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message 1: by Constanza (new)

Constanza Chesnott (goodreadscomconstanza_chesnott) | 12 comments Dear friends of the group, I am Constanza Chesnott, I have recently published my novel on Amazon, Spanish Edition. The title is "Of passion and dishonor" and it is available on KindleUnlimited.

This is the description of the story in which there is a historical plot with corsairs, battles, adventure, and romance:

An unforgettable story set in the exotic setting of the Spanish colonies of Asia in the s. XVII.

Mariana Lopez de Peñaflor, daughter of a wealthy Sevillian merchant, and about to travel to New Spain to marry a reputed doctor, sees her world of certainties collapsing. Leaving behind his native Seville, embarks on a vital adventure that will take her to the ends of the Empire, and the unexpected encounter with a man who will change the course of his life. In the historical context of the struggle for the domination of the seas and the riches of the New World, "From passion and dishonor" will embark the reader on an exciting journey through very different scenarios: a silk producing hacienda in the Sierra de Granada, The splendor of seventeenth-century Seville, the colorful Sephardic quarter of Amsterdam, the colonial city of Puebla de los Angeles, the Dutch Curacao, the exuberance of the Philippines and the wild greenery of Isla Hermosa.

A fascinating novel of betrayals and loyalties, of bravery and cowardice, of passions to the limit.

It is having a very good reception, with only two weeks from publication it hits top 5 best seller list of historical romance novels of

Hope you like it,


message 2: by Claudia (new)

Claudia | 18 comments Felicidades! I will look for it on Amazon!

message 3: by Constanza (new)

Constanza Chesnott (goodreadscomconstanza_chesnott) | 12 comments Thank you Claudia! Looking forward to get your feedback!

message 4: by Rafael (new)

Rafael Morillo | 13 comments Felicidades, I think it is a good synopsis and I like the setting of the Asian colonies of Spain. It also shows how the Filipinos and the Latinos share a common cultural background!

message 5: by Constanza (new)

Constanza Chesnott (goodreadscomconstanza_chesnott) | 12 comments Thank you Rafael, really appreciated your comments. If you haven't read it yet, from Aug 21st you can enjoy the countdown deal, at 0,99 USD in

message 6: by Rafael (new)

Rafael Morillo | 13 comments You are welcome Constanza! I'll take a look at your book and would love your opinions regarding my novel a Historical Fiction called "The Kiskeyano: A Taino Story."

message 7: by Constanza (new)

Constanza Chesnott (goodreadscomconstanza_chesnott) | 12 comments Hi, Rafael, as soon as I finish the one I am reading now, I will start with yours. It sounds very interesting. I add it to my reading list.

message 8: by Rafael (new)

Rafael Morillo | 13 comments Thank you very much Constanza, I will do the same. I am happy to meet another writer in the Historical Fiction Genre. I am also interested in getting into Alternate History in the future and Sci-Fi, are you thinking of writing in another genre in the future? Gracias!

message 9: by Constanza (new)

Constanza Chesnott (goodreadscomconstanza_chesnott) | 12 comments Hi Rafael, the two main genres I am exploring right now are historical fiction and historical romance. But I have a few ideas for suspense/thriller. I have a friend working on Sci-Fi, if you are interested, I can put you in contact with him.

message 10: by Rafael (new)

Rafael Morillo | 13 comments Hello Constanza, those are great genres and best wishes on your suspense/thriller ideas. Yes, you can connect me with your friend. I'm exploring also novellas in the futures as well. Thank You!

message 11: by Rafael (new)

Rafael Morillo | 13 comments Gracias!

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