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message 1: by Tiffani (last edited Jun 08, 2017 04:25AM) (new)

Tiffani (tiffaniac) | 19 comments So I remember reading the blurb of this a while back but can't remember the name. It said something about a female and male lawyer continually competing against and hating each other (for being arrogant and annoying). They work in the same law firm because I think I remember something about competing for the same job opening. At some point they discover the sexual tension between them.

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message 3: by Tiffani (last edited Jun 08, 2017 04:12AM) (new)

Tiffani (tiffaniac) | 19 comments Spockles wrote: "Something on this list?


No. I've looked through them all and the closest I can find is Julie James' Practice Makes Perfect. But thanks for trying to help!

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Dee (austhokie) | 614 comments sounds like an N.M. Sibler book - The Law of Attraction

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Tiffani (tiffaniac) | 19 comments Dee wrote: "sounds like an N.M. Sibler book - The Law of Attraction"

Thanks but no. I'm pretty sure they work for the same firm.

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Dee (austhokie) | 614 comments the same firm sounds familiar - my profile is open, feel free to look through my books and see if any catches your eye for what it might be

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Dee (austhokie) | 614 comments Overruled or something else by Emma chase maybe?

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Jen Ev Eve | 84 comments Bump

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