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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Here we go :)

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Muse A is a princess/prince living in a peaceful kingdom, with no knowledge of the whole other realm that exists beyond its borders. While wandering in the forest near dusk, much to their escort’s dismay, the kingdom comes under attack by creatures/beings thought only to exist in fairytales and ancient legends. When a rider comes to warn Muse A that the castle has been taken, they are beseeched to flee to safety. Fearing for their parents’ lives, Muse A refuses to run away and makes haste back to the castle. Before they can reunite with their royal parents, Muse A is captured by the enemy. Muse B is Muse A’s captor, who is under orders from their king/queen to kidnap the prince/princess for the purposes of ransom. Muse A is taken to the other realm, where no person in the kingdom has ever gone. Muse A is locked up in a cell with Muse B as their guard.

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments Go ahead and post your charrie:) I can match whatever you do! I tend to keep them pretty short though!!

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments description

Name Asher Highsky (Ash)
Age 32
Shift In Draconia, all citizens have dragon descendance but only a few can still connect to their feral side. While some can shift a part of themselves, Asher can actually shift completely but has chosen to do only a body part at a time since it consumes a lot of energy to change entirely.

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments ((Is this okay?))

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments ((Perfect:) I'll post mine here in just a few... Are you okay with me making the first post?? I'll probably drop them in the middle of the seige, if that's okay!))

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments Name: Ellory Wenston
Age: 25

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments ((Since it is your story, please start us off :) of course, anything is fine. ))

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments ((Great:) This first post here will be waaayyyy longer than my other ones... I usually do like 2-3 of these-size paragraphs per post, so don't worry! I usually just get carried away with setting the scene!))

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments Princess Ellory Wenston was flying through the village on horseback, her cloak thrashing in the wind behind her. She repeatedly drove her heels into the mare beneath her, urging it forward through the chaos at their sides. They took strained breaths in unison, tiring just as they neared the end of their sprint back to the castle.

The village, and heaven-forbid, the whole kingdom was under attack.

It had all started when she decided to take a casual stroll through the woods before supper, entertaining the 3rd potential suitor her father had sent for her this week. And much to her dismay, this new Lord of Who-Knows-Where was just as dull as all the rest. She had been looking for an escape route from their terribly boring conversation about spices when the first shouts were heard. Their escort party had come to a quick halt, the Lord placing an arm across her for 'protection'. She was just pulling away from his reach with a well-deserved eye roll when the growling and howling began across the entire valley.

Since that moment, it had happened rather quickly. A shadowy figure had burst from the trees, knocking a guard off of his horse before anyone had the chance to even blink. The man had hit the ground with a thud, seeming to go still after a few convulsions. But, he was anything but dead. His head suddenly snapped back around, eyes redder than the thickest of blood. His ear-piercing screech was the final line, sending the escort party off in quite the hurry. All the while they rode, the screams, both human and something else, rung out into the sunset. When they approached what they believed was a safe location, a servant rider approached their group with news.

And the news was enough to shake Ellory to the bones.

Most of what had been said went right over her head, her mind and eyes escaping into that generic tunnel vision that generally occurs when bad news was given. But, she had picked out the important pieces enough to understand what was at stake: The Castle was being taken, they were to get the princess to safety, and the King and Queen were nowhere to be found.

Ellory formulated a plan as the Lord and guards argued over the best location to take the Princess. As they debated either dragging her to a safe house a few miles off or heading straight into the woods, she slowly backed her horse up, flipping it around on the trail and kicking it into high gear. Ellory didn't look or turn back at the shouts of her guards, knowing her prized mare could outrun any of theirs in a heartbeat.

It would be up to her to go back and find her parents, and to make this whole thing right.

And now here she was, racing back to the Castle on a suicide mission, as villagers were ripped apart at her sides by monsters of her imagination. She had no idea where they had come from, only knowing that they were of all different shapes and sizes and deadly as could be. A wolf-like man had pinned a wailing merchant girl beneath him, a colossal serpent was sliding across the stones toward an injured man in the corner. And, was that the sound of giant wings above her? Ellory had no time to contemplate or help, only enough to focus on zigzagging through the thick crowd of people and make it back in time. Pulling her horse sharply to the right, she headed for the servants gate instead of the main entrance that was sure to be crawling with beasts.

Just as Ellory zipped through the small, unguarded gate on the side, another monster jumped right into their path. Scaring the living daylights out of her horse, it bucked up tall and sent her failing off of it's backside. She skidded into the dirt, watching as the beast chased after the horse into the courtyard. Choosing not to watch the gory ending that was sure to come next, she peeled herself off of the ground, bundling up her skirts into her arms and starting for the service entrance. Damn her mother for making her wear a nice dress for the Lord!

The panic inside the castle was not much better than out, though less creatures had seem to have breeched the walls just yet. Ellory ran upstream the flow of maids and cooks that were streaming out the doors. An older seamstress grabbed her tightly by the arm and began pulling her out with them, insisting that "Her majesty musn't go in, must get to safety." She wriggled free of her grasp, disappearing back into the crowd and pulling her hood up to cover her royal face.

It only took her a few moments to find her parents chambers, where they were sure to be. She burst through the doors, the fear written all over her face. "Ma! Papa!" Frantically she scanned the room for any sign of their distress. No blood stains littered the carpet, no table knocked over yet. Had the attackers missed this room? Spotting a small, out of place sparkle on the floor, Ellory rushed to grab the clue. In her bone-white fingers clutched her mother's wedding ring, something she rarely had taken off in the 25 years of marriage. If this was off, something terrible must have happened here. Fear struck her deep to her bones, and her knees began to weaken.

Where could they have gone?

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments ((Wow *o* Now I'm afraid to write. It's so well written, I would continue reading it if this was a preface in a book! Amazing!!))

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments ((Serious?! Awww, you are way too sweet!! Haha, I've been working on writing a Medival book for the past yearish, so I guess the stuff kinda just flows out of me at this point:) And, I'm absolutely positive you will have wonderful writing as well! Believe me... It's taken years to get to the point where I'm happy with all the nonsense that spews out. Plus, there is nothing better than practice, practice, practice! Seriously just send it... I'm sure it will be great :) ))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Just like his father's oracle had predicted, chaos and war broke out on the seventh day of Saturn third ring's shadow. The barriers that previously divided all realms had collapsed for some yet unknown reason, not detaining the citizens or their armies anymore from crossing over to the other realms.
His father had prepared, gathered arms and rearranged his borders for years so that when this day came, he would triumph over the others and be crowned as emperor of the Seven Realms.

Legend whispered to whoever was interested that long before history was recorded, the Seven Realms had been united under the rule of a kind and just emperor. That person knew how to use each realm's qualities to their advantage against foreign invasions but also knew how to keep each realm at peace with each other with communication and diplomacy skills that hadnt been seen since.
The legend breaks apart and gives no answer to what really happened to crush everything to dust, leaving the realms divided, at war with each other, until the day when the barriers had been raised out of nothing and kept each realm to itself for many centuries.

As the second son of Draconia's throne, Asher knew as well as his father that the details they had on archive regarding the other realms were outdated, requiring that most of the preparations be done covering almost every possible scenario. But nothing had prepared them for what happened that day when the barriers finally came down. His father still felt confident in his plan, his thirst for power blinding him to the chaos that tried to take down his own realm. Having studied the old books, he had reached a conclusion on which realms he had to take down first, since after the first breakouts, instability would overtake them all until only the strongest survived. And he had prepared for that too, his advisers and the oracle supporting his strategy.
While he sent Asher's brother, Branton, to defend the borders from what he called the weak realms, he dispatched Asher to what he considered the strongest realm, with the sole purpose of kidnapping the current successor so they could proceed with their plans of ransom once the chaos died out.

Asher considered himself a lucky man. He had been born with perfect health, a sane mind and quick wits, that didnt have the pressure his brother suffered as the successor. They had the same education and had to attend the same events as a measure if anything happened to his brother, which made them good accomplices while growing up, finding mutual relief of their father and the court's antics.
His brother was his hero, his safeguard, his best friend, making it easy not to distrust him when everyone around them was trying to put them against each other, feeding them lies about the other. They quickly learned it was better to behave indifferently in public while having their own friendship a secret than trying to solve the usual house battles in court.
So when Asher was able to shift completely for the first time, he kept it a secret from everyone but especially from Branton. By tradition, the descendant with better connection to their ancestors was to sit on the throne and Asher wanted none of it. Besides, his brother was a very good fit, a much better king to Draconia than his father had been so far. He was more than happy to play the second son, the dark side of the moon that no one bothered to really look at.

Following his father's orders instead of doing what instinct told him to do: help his brother and his troops, Asher went with five other men to the realm called Pandora. Chaos ruled it's lands, a madness that could be seen even from high above, where Asher and his guards were using the dragon wings to reach he castle faster. Letting the men defend the premises for their escape, Asher entered one of the rooms through the window, noting everything turned and broken, crash sounds reverberating through the walls. Peeking into a hallway he saw a hurdle of servants coming towards his direction, in it a woman pulling another in a frenzy, the words "her Majesty" clearly reaching his ears. Fate is on my side, this is going to be easy. Letting them pass, he sneaked out and followed the girl down the corridor without being seen, up a few steps before she disappeared inside a room.

(( Sorry dont know if you like what I wrote.. If I'm overstepping let me know we can always change it!! I went ahead and named the realms but please let me know if you had something else in mind >_< are the realms better explained--> canine-Lupus, {serpent}fair folk-Encante, dragons-Draconia, 'humans'-Pandora, vampire-Blut, horned folk-Oni & elementals-Godai ))

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments ((No no, that was perfectly fine! And, thanks for the clarification... Excited for where this is going to go! Awesome first post :) ))

Not much kept Ellory on her own two feet in that moment. The weight of all the events that had transpired in the last few minutes struck her at once, blood draining from her face as her legs threatened to tumble to the ground. What had happened? What living hell did these 'monsters' crawl out of, and why were they suddenly on her doorstep? She racked her dumbstruck brain for any inkling of a reason, reaching as far back into her memory as possible for the truth.

It wasn't until the image of a dusty, old book cover came to light, the leather bindings hiding stories and myths of worlds beyond the one they knew. Her withering grandmother had once read from it, speaking foreign lands filled with blood suckers, fairies, and even -gulp- dragons. Could those be the same beings that were currently bathing her town in red? Childhood Ellory had once screeched and flew under the covers of her bed in a fit of giggles as her grandmother came after her with claw-hands during their storytimes, 'attacking' her with tickling fingers as she pretended to be the beasts from the book.

Ellory moved swiftly on unsure feet to the windows, watching from above the land in absolute horror. It seemed as if almost all of those realms were indeed making an appearance here tonight. And she was positive that none of those visitors would be using their claws to tickle her like grandmother once had. Her jaw slightly dropped as the shock of it all set in once more.

But there was no time to waste on useless thoughts, because her parents were in trouble, and nothing was going to stop her from finding the ones she loved. Jamming her mother's ring onto her own, royal finger, she set about planning her next steps. There was a servents cooridor just around the corner that led to the escape tunnels under the castle. If only she could reach it, then maybe she would find traces of her family through there. Fumbling her way across the room to the bedside, she pulled out the golden knife from under her father's pillow, the place where it had lain her whole life. Taking a steading breath, Ellory set out for the main doors, found her way back into the hallway, and moved swiftly to find the servant passage ahead.

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Asher looked inside the room and found it empty. Not really understanding how he had seemingly lost his prey so fast, he did a double intake, wondering if maybe he had seen it wrong. Deciding that it would be best to enter anyway, he only managed to see a family portrait very much like one his family exposed in a great hall before he backtracked his few steps when he heard little sounds from the room right next to the one he had planned to fully search.
Almost catching him by surprise, the girl from the painting exited the second room with a rush in her step, missing his hovering figure entirely in her haste. Close to the ceiling, he watched her go a bit further before deciding that he was to waste no more time, his brother probably waiting for his help back home.

Diving ever so softly, he let his feet land right behind her without making a noise, before he swiftly put one hand over her lips while the other went around her middle, clenching her arms against her body, in fact immobilizing the girl. Against his body, she was shorter...and soft.
A pleasant hum born from somewhere within him, started reverberating in his rib-cage pressed to her back. Trying hard not to focus on the new distracting sensation, he put his lips next to her ear, still preventing her from trashing and screaming. "Princess, I am not here to kill you. In fact, I believe if you come with me you have more chances of staying alive than by remaining here." Her muffled grunts told him all he needed, she was a fighter and, because of that, he would have to resort to strength over words, something he didnt find very pleasant.

(( Sorry it's small, but I think this way our characters can interact more..let me know if you agree, please :) and thank you for the praise, I'm also excited hehe ))

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments ((I totally agree about the length:) Mine always shorten up after a few posts! I find myself usually only making it longer when there is little interaction/details need to be described.))

Ellory trotted carefully along the carpeted hallway, listening to the roars of the creatures, closely followed by wails of sorrow and pain, echo through the castle. It took all of her concentration to simply make it from one end of the corridor to the next without crawling into a corner in fear. With so much of her focus on the doorway ahead, it was no wonder she missed the soft landing and approach of her assailant from behind.

Her ring-clad hand was just reaching for the handle when another clamped over her mouth and waist. The scream that started from her lips was quickly silenced by the rough, unyeilding fingers that pressed her against him. Instinct threw her into a panic, body thrashing and moving beneath the steely grip in a valiant effort to wiggle free.

Ellory's mind made quick analysis of what she was up against; The male figure was a bit taller than her, his whole body able to easily contain both her and her troublesome skirts. And... that voice. That had to mean he was human, right? Plus, she could feel his beating heart from behind. But, an unknown human, especially one that greeted her in this manner, couldn't be much better than the beasts who roamed these halls.

His words did little to calm her movements, but her head had cleared a bit, and her fingers made quick work of turning her knife around in her hand to face his exposed thigh.

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Taking a deep breath, he tried to dislodge the weird feeling inside his body that didnt seem to end. Why did his body have to awaken something new now, at the very moment he was on a mission?
"Listen, I dont want to hurt you. This castle will soon crumble, I saw a hurdle of Oni people coming this way. You don't want to be here when they come, trust me." They both knew the word had been thrown as a figure of speech, there was no way for her to trust an intruder who wanted to kidnap her on the first minutes of their encounter.
When a loud roar filtered the already familiar chaos' soundtrack, Asher knew he was now running out of time. His name echoed through the hallway, one of the men telling him they needed to leave quickly before the horned folk arrived, further denoting the fact that it was time to go. Besides, they were on a kidnapping mission, going against Oni in Pandora's territory was not in their plans, it would be a waste of time.
The way the girl froze in his arms at the roar pushed him to work faster. He needed to get her out of there alive before she bolted from fear and did something not really smart. Adjusting his grip as fast as he could, so as not to give her a chance to run, he put his arm under her legs, toppling her in his waiting chest "As you can see I am defenseless right now, just so I can get you out of here, so please behave until we're safe."
Even his politeness was a figure of speech, but not really waiting for an answer, he allowed his wings to stretch from their recoiled position and flew out the first window he found. Being this high up, there was nowhere for her to go besides the shelter of his chest. Whistling to his men, they regrouped and started flying towards Draconia.

She was light in his arms, her body pliable against his, her warmth quickly dissipating with the cold wind that blew against them. While he actually entertained the thought of getting his body to grow warmer to make sure she didnt get sick, out of nowhere came a scorching heat ball. More by instinct than actually seeing it, Asher barely dodged the fireball that had been aimed at their group, thrown by an elemental. Before he could get angry at the fact that his hostage had almost gotten burnt, one of his men decided to dive and give the Godai warrior some of his own poison while Asher was ushered forward.

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments ((I'm having troubles with notifications...hope you arent >_< ))

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments Ellory hadn't given this man one moment of ease, struggling with all her might against his firm grip. She could feel through his own layers of clothing the shocking muscles that had to be found beneath, holding in place like a rock. Her body was unintentionally fit into his, her small fingers clawing away at his arm and doing no more damage than a gnat would. The arm looped around his waist pulled her in close to him, and as she squirmed, she caught a whiff of a strange scent about him. It wasn't bad or anything, but simply something she had never encountered before. His words purred into her ear, his cheek brushing against her hair as he leaned in closer than she would have liked.

Her own dress was torn and dirty, cloak hanging on by one shoulder, and hair falling out of the intricate braid it had been held back in. How had he known she was the princess? She herself believed she probably looked more like a commoner in this moment than ever before.

It was then that the roar sounded, and she could feel the way her blood turned to ice within one beat of her racing heart. Maybe she could stay with this man until she was somewhere safer, then slink away to find her parents at the first chance she -

Ellory's feet were sweeped out from under her, and she make a vain attempt to pull away before her toes had left the ground. But it was to no avail, for her and her captor were sky-rocketting upwards without any kind of warning. Her head instinctivly tucked into his chest as the sudden wind bit at her face. But the way her stomach turned buoyant and the noise of death begun to decrease with every wingbeat... Wingbeat?! Her head snapped up to he his long, reptilian wings pressing them forward with long, angled sweeps.

Her yelp and accompanying scream were swallowed up by the wind, her eyes scanning her childhood home from above and noticing the way much of it seemed to be flowing with blood. How had everything gone so wrong, so fast?... And where in the world was she being taken? She questioned these things as they continued to ascend into the unknown.

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments ((I apparently was too! Of course it's just now that I get yours from today😂)

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments Focusing on getting home safe, both so he could have his mission accomplished at his father's eyes and to help his brother defending the borders, he barely heard the mumbling that his hostage was doing unconsciously over the strong whisper of the wind he fought against with his wings. Looking at what seemed to be left of Pandora, Asher only managed to see the columns of smoke snaking the sky, the roars echoing in the distance and the royal flags dancing with the wind. How could his father believe Pandora to be their worst enemy? From the little he had seen, there wouldn't be much left of it by the next dawn..although he had invaded their airfield rather easily, not many soldiers had been seen as expected either..could they be secured somewhere, baiting their time to seize all other realms once the others were done destroying each other? But then, it didnt make sense to leave their successor to the throne in open air, ready for the take. She should have been protected immediately, taken care like a treasure which holds the future of their kingdom...
Unless she wasn't the only heiress..or maybe he had the wrong girl. But Asher knew he had the right girl! The painter had been very talented and had captured her likeness all the way to the fine hair of her brows. The painting couldn't have been drawn too long ago, for her face had only slightly changed with puberty, the typical positioning of the family members representing royalty very much like the one his family had also ordered. And she had been the only child.
In a way, he was glad he had been there to take her. This way, she would be kept alive, even if it meant that she would have to live with either reality: being left for dead while the rest of the country hid or that there would be no more Pandora realm come morning.

The deafening howls told them they were flying over Lupus, the chaos and smoke so thick that he couldnt distinguish head from tail. Bodies moved, blood was shed, cries and howls mixed in a song without rhythm.
Encante people seemed to be fighting Godai people in the sky as in the ground, making their journey longer than it should have been. They now had to dodge fire balls, gushes of wind and the huge hawks and other animals the fair folk chose to transform in midair. Allowing his men to cover him, he did his best not to zigzag too much, holding onto the girl with a gentle but firm grip. He was not about to let her die here after coming this far. "Almost there, princess."

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments Ellory couldn't help but hold tight to her captor as they dipped and dove through the surprisingly-crowded skies. Her head was spinning, both literally and figuratively with each dodge he made. At one point, she could 't help but let her fingers dig into the muscles of his chest when a fireball came close enough to warm her cheeks. A few silent tears rolled down her cheeks, unable to contain her fear any longer. Who was to blame her? Her entire world had just been turned upside down within a matter of minutes!

At his not-so-conforting words, she gripped his cotton shirt even tighter and nodded her head in what could be assumed her confirmation. But in reality, she was just trying to shake free the cobwebs in her mind, hoping it was all but a dream. She tore her eyes from the horizon to her hand on his chest, her mother's wedding ring giving one last twinkle in the light as the sun dipped behind the mountains at last.

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments (( ?? :) ))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments ((I was waiting for your part...but you didnt get mine so there was no way for you to get back to me -_-' I was so busy I didnt check I'm really sorry!! I dont know whats happening. Maybe its my computer :'( sorry..I'm rewriting it..))

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments (( Haha, It's totally fine!! :) Goodreads can be so frustrating sometimes! ))

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments As the sun's light escaped behind the mountains, the sky twinkled its stars under the ruby fires that tainted and burned everything beneath them. The wind turned colder as the flames reached higher, making Asher fly above the towering trees, above the clouds, closer to the huge moon, just to make sure that no harm would come to the girl in his arms. Not that he really cared what happened to her, he couldnt. She was an enemy, not an ally. But she would be worthless dead...Softly enveloping her better against his chest, he felt her breath against his skin, the few layers of cloth not a barrier enough to block the warmth she emanated.
The gentle hum that had surged earlier, renewed its strength, echoing louder, vibrating through his bones as if to numb his senses. Or enhance them..he could now smell her soft fragrance permeating his nose, he could feel her heartbeat syncing with wasnt a bad feeling, all in all, but it was a distraction. Maybe it was war nerves or maybe he needed to see a healer in the near future, all he knew was that he had to double his efforts on getting home fast. Asher put his chin over her head, attempting to block the strong wind and made sure to raise his body temperature so she wouldnt suffer from the chilly night. Almost there..
His men were able to follow his pace even if he was going a bit faster than what a normal draconian should be able to fly, so they quickly reached the edge of Lupus' forest, where Draconia's territory began. Here, the flames were not as hot despite the fireballs that swung in every other direction, the blood that diluted in the crimson river was not all draconian, the Lupus people seemed more intent on killing the blood suckers from Blut which allowed his brother to still be leading the troops with his chin up. Godai people still raided the skies but with the help of the high tower soldiers, Asher and his men made it to the castle in one piece.
Not really ready to listen to any orders yet, he quickly made his way to what had been temporarily appointed as his bedchambers, in a secluded part of the fortified mansion, in case of collapse. Putting the girl down on a divan, he looked at her a second too long before he ordered someone to bring her water and food. "She is not to leave these chambers, am I understood?" At the affirmative response, he let his people deal with locking the windows and door while he went to report to his father in hopes he could join his brother as soon as possible.

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments Ellory's eyes skimmed the foreign landscape as they soared over the hills, not quite processing everything that was so suddenly happening. Their traveling party seemed to know exactly where they were going as they slid their way past the enemies and into the foreign castle they called home. Castle? Her eyes landed once again on her captor, wondering if he was the roalty of this place, or just another guard who had been tasked with her retrieval. It was then that they landed at the doors of a bed chamber, his feet cushioning their impact as the doors swung open before them.

She really should fight, try to wiggle free of his grip and make a run for it before she was placed in a position in which that could never occur. But, her stomach and head were still reeling from the rollercoaster of a ride, along with trying to make sense about how any of this was possible. Ellory's eyes were locked on his wings as she was finally sat down, in complete awe of her predicament to do much more than stare. His smell still lingered on her body, his warmth still heating her skin, even after they were peeled apart.

But then the man gave an order that had her blood running cold, and she leapt to her feet. "Wait! Please! No, don't do this!" She ran on shaky legs after him as he moved from the door, tripping over her muddy and torn skirts in the process. "Don't leave me in here! Tell me what's going on! Please!" Her arms reached for the man's back, only to be yanked away by two of his people and into the room. Dumping her back on the ground made her head spin even more, and standing was more of a chore than it should have been. "You don't have to-"

The door was slammed in Ellory's face, and she thew herself against it in agony once risen. It was only then that she let her tears fall, her body sliding down the door's smooth surface to her knees, banging the whole way. How could he have just left her like that?

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments As he walked the long stone hallways to the war room where he was sure he would find his father, Asher felt the hum slowly dying out within him, a small tug nudging at his back, like an invisible cord. If he really thought about it, he would maybe consider the girl might have been the one tugging on the other end, but his mind was focused on his brother and the aid he could provide, so he barely even thought about it, leaving it for later inspection.
Besides, he knew the girl, the princess of Pandora, would be safe in his chambers. No one would dare cross his threshold or dare lay a hand on his captive. She would also not get lost in a different country she knew nothing off and, since no one would see her, no one would be tempted to take her from him. In there, no food, drink or warmth would be missed..she was fine so he could focus on other things.
When he finally reached the war room, he had put his wings away, checked for soot or any dirty cloth, and made sure he had a clear mind. Opening the doors, one of his father's advisers announced him so that his presence be noticed in the vast room full of people scrutinizing maps and books, discussing strategies and counting the troops that were left.
"Father, I have returned accomplished." Asher tried to remain calm, impassive in his father's presence that always terrified him. But his father didnt acknowledge his second son, his eyes never leaving the papers at hand. Instead, his right hand congratulated Asher and said all the nice things people usually say to royalty to gain their favor. After all these years, Asher still wanted none of it. "Father, with your permission, I will join the battle to defend your land." Your land would have been our land if his father had been someone else, but everyone in this realm knew that to this man, the land was his and no one else's.
"You will do no such thing." Finally came in deep baritone voice from the king, by then Asher had already turned around and was about to leave. Inside him, his dragon stirred, something that seemed to be happening a lot around his father lately. Trying to get his bearings, he took deep breaths before he turned once again to face the room. In it, the advisers and strategists seemed distressed with his father's decision, his aid probably expected at this point, but were trying hard not to show it, as usual.
"Father?" was all Asher managed without allowing his emotions to escape in his voice. "You are not to set foot on the battleground, have I made myself clear?" Asher tried to remember if he had ever heard his father's voice without any anger or loathing, but once again, this was the tone he was used to since he could remember, hope for something different could only mean worse. "Yes, father."
Leaving the war room, Asher started recalling in his head the anticipated plans and moves that had been on display on the large boards in the war room. When he passed one of his men, he requested that they regroup on the high tower. Crystal clear father, not one foot will be set on the ground... He didnt have to walk to help his brother: Asher could just FLY.

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~Sunsets~ | 15 comments Ellory was left with her forehead pressed against the door, fists curled up into balls as her tears fell to the floor at her feet. It all had begun to sink in; The man who had flown her here wasn't here to rescue her, wasn't here to be her friend or companian. No. She was a prisoner of war... Whatever war this may be. From those few, brief minutes in which she had tumbled through her village and castle, one fact was quite clear: It was not a war that the humans were by any means winning. In fact, it looked to be a one sided battle, and for all she knew, she was the only one who had made it out of that city alive today. And that did not make her by any means grateful for the man -who's name she hadn't even heard- and his troops for bringing her to safety. What kind of fool would think this place was safe?

It took all her effort to peel herself away from that door, one pale finger at a time, and slink over to the massive windows that lined almost an entire wall of the main room. What she saw ahead sent her stomach reeling once more, forcing her to grip her midsection for dear life before the contents of her feast with the Lord spilled onto the rug beneath her feet. She ripped her eyes away from the battle that raged just outside the boundary, praying silently to wakeup from the nightmare that was littering her waking hours.

It was then that Ellory snapped out of whatever daze the flight had left her in, common sense seeping back into her pores. There was no way that she would just be standing here like a damned fool when the winged people came back. She was going to find a way out of here, and fast. This lead to the rushed search of his chambers, jiggling and pounding on any door or window that had been sealed upon her arrival. All the air vents were either far too small, or far out of reach.

When she concluded there was no possible hope of immediate escape, she conceded with option #2: A weapon. Ellory knew what people did to prisoners of war... Scenes of torture, dismemberment, and rape slid their nails down the walls of her mind, sending another wave of shakes across her body. She wouldn't go down without a fight, one way or another. A second, thourough search of the room left her with a candle stick in hand and a smaller second tucked within the folds of her skirts. Backing up to the far wall of the room, it was all she could do to slow her terrified breaths and wait for someone to show back up.

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S.arinto (sarinto) | 279 comments As he passed near the secluded side of the castle on his way to the high towers, the hum came back, pressing against his ribs, like a compass that seemed to always point towards Pandora's heiress. He had never met anyone in person from Pandora before...Asher thought they had looked rather ordinary, just like it was stated in his ancient books about the seven realms. Could it be they had developed powers overtime, and she had him under some kind of spell?
Rubbing at his chest, he decided to go and change into his lighter armor. It would make it easier to fly longer...and it gave him the perfect excuse to check if she was indeed his north, the origin of the small ache that simmered under his skin.

When he reached the door to his chambers, two of his men stood guard and a servant was pushing a draconian stone tray. Putting his hand out to stop her, he relieved her of the tray and let it float as he pushed gently so that the food in it wouldnt fall. Opening the door, he knew instantly where she was in the space, like a beacon in the darkest night, her feint smell spreading across the rooms, two small drops on the floor calling to him as if to chastise him for making her cry.
Asher put the tray on the closest table and looked at the small girl that was against the far wall, shaking but looking fierce, like true royal blood. "Princess, you are safe as long as you remain here. No one will touch you.." Wondering why he was trying to smooth things up for her, he cleared his throat trying to find his voice as an opponent and not someone there to support her. "Eat, drink, keep warm, you can use these rooms at your leisure. But you cannot go out..there is no escape." Noting that he was somehow still failing at sounding threatening, he thought it was high time to leave. Turning, his hand already on the scan to open the door, he remembered what he had come for. Abruptly turning back, he barely noticed she had moved from her initial position, going straight to his bedchambers to his left.

There, he took off his clothes, the soft cloth clanking hard and loud on the floor, betraying its light appearance. Asher wondered as he put his lighter armor what orders he would receive concerning the girl in the next room...he was such a good follower of rules that it wouldnt be a surprise that he defied what he would be told to do. A ransom required that eventually there was an exchange..and he would be there to guarantee she would make it. The hum grew louder as if in agreement until a hushed noise could be heard from behind him. Turning, he didnt see the princess or anyone else..Asher considered only briefly if she had come to peak at him changing. Trying to calm his oddly racing heart, he shook his head to clear it. He needed to focus on helping his brother first.

When he reentered the chamber, he saw that she had eaten a bit of the food, which helped him relax. Pointing towards the right side of the room, he told her that she could find there the baths and the study while on his side, the left side of the room, she would find his bedchambers. To the void she created by not saying anything back, he sighed loudly, hating his brother for not introducing him to more women their age so he knew how to proceed now. "If you're tired, sleep in my bed," at her expression, he felt himself blush before he added rather too fast "No, no, I will sleep in the study or in here. I will not lay a finger on you." That seemed to do the trick, but now he wanted to leave more than ever. The call for blood beckoning him to appease all the weird feelings of tonight.
But before he left, he looked at her over his shoulder and tried to make her understand as gently as he could "You're safe...but only as long as you stay here. Dont try to escape, princess. It's for your own good."

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