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Marsha (queenboadicea) | 29 comments I have posted two reviews about "Iron Hans", an old Grimm fairy tale. One is for Iron John as retold by Eric A. Kimmel. The ISBN is 9780823412488. The other is Iron Hans by the Brothers Grimm. The ISBN for this latter book is 9780670817412. These are two very different books with different illustrators and different endings. Yet when I try adding the second book, the first one insists on coming up on the Goodreads website. Attempts to add the second book result in it being shown under the former title and book cover. When I try to add the review for 9780670817412, it erases the former review. When I delete Iron Hans and try adding it again, I still get the former book instead.

I've had this problem in the past when I've tried to post the same books but with different covers. But these are two wildly different variations of the same tale with different illustrators. How do I rectify this problem?

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