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MixItUp! Snowflake peeked at the glass window. The sky was darkening, and stars were beginning to come out. She was the only one not in free-roaming mode during the day. One malfunction, and everything's gone... she thought sadly

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MixItUp! ((OF COURSE YOU CAN!!!!!!!))

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MixItUp! Snowflake glanced at Dazzle Dragon, smiling at her. She felt like overriding any programming wasn't going to be the best idea, especially during the day. She tried to show that she was okay

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MixItUp! "Great" the white and blue fox replied with a smile. "How are you on this fine evening?"

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MixItUp! Snowflake's eyes shone, "I like it when it snows. Unfortunately, all that rain would get in your servers and circuits" she still tried to be positive. "At least we can join the nightguard tonight!"

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MixItUp! Snowflake wanted to bend over and hug Dazzle, but everyone was watching. She longed to run around and make icecream for kids, but knew that the owners wouldn't approve. She might even gets scrapped

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MixItUp! Snowflake closed her eyes, trying her hardest to reboot the 'Free Roaming Mode-OFF' and change it to 'ON'. She finally was able to move, and refused to cry. She hugged Dazzle, "Everything will be fine" she whispered in a soothing tone.

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MixItUp! Snowflake sighed, "Mommy will be here soon. I promise" she replied, trying to stay positive. "Dazzle, we'll be saved soon. But hey! We have Violet and Moon! Aren't they like family? How about Dexter and Riley?"

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MixItUp! "We must be positive!" Snowflake chirped, happiness radiating off her like heat

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MixItUp! "By being positive!" Snowflake sprinkled sprinkles on the animatronic.

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MixItUp! "It will satisfy me! And, you'll give positive energy on the others!" Snowflake chirped with happiness, dancing around. She wanted to cheer up Dexter, who looked quite lonely but decided that he'd want to be alone like usual

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MixItUp! Snowflake glanced sideways, "Hey! Now you're an amazing dragon who entertains kids! YOU'RE AMAZING!"

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MixItUp! "A happy family!" the happy animatronic bounced around, one of her songs playing. She danced around, the speaker on the highest volume

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MixItUp! Snowflake tried to cheer everyone up, her positive attitude seeming to spread like the plague. Her eyes dimmed to a black with a white pupil. The nightguards were near

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MixItUp! ((K :P))

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MixItUp! ((Are cannon characters allowed too?))

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MixItUp! "Like fresh rain" Violet agreed, "I'm just glad it doesn't smell like wet-dog" she glanced teasingly at Dexter, who grinned a bit

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MixItUp! "Great! Let's just try to keep out the songs with death in them" Violet laughed a bit, scrolling through her playlist. "Well, my playlist is dead now" she murmured, considering that all the songs on there were about death. "Oh! Look! I got brand new ear-buds!" she pulled them out, smiling at their design. The cord was the faces of all the animatronics. The earbuds were her favorite animatronics. ToyFreddy and ToyBonnie. ToyFreddy could be a control freak, but she kinda liked him

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MixItUp! "It's best to teach them about mercy" Violet laughed a bit, grabbing a small rag. She almost screamed as Snowflake popped up cheerfully in front of her.

"Hey Violet!" Snowflake chirped with excitement, tail wagging

"Hey Snowflake" Violet replied, "You got me good" she couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"You're a minute late! Don't let it happen again" the animatronic replied in a happy tone.

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MixItUp! TBonnie laughed a bit, "Wait, he had too much pizza, AGAIN?! Well thats not surprising"

Snowflake glanced at TBonnie, waving, "Hey Toy Bonnie!" she greeting every word more cheerful than the last

Violet gave TBonnie a hug, "Glad you're okay, Bonnie!" she withdrew, kind of worried that he'd attack.

Snowflake closed her eyes, checking the cameras. The animatronics surprisingly had access to it. It was EXTREMELY helpful too. "Dexter is with Foxy, asking him questions... Springtrap is grabbing some pizza. He's bound to join up with us soon"

Violet tilted her head, "Springtrap? Never heard of him" she watched TBonnie glance sideways so she left it at that

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MixItUp! Snowflake checked through the cameras, "I'm just going to assume he's asleep backstage! He ate quite a lot of pizza" her smile widened

Violet nodded, "Hmm, he can't be that scary"

"Hey guys" Springtrap peeked at them, smiling. His voice seemed rather scratchy and deep.

Violet made a nervous laugh, "I was so wrong"

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MixItUp! "Hey Dazzle, did I miss anything?" Springtrap asked, noticing how she almost jumped.

Violet nodded, "Good idea. These animatronics can't be trusted to not make messes!" she glanced teasingly at TBonnie, who shot her a frown.

"I'll check up on TFreddy! I don't see him on the cameras" Snowflake commented, leaving Dazzle and TBonnie with Springtrap

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MixItUp! "Another song? Please don't tell me it's by FallOutBoy" Springtrap wasn't the usual animatronic to joke around. He had never laughed before, and neither had he joked about something. His statements were series

Violet laughed with her, "You might have to hook it with the speakers!"

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MixItUp! Violet turned one of the stage speakers on full blast, smiling.

TBonnie glanced questioningly at the two nightguards, "Um, is that safe?" he asked

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MixItUp! TBonnie frowned, shrugging. He put on a pout face, "Can you put on 'BREAK MY MIND'? PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" he wanted to see their reactions when the 'heavy metal' music blasted

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MixItUp! TBonnie's ear shifted downwards so they wrapped gently around his head. "I am already being tortured" he replied in a muffled voice.

Springtrap eyed the speakers carefully, turning towards the night guards. It better not be loud he grumbled to himself silently. He was not in the perfect mood for shitty music

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MixItUp! Violet met Springtraps harsh gaze, almost as if to stare him down. She glanced back at Moon, realizing what the song was about. She gave her friend a small nudge, "An undertale song? Really?"

Springtrap stood awkwardly as the song played. Girls are so complicated he thought, disappearing into the shadows

"Violet! Moon!" the bunny animatronic complained, though he liked the beat of it.

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MixItUp! TBonnie glanced at Moon, "How did this make you cry?" he asked, poking Moon. The bunny tried not to tower over the girl, but it was difficult, since he was so tall. He glanced at Dazzle, shooting her a goofy grin.

Snowflake peered around the corner of a hall, the cameras had shut off strangely, not allowing her to connect to them. Rather frustrated, she felt lost but smiled. She hummed to the music, since she could hear it

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MixItUp! TBonnie shrugged, "The feeling is neutral" he replied to Dazzle, eyeing Moon carefully. He wasn't sure if he had offended her or not. He shrugged, "Well, some people view it differently?" he wasn't sure what to say

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MixItUp! TBonnie shrugged, "I mean, it'll definitely make your ears bleed" he replied with his humorous grin as always. He poked Moon again, "Hey! I'm not a walking stick" he stuck his 'tongue' out at them. He wanted to curse, or flip Violet off playfully but didn't want to do it in front of Dazzle and the others

Violet tried to stifle her giggle, "I don't think ear bleeding is the best option" was all she could say before falling on the ground, laughing.

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MixItUp! "Tacos? What are tacos?" TBonnie asked, before quickly holding out his paw. "Hurry! I need the phone to search my name meaning!" he chirped, making himself look frantic. Of course, the bunny knew he wouldn't even be able to tap on the screen "Cute and fluffy? That does not mean you can hug me! This fur takes A LOT to keep it perfect"

Violet had recovered from her laughing fit. "You don't know where taco's are?!"

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MixItUp! TBonnie gave her a small push away from him, "Once again. THE FUR!" he huffed, pretending to brush 'human' germs off him. "Taco Hell sounds like the best restaurant!" he replied rather cheerfully, looking grumpy at her last comment. "You're just being a bitch, right?" he asked, his ears twitching with curiosity. "You're just being sexist and stuff!"

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MixItUp! TBonnie rolled his eyes, "It can be used for both genders!" he replied, though he was confused about the whole 'Toy Story 2' thing. He shifted his gaze to Dazzle, "Whoopsie doopsie!" he glanced nervously at Violet. "You're like 18 though!" he protested at her 'soft' comment, "NOT A LITTLE KID"

Violet was a bit angry at TBonnie for teaching her a curse word but shrugged it off. "A female dog" she answered Dazzle, giving her the actual meaning and not the meaning to the 'curse version'

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MixItUp! Violet laughed a bit, embarrassment making her cheeks red

TBonnie watched Violet's cheeks turn red. "I think there's something wrong with you" he peered at her, tilting his head. "Your cheek isn't its normal color"

Violet rolled her eyes, "That's none of your business" she replied, waving him off.

TBonnie shrugged, feeling stupid for not knowing what had caused her to blush. "Sure you do, Dazzle!" he called with a smirk

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MixItUp! "Dammit Moon! Now I've gotta brush it again!" TBonnie huffed, finally prying her off of him after 5 minutes. "Do you really want to be stuffed into a suit" he teased, pulling out a Bonnie head off the table. "You'll be able to hug yourself!"

"Hey Bonnie, I don't think you'll be able to brush your fur anymore" Violet gigged, glancing at Dexter.

"Why not?" TBonnie asked suspiciously

"I think Dexter gave it a proper funeral before flushing it" she replied, now laughing

"HE DID WHAT?!" TBonnie growled, throwing his hands up in a fit. "I swear Dexter!"

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MixItUp! Bonnie made another huff, swooping in and hugging Moon. "Awkwardness" he grinned, hugging her tighter and tighter until he looked like he was suffocating the nightguard in hugs. "Hugging an angry bunny, is NOT a smart idea" he replied shrugging. The tall animatronic did not put the human down. He decided that if she wanted to be hugged, she'd be hugged

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MixItUp! TBonnie rolled his eyes, "Aren't you supposed to be watching over the animatronics? Half of them, Snowflake has no idea where they are!" he chirped, giving her one last hug before setting her down. "Those speakers will die if saxophones begin to play" he joked

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MixItUp! TBonnie was sure that Moon had no idea what had happened between the two animatronics. He gave Violet a sharp look, hoping that she hadn't told Moon about it.

Violet shrugged innocently, trying to ensure him that her lips were sealed.

TBonnie nodded, "You two should go help! I'll ensure that Dazzle doesn't wonder off" he suggested, though fell silent quickly. "You know what, let's just all go help!" he wanted to show to Dazzle and the others that he wasn't afraid of some bear

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MixItUp! TBonnie laughed, "You have a bunny! A dragon! And two sassy nightguards are here! So basically, the ENTIRE SWAT TEAM" he grinned, wondering how the fat bear looked when he was stuffed with pizza

Snowflake's ears perked as she heard their voice. "Come on guys! We need to find that jolly bear!"

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MixItUp! Snowflake laughed a bit, "Yay! We're all together now!" She said cheerfully.

TBonnie glanced around, "Are we going to find the chubby bear or not?" He asked teasingly. He wanted to find TFreddy as fast as possible. He didn't trust the big bear

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MixItUp! "Run, run, run, JUMP!" TBonnie sang, darting down the halls

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MixItUp! TBonnie glanced at Moon, "In your mother-fucking dreams" he replied with a grin. He finally paused, "Fine, watch the ears and fur though!" He wasn't ready to have his pain sensers(ears) pulled.

Violet didn't mind keeping up with the others. She got quite a lot of exercise. Who knew that Bonnie could be a jackass and a friendly animatronic she thought cheerfully

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MixItUp! "Probably ate all of Chica's pizza" TBonnie replied, seeming to fix his bow tie. "Watch the ears, Moon!" He called, careful not to get her foot or leg caught in the open spots of the suit.

Snowflake glanced around, "I can't find him" she reported as if a soldier to a general.

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MixItUp! "I'm so popular!" TBonnie cheered, his fuzzy ears twitching a bit.

Snowflake playful frowned. "I thought I was the most popular!" She giggled

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MixItUp! TBonnie nodded, "Definitely more cheerful!" He agreed. Snowflake had never seemed to cuss

Snowflake blushed, though it looked as if she already was. "Positivity is the goal!"

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MixItUp! TBonnie nudged Moon gently, once again. "Do we even know where TFreddy might be?" He asked

Snowflake shrugged, "I'd guess the kitchen or back stage" she assumed. "He could be anywhere though"

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MixItUp! TBonnie laughed, though fell silent at Dazzle's order. He perked her ears, though heart nothing

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MixItUp! Heard*))

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MixItUp! "Ladies first" TBonnie offered, grabbing Moon and set her down on the ground.

Violet just rolled her eyes as they neared the kitchen. She was a bit worried to meet TFreddy, considering that she cussed angrily at him. She shrugged the worry away

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