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Dini | 691 comments Mod
Time flies, doesn't it? I'm nowhere near the end of Vanity Fair, but for those who have got to the third part here's the place for discussion. Does the book live up to your expectations? What do you think the author was trying to say?

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As I've read our July and August parts in one sitting, I have to comment here directly - I can't really tell the book apart anymore.

I really liked the way the story progressed. Dobbin grew on me even more, he's such an admirable person, and really the true gentleman Thackeray points him out to be at one point of the story.
After finishing I realized that Dobbin and George were probably created as the two "sides" of the English gentleman - Dobbin being described as rather ridiculously looking with his large feet and hands and tall, gaunt figure, but having a good heart and being honest while George is very handsome, but vain and shallow.
Although I do admit that Amelia did deserve that Dobbin's feelings towards her changed, I was a bit sad. He was in love with her for so long (18 years without getting anything back.. wow.) only to realize that she isn't really like the image he had loved all the time, even though she finally agrees to marry him and even loves him. It did seem like a sad ending to me when her last thoughts were that he adores their daughter more than her, don't know if any of you might think differently about that.
I liked how Rawdon junior was able to live with a real family after all, after he was in Lady Jane's custody :) He did deserve it, he and his father were actually pretty good people.

After finishing the book, I still stay by what I said after the first part: I'd rather have lunch with Amelia than with Becky, even more so now that I know how Becky's character is going to turn out. Also, Amelia did say some things that endeared her to me and made me see why Dobbin did like her, after all (like when she was with all those illustrious women and was asked if she thought the pope would fall on year or the other and she replied "Oh, I hope not, the poor Pope, what did he do?").

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Dini | 691 comments Mod
It took me so long to finish this book and even longer to comment about it here, LOL. It was very sarcastic and funny but just drags on and on. I agree that Dobbin was adorable, and Crawley didn't turn out too bad in the end -- I guess he learned his lesson. One cannot help sympathizing with Amelia, although her meekness and lack of willpower frustrate me.

During the course of the story I repeatedly considered the question whether or not Rebecca has a heart. In the end I conclude that she has, only she doesn't let it show or she is too accustomed to not using it. Yes, she is deceitful and can turn against anyone and stab them in the back if she has to, but it seems to me that she does have a soft spot for Amelia -- a very, very small and neglected spot, but significant nonetheless (especially since Becky doesn't seem to have a shred of affection for little Rawdon, her own flesh and blood!). She was rather shocked when Amelia confronted her about her dalliance with George in Brussels, and she was the one who told Amelia she should accept Dobbin.

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