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dose this book not prove the our lord and savior JESUS CHRISTS Strength

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Christina great book

Christina This book is a wonderful book i read this at 17 im now 18 and its sad that i read many reviews where other Christ like said that this was a horrible book or frighted them and that made me want to question them, what is there to fear?? where we not all walking in the dark before Christ??? this story or testimony is not to scare you or put fear in your hearts because fear is not of god. If you read this book and fear came upon you in any way that shows you where u stand with god he gave us the power to over come satan and not fear him. I read this at a young age and slept peacefully point blank period whether is false or true the whole point i got from this book is our lord and savior Jesus Christ is powerful and will always ALWAYS over come satan and will fight our battles if we are sold out to him which is above and not who dwells below. GOD BLESS KEY WORD HE came to set the captives free credit is given to Jesus Christ so how is a horrible book?????

Tarran I agree with you. I read this book when I first gave my life to Christ. I didn't understand it at the time, but now I fully understand. God has positioned me as a worrier. I never knew the mandate of deliverance ministry. I have since had a passion for prayer. And I have written a book just two years ago that was just released.

Emotionally Wounded Spiritually Strong. God has a plan for our lives

Ilsa This is one of the best books I've ever read.

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Sophia great book, riveting, eyeopening. and it truly challenges your christian walk.

Jeanette I read this book when I was 17.... it was truly an eye opener. 20 years later I'm out to get another copy of it once again. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding can be found within each page.

Reuben Mark It's really an eyeopener!! Coz I thought witches exist only in myths and tales but this is really scary!!

Georgina Williams A friend allowed me to read this book. It changed my views forever. I purchased it for myself.

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Asha Bas I read this book with an open mind, as a Christian who knows that Reiki and Astral projection and witchcraft, Wicca, including spells, curses, levitation... are all too real and very dangerous and of the devil.

I find that grammatically the book is wanting, but nowhere does it indicate that it comes from the mind of a schizophrenic. (Jeremiah the prophet, as well as many others in the bible, would be accused of being so themselves.)

I raised my eyebrows to the mention of werewolves and such but I do not know enough to say that it is definitely false, as if this were indeed the case, they would look entirely different to how the media does portray them...

Red flags came up big time when the claim that the devil is trying to get Christians to stop eating meat - this is ludicrous as I have seen the opposite over and over again! The very fact that many vegans and vegetarians are not Christian, but rather new age or into witchcraft etc defies this. I have found that there is a great blockage where Christians and veganism/vegetarianism is concerned - most put it down as almost anathema! I am vegan and Christian and sadly in the minority

Clearly the author does not know much about nutrition - protein is found in many foods and it is not at all easy to become protein deficient, one has to work hard at it! However, the inverse is certainly true, many health complications arise as a result of too much protein (from meat) in the diet- and she has a huge bias toward flesh 'foods'.

The book probably only gives an idea as to what the Satanist world is really like. Sadly most Christians in the 'civilised' countries can't see Satanism even when it is right in the face; it is in the movies, on the TV, coming through songs, it is in many innocent seeming things like Yoga and Reiki and NLP (basically, hypnosis), the family courts are the devils playground - controlled by the evil CPS whose agenda is to destroy families...

Her techniques for dealing with a lot of the problems detailed in the book are biblically accurate.

Apart from a few obvious biases presented by the author - as Christians we have no reason to disbelieve that this kind of thing happens, and worse. It does have an encouraging note, and should be seen as an eye opener as to how the world really is when the spiritual and the physical merge...

Also, I will add here that it was a female Wiccan, who came into a church years ago, professing to have been trained as a high priestess, and subject to SRA. She taught and prayed over many youth, and stayed with this Christian church for many years. She also molested my children ( and likely many others) and when I found out and complained, the church did not listen.

This woman alone has destroyed a great number of families...

The most effective way for the devil to work, is right in front of your eyes, pretending to be something that it is not.

Faith Dodd This book showed the truth that there is a spiritual battle going on. It is in the natural world. Every time there is an act of abuse it comes from a thought and a feeling we give into. That is the thought the enemy placed there and we acted upon the spirits of anger, & rage. This woman helped a woman break free from a satanic occult and they suffered because the enemy didn't want to lose his foot hold.

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Aurora Ordiales Eye opener. Definitely must to read!!

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