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rp here

Alex rode Aster down the side of the road, Deisel padding beside them

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Alice leaned against a tree with Leaf on a branch above her

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Alex turned ASter into the woods and pushed him into a slow canter

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Alice pricked her ears then shifted to a bird matching Leaf. They flew away

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Alex began to gallop, Deisel keeping pace beside them

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ALice dove down and hit a rabbit

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Alex jumped off Aster and formed to a black unicorn and ran through the woods beside Aster

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Leaf heard horse hoof beats and took off

Alice raised her head sharply and shifted to wolf

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Alex and Aster raced to the river, flying past Alice, Deisel looked over and saw another wolf, he stopped

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Alice growled at Deisel

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Deisel stepped back, ears layed flat, hoping he wasnt intruding on her territory

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Alice narrowed her eyes and shifted quickly to a fox. She raced away

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DEisel shok his head and ran after Aster and Alex

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Leaf floated in the air. Alice joined her

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Deisel reached the river, where Aster and Alex were already getting a drink

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Leaf said to Alice in eagle launguge "Why did you run?"

Alice shrugged as best as she could while flying. "Because, if I stayed, I would have to kill."

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Deisel lapped up some water

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Alice saw Link. And the arrow. She sccreched and dove onto Link's head

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Mrs. Madison Potter wrote: "Link let the arrow whistle through the air, it hit the girl squarely in the back. Cha-ching. One down, 2 to go.,Link thought to himself."

((Which girl?))

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Alice shifted to a wolf and bared her teeth

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☻Emo Kitty☻ wrote: "Mrs. Madison Potter wrote: "Link let the arrow whistle through the air, it hit the girl squarely in the back. Cha-ching. One down, 2 to go.,Link thought to himself."

((Which girl?))"


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Alex squealed as the arrow hit her in the back, she reared and fell onto the grass, Aster reared, nostrils flaring, Deisel snarled

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Alice lunged at Link, teeth snapping

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"Oh, yeah, give it a try." Alice snarled in human. She lunged again, her mind hurryingly shifting so that her claws were longer than usual

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Deisel saw the blood and lunged without thinking, Aster nudged Alex, she squealed

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Alice shifted to a tiger, then a lepard, then settled on a huge dragon

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Alex stood up and shifted to a small girl, her true form, and lened on Aster

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"I could ask the same thing." Alice laughed. A red talon snaked forward and knocked the sword away

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Alex saw this, she lunged and tackled Link and pinned him to the ground, Deisel grabbed hi sweapons

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Alice quickly lunged. She snapped out her wings and glided over Epona. She grabbed the horse and flew up

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Alice shifted to owl. "Her problem is that you try to kill her." Alice said

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Alice's eyes turned blood red. "Get killed? Your pathedic life is worth more than the thousands of us?!"

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Alex kicked him in the 'Weak Spot'

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"LIke you'll ever find them. Idiot." Alice turned into a demond.

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Alex pulled the arrow out of her back and threw it, it went through his hand and pinned it to the ground

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Alice grinned.

Leaf landed on a branch, watching

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Alex snarled and kicked him in the stomach, thrushing him into a tree

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Alice shook her head. "Let him be." she said softly. She shifted back to human

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"I'm making sure to give this one a lesson!" she snarled

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She tackled him off the horse

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"Stop!" Alice knocked Alex out of the air with a dragon tail

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Alex hit the ground, she yelped

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"Let him be." Alice repeated

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Alex glared up at Alice

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Alice shook her head and shifted so she was a human with eagle wings. She flapped and flew up

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Alex sat up, Deisel sat beside her and Aster layed behind her, she leaned back on Aster and curled up against his fur

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The names Su..(: ((hi guys, im new!))

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Alice hung in the air, a breeze lifting her

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Alex began to cry on Aster, Deisel curled up beside her

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