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Dimitri or Adrian?

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Ashley Wolpers | 7 comments Adrian

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Gina Bowman | 24 comments Danielle wrote: "Dimitri or Adrian?"
I love Dimitri. I love reading fan fiction by Gigi256. Her Vampire Academy books from Dimitri's point of view on Archive of Our Own are very good. I think she has a deep understanding of him.

But I feel more compassion and identify with Adrian. I feel sorry for him in the end. If they could have worked it out where he could use Spirit and work through the dark stuff, I would have liked to see that.

I don't like how Sydney made him change. We see the downside of Spirit as a side effect that can be managed, Lissa does it, Sonya is learning.

He needs to use Spirit in moderation, and Jill needs to grow up and not have that insight to his life but his Spirit is needed to work on the Stragoi vaccine and to help Sonya in research.

The medications...they're not awful but taking away Spirit completely seems sad.

He does need counseling, in the Moroi world, not the human world, with someone that understands real life stuff and how Spirit affects all those who have it. They could help him develop techniques and coping skills to offset the dark side of Spirit.

I just flat out feel bad that he has to get rid of Spirit to be with Sydney and that's how I felt about it when the story ended.

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Sejal (dlilmonster) | 3 comments Dimitri ♥

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