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message 1: by Jayda, Future NYT Bestseller! © (new)

Jayda | 2300 comments Mod
You can post your complaints or problems here. The posts will be deleted after we've fixed what is needed to be fixed. If it's a personal matter, or you don't want to post it, you can PM me :)

message 2: by Hope (new)

 Hope | 265 comments I wanted to know if we had to get discussions approved by a moderator before starting them or not. I had an idea, but I don't have to start it. I was thinking you could start a folder instead. I've noticed there were a few different discussions on people that need prayers and I thought there could be a folder called 'Prayer Heart' or something of that sort and all of the discussions would be about those who are in need of prayers.

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Jayda | 2300 comments Mod
You can start any new topics you want! I go through every one of them, so if I don't find it "appropriate", or that we already have one like it then I'll mention it on the thread :)

When I have the time I think that I will make a new folder for prayers specifically. Thanks for the idea! :)

message 4: by John (new)

John Hilton | 1 comments I'm wondering if there is a good place to recommend books. I'm not an LDS teen, but I work with a lot of them and want to recommend Unsteady. It is really good and valuable. And feel free to kick me out of the group if it's only for teens.

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Jayda | 2300 comments Mod
It's not only for teens - it's just the name of the group because I am a teenager myself :) You can go and recommend them here: - You can make a new topic for it, or just post it in the "Favorite, Clean Books!" thread.

message 6: by Lanelle (new)

Lanelle I joined GoodReads about six months ago. Soon afterwards I joined a group here on GR called The Challenge Factory. I have had a wonderful time participating in those reading challenges, BUT... I am tired of trying to ignore the chatter about inappropriate subjects and immoral books. So I searched and found this group. Thank goodness for others who share my standards.

But there are no reading challenges. Do you think anyone would be interested in participating? It might boost activity here.

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Jayda | 2300 comments Mod
If you wanted to create some reading challenges you most certainly can :) I don't know that I'll have time to participate, but I think it'd be a lovely idea!

message 8: by Lanelle (last edited Apr 25, 2014 05:41PM) (new)

Lanelle Thanks for letting me help here on CRMT. I have lots of ideas for different challenges. I can't wait to get started.

Do you think we have time to post a challenge for this coming month? Or would it be better to wait until June?

I have an idea that we could implement right away, if you want to begin in May.

I call it 'The First Ever CRMT Challenge'. Each of the categories focuses on the number 1. There are 5 categories to choose from:
1. Read a book that is the 1st in a series
2. Read a book with the number one(1) in the title
3. FIRST - Far Infrared and Sub-millimetre Telescope (previous name for Herschel Space Observatory) read a book that occurs in space or has a celestial object on the cover
4. read a book about a significant first in someone's life i.e., the first time someone does something
5. first born. Read a book where the main character is an oldest child

Let me know what you think. As moderator, you'll have to set up a topic folder for me.

message 9: by Jayda, Future NYT Bestseller! © (new)

Jayda | 2300 comments Mod
That sounds fantastic! I think there's probably time to start it out for May :) I'll make a folder for you!

message 10: by Lanelle (new)

Lanelle Well, the reading challenge has been up for over a month, and no one has signed up to participate. Why don't you go ahead and delete the folder.

And thanks for letting me give it a try.

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