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A Lesson Before Dying

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Susan  Landry This is such a great book Shea i loved this book

Lisa This book was very insightful and intense. Loved reading it!

Charles This is my favorite book. I like it so much that I use it as a basis for furure books. So far I haven't found anything that touches on all the topics that this one does. In particular, I love the debate about Atheism vs Christianity and saving the guy's soul. Thats such a relevant debate, and instead of telling us how to think the book does a good job of describing both sides of the debate and the conflict that the main character is in. I really wish there were more books on this level.

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Mar The portion of the book that dealt with christianity vs. atheism was my favorite part. I found the way the book dealt with several issues to be fantastic. Though external circumstances may beyond yourcontrol; your internal response is within your control. Why act a fool? Carry yourself with dignity and self respect regardless. This book is just phenomenal!

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Avani The end was the best part. (view spoiler)
It was an inevitably sad ending that I had seen coming, but it was a great ending all the same.

Justin I agree Avani it was a great ending that everyone saw coming but what people didn't see coming was the compassion that poured out of the formerly selfish, lost, and angry Grant Wiggins. I wish there were more encounters between Grant and Jefferson; while Jefferson's life washed away, I found myself looking at the page number to see when Grant would start visiting instead of contemplating to visit. I also started wondering when Jefferson would begin to communicate. Despite the cold, harsh reality Gaines necessarily and understandably maintains throughout the book (especially the ending), the finish was nothing short of superb.

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