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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Paranormal/futuristic book where girl leaves her family/clan in woods to go with hero. The girl (maybe human?) is thought to be extinct. [s]

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Sydney | 2 comments In her clan/family (living in the woods), they want her to get together with a guy to have kids, but she doesn't want to. and they are thought to be extinct. She leaves with the hero, but she was raised that the others ( I think shifters) were bad and killed all the humans. I know that she rides in a helicopter after camping in a tent. I think here she tries to leave and run from the hero but it's too cold. She goes back and meets the hero's family and they keep her a secret from others for a while. I'm pretty sure she first she's the hero across a river or something?? Sorry if none of this makes sense, but that's all I remember!

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Sydney | 2 comments Andy wrote: "2 in a row. I'm on a roll


Ella and the Beast
S E Smith More than Human Series"

Thank you so much!

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