truth leaked, and soon all the villain teams wanted them to do work for them. After a series of kidnapping, forcing them to touch each other, and more of such things, they gave up and, eventually, their minds gave way to evil.

Super power:
When they touch, great pain is inflicted on someone they have strong feelings for.
The team they now work for, the NOVSC (Novellar, the leader, Oscar, a small boy they use for distracting, Vicki, a teenager who can shoot laser beams from her eyes, and Sofia and Cania) provided Sofia with a small dagger, that can slice a grown man in half, and Cania with a metal rod, that, if it even touches a person, they will disappear.
Sometimes, Sofia and Cania act like they are magnets, and are immediately drawn towards or away from each other.
Both wear the typical NOVSC uniform, dark red t-shirt, and black skirt/trousers.

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