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message 1: by C. J., Atm Seeker in the "Lin Kuei" (new)

C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4215 comments You have until the 13th of June to post a poem and from the 14th to around the 18th of June, we’ll vote for which one we thought was best!

Please post directly into the topic and not a link. Please don’t use a poem previously used in this group. Only one submission per person is allowed.

Your poem can be of any length!

This week’s topic is: Teeth

Thanks goes to Daniel J. for the suggestion!

The rules are pretty loose. You could write a poem about anything that has to do with the subject/photo but it must relate to the topic somehow.

Most of all have fun!

message 2: by Edward (last edited Jun 07, 2017 07:54PM) (new)

Edward Davies | 1727 comments Title : Teeth
Poet : Edward Davies

Nibble underneath,

Teeth, teeth, teeth.

message 3: by Neal (new)

Neal Syrette | 80 comments Conundrum Periodontium

Meep! Meep! (said without a smile);
As the curb stomped the coyote.
No little sign or tiny umbrella,
Will carry over any help...
They appear cartoonish in their pain.
What makes you smile?

message 4: by Fidel (new)

Fidel  Love (fidelmlove) | 48 comments "Teeth Marks"

Kiss me softly
Hold me close
Squeeze me
Tease me
But don't let go
Lick your lips
and bite down
Til' there's a slight sound
A little moan
Suck slow and nibble long
The only rush is my beating heart
After the imprint of your teeth marks

By Fidel M. Love

message 5: by C. J., Atm Seeker in the "Lin Kuei" (new)

C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4215 comments Okay polls are going up in the next moments or so!

(Also feel free to suggest future topics here:


Oh I see before posting this there was a slight increase in suggestions. Awesome, keep them coming!)

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