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June 2017: Coming of Age > Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly, 3.5 stars

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message 1: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy | 8868 comments I can't believe I finished the entire thing! Yesterday I was at 50%. I guess I couldn't sleep last night, which is not so good when I have a singing audition tonight. But, perfect to start my reading challenge on time. Speaking of music, Revolution is about a young girl, a talented musician who is a lost and broken soul. Still reeling after the death of her younger brother, she is angry and defeated, and her family has crumbled around her. Upon threat of expulsion just before graduation, she finds herself in Paris, and becomes deeply involved in a mystery related to the French revolution, and a musical mystery also underlies the book. There is a soundtrack through the novel and many varieties of music are playing throughout, and she plays to save her life and her soul. It actually captured me. Its fiction, with a touch of historical fiction, but not really. Its got a touch of young adult, or maybe it just is. It's definitely Coming of Age. I also ticked off the shelves of Music and Paris. And Paris happens to be my Stair Six for a challenge, so it was a double hit for me. I liked it. It definitely was different. Its another story where the main character(s) make you just want to root for them. I may have even shed a tear on page 278. I can't remember who the recommender was, but thanks for the recommendation. It hit the spot. 3.5 stars.

message 2: by Joi (new)

Joi (missjoious) | 3822 comments This wasn't even on my radar, but I've added it to my TBR beacuse of your review!

I love mystery, and am trying to read as many "Paris" books before going, so this sounds perfect! (maybe I should add Paris as my sixth stair!!?? that sounds like a lot of commitment!!)

message 3: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy | 8868 comments Hey it's my sixth stair! I wish I could remember who had recommended it so strongly, but I want to say it was one of the younger folk in our group. Kelly maybe? Maybe she will chime in.

~*Kim*~ | 509 comments It may have been me who recommended it. I read it a few months ago and loved it.

message 5: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy | 8868 comments Could be.... glad you did!

message 6: by Jenni Elyse (new) - added it

Jenni Elyse (jenni_elyse) | 1367 comments I'm glad to hear you liked this one. I've heard such good things about it. It has been on my TBR for a while. Someday.

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