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Tag der Vergeltung
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message 1: by Adowrath (new) - added it

Adowrath "Okay, if anyone sees/reads this and is confused, I am sorry. I intended to post this as an edition to the original (this one: ) and did so in the "All editions" overview. I put in the data and sent the form, but it got back and said I didn't prove I wasn't a robot, because my uMatrix had blocked the reCaptcha. Below the normal details, suddenly "Work settings" came up, and I searched for and input the original Hebrew title and publication year. Seemingly, this came up because the first form-send had discarded the information "add this as a new edition". So, if any mod reads this, please either delete it so I can make it anew but now correct, or link it to the already existing editions.

Thank you,

This is the text I put in as a librarian note to this edition. I hope my intention with this thread is clear and the problem can be resolved without a lot of problems.

I'm sorry for the inconveniences,

message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10805 comments I combined the books.
Using a librarian note to ask for help is not useful, those notes are only seen by librarians when they are already on the edit or combine page. Making a request in this group is indeed the better way.

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