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message 1: by Amna (new)

Amna | 7 comments Are they making a movie out of this?
I hope because this book is the reason I began reading.

message 2: by susie (new)

susie (iamsusie) | 9 comments ahh i hope so! i'm currently reading prodigy :)

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Casazza I found this on Marie Lu's website under FAQ's.

"Will there be a movie for The Young Elites?
Currently, The Young Elites is under option with 20th Century Fox and Temple Hill Productions, and we have a script that we really like. Fingers crossed that we can move it forward, because I’d really love to share this story with you all on the big screen!

Will there be a movie for Legend?
Legend is not under option right now, but you never know! I actually think it’d be so fun as a TV show, considering how interesting the TV landscape currently is."

message 4: by GOTHYGOTH (new)

GOTHYGOTH | 2 comments I hope there is! That would be like awesome. Like they should make the Young Elites a show. When I found out Shadowhunters was a show I screamed literally no joke.

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