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Hey does anyone know what I would have to do to become a book editor?? I think this would be the perfect job for me. I'm just looking to see if anyone has any information. I'm not sure if there is a certain degree I would need or classes I should take. Any info would be great! Thanks in advance!!

message 2: by April (new)

April (booksandwine) | 312 comments I feel like you need a degree in English, then possibly you go back in get a masters in publishing maybe. I am not sure though.I also think you have to work your way up in the publishing industry.

As far as book jobs go, I aspire to be a Young Adult Librarian/school librarian. I'll recieve my BS in Adolescent-Ed: Social Studies in December but I'm positive that's not the direction I want to take my life in right now. If anything I'm salivating over getting my MLS.

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Hmmm... sounds about right. I wonder if there is editors on GR that I could talk to...

Allison (The Allure of Books) (inconceivably) I am also excited at the prospect of getting my MLS. I have about 30 hours left to get my Bachelor's, and then I'm most likely going to jump right in and get started with it.

As for being a book editor...I'm not sure. Definitely an English degree, but like April...I think its a matter of luck/working your way up. I would love to do that too.

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Oh okay so do you think I would have to start in journalism?

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Jo My brothers girlfriend is an editors assistant which she will be untill she has been fully trained up at that company then she will be an editor although that is only for a magazine and not a book. She did a degree in english and then looked around for a trainee job. She was also restricted to which area she could work as those kinds of jobs dont tend to be in small towns and places like that

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Misty | 1505 comments I'm double majoring right now in Elementary Ed and English. The plan had been to be a elem. teacher until I get sick of it, then switch to college English, but I have been thinking lately about becoming an editor instead. Still not quite sure which direction I'm going to go.
And yes, as far as I know, you need an English degree. You can beef it up with things in PR and Art and such if you want to specialize in a certain area (book design and advertising, etc)

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I am definitely going to look more into it. I will probably start out by speaking with Career Counselors at possible colleges. I already have my Associates/General Education, so I would just go from there with my major.

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Jo Good luck Linda Grace i hope it all works out for you

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Thanks! It's a dream right now, but hopefully someday a reality.

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