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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Claire and Trey? Forgotten book title. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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J Biddle | 5 comments Hey - trying to remember title of a book I read about ten years ago. Featured a girl called Claire who worked in a coffee shop in New York who meets a guy she falls in love with who has a young daughter. References a lot of old movies. She also has a best friend from childhood called Trey (?) who is a doctor. She ends up quasi adopting the young daughter after an accident? Was also a sequel? Any ideas ....???

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Kris | 13650 comments Mod
J, does the heroine own the coffee shop or just work there (e.g., waitress, barista)?

Does she get romantically involved with her best friend from childhood?

Can you tell us more about the father - his job, about how old is his daughter, what happened to her mother, etc.? Spoilers are okay; just give us a clear warning before revealing a spoiler.

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J Biddle | 5 comments Hi - all spoilers to follow! She is a barista who has an idealised view of romance taken from old black and white movies. She has a "meet-cute" with a guy who she compares to Gary cooper/Cary grant and they have a series of romantic dates in New York. He is divorced from his ex wife who is unstable and has custody of his daughter. Claire realised after s few months they actually have little in common but that she has found maternal love with his young daughter. After an accident Claire assumes custody of the daughter. About this time her old childhood friend Trey (Troy?), a doctor, comes back into her life and they end up together. In the sequel they are married and move to a small town. Claire initially finds it difficult to be accepted by the local women but eventually ends up supporting one through illness. The "daughter" makes a best friend of a young boy next door who we later find out has a connection to Trey/Troy. The book ends with Claire giving birth. I've just typed all of this and realised that it might have been the daughter whose name was Claire and the heroine Eve(?)....

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Sarah Winters | 113 comments I don't think this is it, but it shares some of your spoilers...Love Walked In

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J Biddle | 5 comments Hi - that is it!!! Could not remember the title for the life of me. Thanks so much!

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