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UNSOLVED: One specific book > 1800's, railroad heiress, train wreck, two women, three brothers, Montana.

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Vicki | 3 comments I know I read this book sometime in the late 80's up to mid 90's. the railroad heiress and her fariend leave either New York or Boston to get away from gossip. Their train is sabotaged outside of a Montana small city. Their rail car is damaged. They are taken to a ranch outside of town to recuperate and wait for train repairs. Their charparon is the ranch housekeeper. The ranch is owner by three brothers ( there might have been a fourth younger brother). They are norgewian or Swedish. Blonde and big. The major character of the girls can't show her change in feeling to the serious brother. Her friend is petit and shows warm feelings to the tallest and biggest brother. She also has a habit of sleepwalking. Once she is found fanning herself on the porch while she suns herself. The men don't wake her because they don't know if this will hurt her. She also goes to her love first to consummate her agreement to stay at the ranch with him. I read Montana skies, and that is close but not the book. This writer adds a larger conflict between the heroine and the serious brother. Oh yes, and the brothers harvest lumber from a part of their ranch. I don't remember beyond this.

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Vicki | 3 comments Not it, but thanks. The heroine and her friend are from the northeast and both unmarried. They are both over 20 years old. The train wreck survivors are sorted into local families home until the track can be fixed, and the train running again

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Vicki, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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