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Erin's characters will be posted here

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Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Name: Shelia Harmony Strauss

Nickname: Shells (from her sister)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

New Camper or Returning: New

Species: Shapeshifter

Sexuality: Lesbian

Appearance: Shelia has frizzy light blond hair that is a little longer than shoulder-length. She often wears it in two braids, but sometimes she just leaves it down. She has wide, bright green eyes. She has fair eyebrows, a crooked nose, and bitten lips. She is a little shorter than average with a medium, solid build. She is average weight. She's also muscular from working out. She has multiple scars and is able to keep most of them hidden from wearing long sleeves and long pants, preferably she likes leggings with exotic patterns. She's also almost always wearing a jean jacket.

Picture: (view spoiler)

Faceclaim: Cariba Heine

Personality: Shelia is outgoing and loves speaking to anyone. She's optimistic, always trying to look on the bright side of things. She's smart and loves learning new things. She's adventurous, having a knack for adventure and always wanting o discover and be a part of something more. She's creative, her mind is paint, she is the brush, and the world is her canvas. She's friendly to everyone, even people she considers rivals. She's hilarious and loves making jokes of all sorts. She likes to have fun and she likes to be the fun and have an entertaining time. She's active and likes to work out and stay fit. She's a curious girl and once being curious about something, she won't stop wondering or she'll go search for the answer, or both. She's daring and not only does she like testing herself, she likes testing others without any warning. She is decisive and can make decisions quite easily. She's confident in who she is, and she won't let anyone try to take that from her. She's empathetic and knows how others feel instantly, although she's not quick to act on others feelings. She's imaginative and see's the world beyond what is shown. Shelia is competitive and loves a good challenge, although sometimes she can become too competitive. She's also very ambitious toward any goals, and even when she has no actual goal in mind, she's ambitious toward life. She's also amusing. She's a feminist. She's outspoken and doesn't hesitate to say what's on her mind, most of the time not realizing that she spoke her thoughts out loud. She's breezy and great at appearing carefree and relaxed. She's emotional and doesn't bother trying to hide it. She is also quite artful. She can also seem boyish to others. She can also be questioning, mostly because she likes finding answers but never actually expects someone to answer as she means it more rhetorically. She is insomniac, unable to sleep regularly. She is experimental. Shelia is crafty, and can also be quite cunning when she feels like it. She's graceless and doesn't try to appear like she is. She doesn't have the best manners, and gets angry at anyone who points that out to her. She's wishful, often wishing for things in life more than actually going for them. She's can be very impulsive. She also tends to be meddlesome without realizing it. She's also quirky. She's well-meaning and also self-indulgent.

History: Issac and Isabella had Shelia and her twin sister, Sherry, and had a lot of hope for their future. They wanted their children to be perfect. Sherry was what they wanted. She was polite, courteous, well mannered, ladylike, and most importantly she knew when to nod her head and keep her mouth shut. Shelia, on the other hand, was the opposite. She didn't understand that what they wanted was a puppet that looked like a doll instead of the loudmouth, boyish, weird, opinionated daughter that she was. Or maybe she did understand and just refused to listen. Oh, but they'd get her to listen they promised her and themselves as they laid their hands on her, beating her. They told Sherry that they weren't abusive, they were just punishing her for the wrongs she had put on the family. Sherry believed them because she was too young to know any better, she didn't even know what abuse was. One year during the Christmas holiday when they were visiting, Shelia's grandparents criticized her on everything. This was the first time she had seen her grandparents at an age that she'd be able to remember them. She was nine at the time. It was clear that her parents had told them how she'd been acting, told her aunts, uncles, and cousins too. She'd been hoping that her parents wouldn't dare to hit her in front of them, but they did and so did all of her other family members, including her own sister. Her sister had been encouraged by one of their cousins, although from the look on Sherry's face she'd been hesitant to do so. Her grandparents would often call out to hit her harder and told Shelia's parents that they ought to hit her harder and maybe she'd finally listen. She wondered if this meant her parents had both been born to abusive parents, and that whole thought made her even more angry at them because they should understand. That night was what gave her syngenesophobia, and makes her have extreme anxiety during any family event.

As Shelia grew up her parents, taking advice from her grandparents, became harsher and more violent. She started hanging around after school, trying to avoid coming home for as long as she could. At first Sherry would stay with her, so that they'd both get in trouble. Her parents just blamed Shelia for holding Sherry up, and Sherry, as loyal to her parents as ever, didn't protest. For awhile this seemed to be a daily routine. In the summer's they began to lock her in her room by putting a chair underneath the doorknob on the other side which held no windows because it was a basement so that hey wouldn't have to see her lazing about. She used to share a room with Sherry but her parents decided to change that after thinking that Sherry didn't deserve to have to share a room with Shelia. Sherry would sneak her food and water when her parents weren't looking. This is what gave her cleithrophobia, and she freaks out whenever she's in her room which isn't helpful when she already has insomnia. Eventually Sherry stopped waiting around with Shelia. She'd went home on time and when her parents asked her where Shelia is she pretended to be Shelia, telling them some believable story about how Sherry had been given extra credit from some teacher. The abuse her parents usually gave Shelia went to Sherry, and it was then that she realized what abuse was as she hadn't done anything wrong. When Shelia found out what Sherry did she got angry at her and acted on her impulse and hit her. She apologized soon after, unable to understand why she did what she did. Her parents hearing them came quickly and punished her for hitting her sister. Sherry came clean about what she had done, thinking that she would be punished but Shelia only got punished more being accused of making Sherry lie for her. Because of what happened Shelia stopped hanging outside the school after it was over.

During the Summer's that she was locked in her room she began to write in a journal about everything she could think of. Her fears, wishes, dreams she had, etc. She would also sing to her parents annoyance which brought them down to beat her. Although they weren't the best company any company during the Summer's was good for her. Every time they came down she would try to escape the room, always failing. On the second to last day of school Shelia's favorite teacher drove to her house (a surprise that was) and told her parents that there was a summer camp for making improper ladies proper and that she thought it would be good for Shelia to go. It didn't take much to convince Shelia as she was desperate to not be locked in her room again, and her parents were easily swayed by the idea of Shelia becoming proper. Shelia immediately started packing, not even thinking about her sister. Sherry didn't even find out until the next day when it was time for Shelia to leave. Shelia didn't hug Sherry as she was desperate to leave before her parents changed her mind, which they often did on these sort of things.

Shelia didn't bother telling her parents or sister she was a lesbian, never being able to find time and knowing that her parents wouldn't have liked it anyway. She's known she was pretty much her whole entire life, unable to picture herself falling in love with a guy.

Species abilities: Shapeshifting

Family: Issac Strauss- Father
Isabella Strauss- Mother
Sherry Strauss- Twin Sister

Pet: None

Likes: Journalism, being helpful, animals, nature, outdoors, being active, doing things hands-on, exotic things, crazy patterns, finding adventure

Dislikes: Parents, Relatives, feeling helpless/useless, not given a choice,

Fears: Atychiphobia (fear of failure), Claustrophobia (Fear of confined spaces), Cleithrophobia (Fear of being locked in an enclosed place), Syngenesophobia (Fear of relatives)

~Can recite text in full after only reading once.

~Restless, always has leg or hand tapping or moving.

~Readily gets in the way of danger if it's required to protect anyone, including strangers.

~Willing to do anything for information.

~Messy but insists it's an organized chaos; knows where everything is, and can find it quickly.

~Nightmares, loud: Dramatic, wakes with yell or specific cry.

~Thinks up elaborate solutions then discards them for being too easily seen through.

~Empathetic/ Instantly knows what others feel.

~Photographic memory

~Constantly creating stories about any nearby strangers.


Hobbies: Collecting seashells, rocks, and other small things; Working on, exercising; Journaling about whatever comes to mind; reading anything she can get her hands on; Thinking...a lot; singing/humming; mimicking others voices, exploring

Goal In Life: To be happy with oneself.

Future Career Want(s): Has no idea.

Biggest Regret: Leaving Sherry behind.

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food/Beverage/Dessert: Cheese Pizza, Iced Tea, Ice Cream (any kind)

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Is she ready to be approved?

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Yep :)

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Approved! A thousand apologies for taking so, so long.

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments Thanks! :) It's completely fine, I haven't been active that much myself lately.

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Omg I'm so sorry Erin! My notification never went off when you said she was rest for approval! She looks amazing!! We gave a lot of gay boys but no lesbian girls yet!!

Erin (Hiatus~)  | 95 comments It's fine! I understand! Thanks!!! Yay, diversity!!!! My favorite thing!

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