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Hahtoolah | 225 comments A Gentleman in Moscow, by Amor Towles (2016)

The novel begins in the summer of 1922 when Count Alexander Rostov, an unrepentant aristocrat is placed under house arrest in Moscow’s luxurious Metropol hotel by a Bolsehvik tribunal. Although he had a suite in the hotel, after his sentence (for the crime of writing a poem) he finds himself confined to a small room in the belfry. He settles into his surroundings, initially thinking he can carry on as usual. When he goes into the barber shop for his weekly trim, he is in for a rude awakening. Yet he remains ever the optimist.

He soon befriends Nina, a young precocious girl. Together they regularly dine and play little games. Nina has discovered all the secret passages within the hotel, and shares her knowledge with Rostov. She has a copy of the master key to all the rooms that allows the two to enter the various guest rooms and offices as will.

Rostov becomes the head waiter in the hotel’s fancy restaurant, the Boyarsky. He meets people from the “outside” and develops strong relationships with many of the hotel staff. Nina grows up, marries and has a daughter, Sofia, of her own. During a political purge, Nina’s husband is sent off to Siberia. Before leaving to find him, Nina asks Rostov to watch Sofia for a few days. A few days turns into years. Rostov, concerned for Sofia’s future, uses his resources and connections to plot a plan to protect the young girl left in his care.

I had read a couple of lukewarm reviews about this book before I started, so didn't have high expectations. I found this novel to be very charming. The characters were well developed and most were very likable.

Barbara M (Barbara-M) | 1005 comments My review was far from lukewarm - I'm happy to pushed ahead and enjoyed it. I rated even higher than you!

message 3: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy | 3184 comments Oh I just adored it. Very hot for me!

message 4: by Meera (new) - added it

Meera I currently have this as borrowed ebook, I think I'll have to read it before it expires. Good review!

message 5: by Joi (new) - added it

Joi (MissJoious) | 1702 comments Great review, I've been wavering whether to add this to my TBR or not, and your review has convinced to me to. I'm a sucker for things set in hotels/hospitality things, and the relationships in this sound really interesting.

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