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young syrian girl

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message 1: by Nawwar (new)

Nawwar Badran | 1 comments Dear Mr. Coelho
is the reason you wrote some of your novels in the old middle east /old Syrian countries, Egypt/ that a thought these were the source of civilization
And what you think about the Arabs today
Is the vision of the camel, women wearing yashmaks,
Terrorists still in your mind?
I think you will say no
I like to tell you Arabs need someone from outside to improve their image especially when we have an anti- mass /media /Jewish
Mistakes are there Mr. Coelho but you also know we have a large rate of shining, opened, peaceable, broad Arab minds
And we in some countries /Lebanon Syrian coast Tunis……… live a whole west life
And I believe you've been there
Thanks……. My inspirer

message 2: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Van Haltern (arielval) | 3 comments I am not responding to this for anyone except myself.....It's a big responsibility writing a book which involves any culture or era - in a bk I'm working on people will say I am not accurately portraying a country which is Muslim, Hindu, Creole, a bit west, Urdu and Chinese....the Chinese will say I've misrepresented the Chinaman who is the money lender, (not the Jew in this case) others may say I have wronged the Muslims and the Hindu because they are higher in society and they are prejudiced against the Creole boy (my main character) The Creoles may think I've been too kind to the Hindus and Arabs because some of them accept the Creole's Catholic religion and become friends with the Creole - a "west" way of life or perspective is not necessarily right or a more desirable way over say, Muslim or Hindu - - and I would not think, knowing Mr. Coelho's work that he has ever intended to misrepresent or give a negative image......In this country, USA, unfortunately most people in US don't travel to Arab countries to see for themselves the more advanced technology and the beauty which exists - --this is not the fault of writers however - I think my Muslim and Hindu friends are wonderful and have done their part to educate me ---- by the same token I could say however, I am sick of the Americans being portrayed as idiots, cowboys, imperalists and lying capitalists....and that I wish there were a writer outside the US who could improve the American image....now that is almost laughable ...a task close to impossible - as every person and situation should be judged on its own merit - Not that writers don't have a duty, an obligation -- but my duty first is to human beings across the board and in this case to my little boy in the book who is overwhelmed by the different cultures and finds a friend, a companion wherever he can..... he will learn respect for all cultures but choose his own way.... So it's no easy task - it is a weight we do our best with - and in the preface and acknowledgements we admit our faults and shortcomings hopefully and in some way set the record straight and let the reader take the fiction for what it is -- novelists in this way are much more honest than the news media, advertisers and so on... - the winning combination is all of us working together...ariel

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