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Jul-Aug 2017 The Fireman > Books 7 & 8: No Straight Arrow & All Fall Down (Spoilers)

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message 1: by Almeta, co-moderator (new) - rated it 4 stars

Almeta (MenFromMarrs) | 1092 comments Mod
Present your ideas of Books 7 & 8 (Approx. 156 pages)

message 2: by Tom (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tom | 52 comments Interesting how my ideas about hills ideas on gender were in the forefront. I DO pay attention, see i told ya. I a not sure how i feel about Hills device of foreshadow on the last sentence of the chapter it can get annoying

Larissa | 270 comments Hey, I like a good story with a strong, I-can-save-myself female character....but I also like it to have a good guy who at least Tries to save her. Yeah, what is that: neo-traditionalism or post-feminism? ;)

Larissa | 270 comments Like I said in last section: very loud echoes of Fahrenheit 451, The Dome, 1984, etc... Fiction writers are so good at translating our fears about the darker aspects of our own society into something both very alien and very familiar. The endless swing of the pendulum between security and freedom, the group and the individual, traceable even back to the Puritans.

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Almeta (MenFromMarrs) | 1092 comments Mod
Book 7, Chapters 1 thru 22

I'm afraid for (view spoiler)

What made Ally (view spoiler)

Six (view spoiler)

Pretty violent reaction (view spoiler)

John asks (view spoiler)

Why didn't the virus (view spoiler)

Primed to see references everywhere...(view spoiler).

Larissa | 270 comments I didn't trust Ally either--but then I just gave it up as "dumb teenager choices" that she had to learn from. I just knew I was gonna love her when I first met her, but then ... she decided to be THAT... but she knows what she has to make up for, and tries to.

Larissa | 270 comments Almeta, you will learn why the virus did not protect Sarah eventually!

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Almeta (MenFromMarrs) | 1092 comments Mod
Book 8, Chapters 1 thru 12

I had a feeling about this. (view spoiler)

Another (view spoiler)

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