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message 1: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) I put my writings in my blog:, but it's mostly indonesian

message 2: by Mizla (new)

Mizla | 12 comments I can't find the page.. emm... what's wrong with my comp?

message 3: by Liz (new)

Liz (lizgore) | 4 comments i couldn't see it either

message 4: by Mizla (new)

Mizla | 12 comments =(

message 5: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) oops, sorry, i typed an , at the back. here's the right one:

message 6: by Mizla (new)

Mizla | 12 comments found it! ;)

message 7: by Mizla (new)

Mizla | 12 comments I just finished reading the graduation day! it seemed like a diary entry =) it was nice! The feeling you get when you're nervous about sth! OMG.. i cannot even sleep at night when it's a big day the next day.. emm... How old are you? Are youn in 7th grade now? The graduation seemed to be sth big.. we don't have graduations like that! It's only after year 10 and after we're done with A-levels!! =)

message 8: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) thanks!! yeah, i'm in 7th grade now. It's a 6th grade graduation, and it's quite big.

message 9: by Mizla (new)

Mizla | 12 comments oh ok =)

message 10: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) where do you live?

message 11: by Lady Ivory Rose (new)

Lady Ivory Rose (brightangel22) | 8 comments Whoa, it's in a different language. Is it Arabic?

message 12: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) no, indonesian..

message 13: by Ayunda (last edited Aug 20, 2009 10:47PM) (new)

message 14: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) thx :)

message 15: by Ayunda (new)

message 16: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) thank you

message 17: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) im gonna delete the story, i think it's not good enough

message 18: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) thanks... :)

message 19: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) I have a new story!! Please read!!

message 20: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs)
something random and completely weird.

message 21: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) a story that's really random and I hope you'll like it. Please give any advice and comments!
Little Sheep:

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