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As far as Anthony's writing goes.. this isn't his best.

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message 1: by Andrew (new)

I'm a little dismayed I spent ten bucks on this and had it specially shipped to my house via B&N Booksellers.

My advice to those who are a fan of the series of Incarnations books.

Wait until this one goes on sale, because it's not nearly as enrapturing as some of the other ones as Anthony's writing.

Mical Really? That bad? Wow. I guess he did state in And Eternity that he was done with the series. Still, it's not often that he does poor work.

Allison I have been noticing that the quality of his writing has been declining for years now. I'm not sure exactly why- perhaps it is because so much of his stories involve tangled threads of other stories...and eventually those tangles add up to make one huge mess.

I think Under a Velvet Cloak could have been great, I mean, it had a good concept (and just when I thought he'd covered every aspect, he pulls out two new incarnations!). But he ends up sticking his hands in too many pies- computer technology, time travel, alternate dimensions, traditional christian mythology, and the undead all make an appearance! And then, to make matters worse, includes a villain that only truly appears at the very end!

I found the whole book very random and a bit confusing. Intriguing at times, but I honestly expected a bit better, even after reading the reviews here!

message 4: by Clarissa (last edited May 12, 2017 05:41PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Clarissa Navarro I Just re-read this book again, after reading the first seven books In the series, and although it is clearly not as naturally a part of the series, and has parts that feel Like " ok...mentioned Parry * ticks off a list*" it was not his worst.

I found the whole discussion about multiple timelines an awesome area for both The Incarnation of Good, and Nox to be a part of, as an explanation of who Nox is, and what her powers are.

Personally, when I read the first two paragraphs at the back of the book, I expected sex. Surprisingly, while he does in fact refer to sex a lot, he does not include sex to the extreme many say. It is a core aspect of this character, A young girl in Arthurian England of limited means when one of the few ways a woman could do well, was to marry well... Lacking a good marriage... there is street-walking,working a bordello, being a courtesan, starvation. or thievery. That she ends up in a bordello, is a situation that provides her with limited independence, a source of income and safety.

What it is not.

It is not 200 pages of sexual erotica. It is pages of " and then I had sex with so and so because..." Some of it is quite humorous as it is presented as euphemism... She is being attacked by bandits, and instead of being killed or robbed, she proposes to sate them.. she goes from one to the other and says " where is your weapon???" giddilly. I found it funny. I do understand how many people may not like "the amount" of sex in the novel, but...if a person reads the back of the book.... it says in the first two paragraphs that it is about Kerena, a 14 year old prostitute, that then becomes a courtesan.

Ironically, I found it amazing how little sex there is in the book, since most of the sex takes place off screen as it were, is euphemised, or is borderline romance novel fare..."she made herself available as he entered."

I Loved it, and have no problems recommending it to any long time Anthony fans that do not have sexual hangups.

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