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On May 21, I came across a TV show called Kidnapped that originally aired in 2006; this show does not look like it's 11 years old. It looks like it could be playing in 2017. This show came out before the movie Taken and the TV show Taken wished it was as good as this show. The TV show Taken does not live up to it's name. Kidnapped did. Too bad the show only ran for one season and I just found out about it. Back then, I had satelitte and we didn't get local channels, so no, I wasn't watching NBC in 2007. Both Kidnapped and Taken played on NBC. Taken has gotten a second season. They should have given Kidnapped more seasons. There was only 13 episodes to this series.

In this show, a wealthy New York family son gets kidnaped, but the question is why? Who would want this teenage boy? It will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering who is really the bad guys.

Jeremy Sisto (from Clueless, Original Law and Order) plays Knapp and ex-FBI agent, who nows has his own company finding kidnapped people. Knapp is a dangerous bad boy, who is tortured. He grew up in a cult. A place he escaped and left his mother. While working for as an FBI agent, he brought down a man, who killed or didn't kill the man's sister. It's still a puzzle. The man's in jail and he likes to try to play with Knapp's head.

Knapp's right hand woman and only associate is a black woman (well, she's biracial in real life) named Turner played by Carmen Ejogo (Selma/Corretta Scott King, Sparkle). She's the computer person. Knapp is the one that goes out and rescue people. Turner is no wealking. She's tough.

No, Knapp and Turner aren't a couple, but there is chemistry there. I saw it. Turner even admits to a FBI agent that she would sleep with Knapp and Knapp might not want that, but then again, he might go there and she might not. They work together could be the reason they don't cross that line. If there was a second season, they probably would have hooked up.

The whole 13 episode is about them going after the bad guys to get the boy back. If there were more seasons, it would be different people they would have to help.

Timothy Hutton playes in this show was the father of the kidnapped boy. After this show was cancelled, he went on to do Leverage.

I've watched this shwo on Crackle. It's not on Nexflix. It's on Amazon prime. If you are into shows like this, you might want to check this show iout. It was good to me. Jeremey and Carmen did a great job in this show.

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Zara West (zara_west) | 3 comments Sounds like a very interesting show. I never heard of it before. Thank you for sharing.

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I remember this show. I did not watch it. NBC has a bad habit of cancelling shows before its time. I haven't watched Taken yet so I can't comment yet. Excited about watching Taken.

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Zara, if you get a chance to watch it, come in here and share your thoughts.

Danielle, I did not care for Taken.

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Zara West (zara_west) | 3 comments Arch wrote: "Zara, if you get a chance to watch it, come in here and share your thoughts.

Danielle, I did not care for Taken."

I have Amazon prime and intend to take a look. I'll let you know.

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Okay Zara. You mght not like it.

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