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message 1: by BookWhispers (new)

BookWhispers | 46 comments Tired of searching for someone willing to read your manuscript and then being disappointed because they either do not answer at all or it is obvious they read your precious work, the product of your soul, carelessly and deliver comments that are hardly helpful?

All your so carefully constructed sentences which you are proud of go unnoticed? Or you feel there is something that needs to be fixed but you don't know how and your beta does not really care? You are lost in your own story and you need someone to give you a fresh opinion to help you?

We all face the same problems as writers and I am here to give you a sincere and detailed advice. I am an avid reader and I will pay attention to your every single sentence. My literature and English degree provides me with versatility when it comes to genre and I believe I am able to give you a detailed and specialized feedback according to your needs.

Whether you have a manuscript almost ready for publication or you are still struggling with the beginning of your work, I am here to help.

My comments will be respectful (It is so easy to say "your book just sucks," isn't it?) and my criticism will be supported with suggestions and I will always focus on your strengths and weaknesses alike.

What to expect:

- comments in the text (I pay attention to every line, every dialogue ...)
- short summary delivered after reading the whole work, summarizing the positives of your work and possible suggestions for further enhancement
- while reading longer works, I send a short report about the progress

If interested, contact me, I am looking forward to your wonderful stories.

(I charge 0.003 per word)

message 2: by Adam (new)

Adam Thielen | 10 comments Book Betaread: Integral (will include link if it lets me edit after publication)

Thank you spoon! I have to say that it was clear you really read and paid attention to what was going on in the book. Sometimes it's hard to gather, even from reviews, what someone thinks about specific parts, so I appreciate the abundance of comments.

The reading summary you provided was also helpful and well organized.

I was expecting more criticisms, and I can understand not wanting to bruise feelings, but if there's ever a place to do it, this 1 one 1 pre-publish format is it, so don't be scared to tell authors exactly what problems their work has.

For now I'll assume my book is pretty great, cause well, it is. :D

Thanks again,

message 3: by BookWhispers (new)

BookWhispers | 46 comments Trust me, I am not afraid to point out the parts of the book that are not working. I did not find major problems in your novel and I have pointed out the few things that may be improved. Good luck with the publication, I had a great time reading your work :)

message 4: by L.S. (new)

L.S. Burton (lsburton337) | 5 comments Spoon was extremely helpful with my beta read. She paid close attention to the details, ensuring they were consistent throughout the story, and wasn't afraid to tell me when I was doing something right, as well as when I was doing something wrong. My piece was better afterwards for her help.

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