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message 1: by Fabiola (new)

Fabiola (fmrolan) | 26 comments Looking for feedback on first 22,000 words of a mystery novel with supernatural elements.
The story is about a Brazilian art student in Paris who gets robbed on her second day in the city and then needs to come up with money to stay or give up and go home. When the only part-time job she finds—as a hostess in an bar— doesn’t pay enough, she answers an ad by a supposed art dealer looking for a student to do illustration work. And that's when her problems really start.
Anyone interested in reading it and giving me their brutally honest opinion?


message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Murphy | 4 comments Hello,
I would like to take a peek at this and see how it plays out - let me know if I can help you. Send the PDF to my email
Let me know if you have anything specific I might comment upon or if you have a Beta reader form.

message 3: by Fabiola (new)

Fabiola (fmrolan) | 26 comments Just emailed you. Thanks

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