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J. Kwong (jkwong) | 7 comments Hi Beta readers:

I completed a YA fantasy that needs a set of fresh eyes. The blurb is below so please let me know if you are interested! You can reply to this thread or email me at

I'm looking for general comments about the plot, characters, etc. (e.g. does the story lag? Does something not make sense?) Hopefully, most grammar and spelling errors are gone, but do let me know if you find any!

She was born on the Day of Balance, and the Feng Shui masters prophesied she would possess five Gifts—the ability to control the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal. But on her second birthday, Ching proved the prophecy false. She is the opposite of a miracle, and is the only person in the empire without a Gift.

Embarrassed by her predicament, Ching’s parents sell her as an Emperor’s concubine, but life in the Imperial Harem proves vicious and deadly. The concubines will do anything to keep Ching from being noticed by the Emperor, and when their attempts turn deadly, the Imperial Army’s leader, Huang Zhou, saves her life.

Zhou befriends Ching and helps her discover her true ability—a Gift so unique and powerful it could annihilate the empire’s enemy. He promises to keep Ching’s ability a secret, but reveals her Gift to the Emperor. And before she knows it, Ching is training to fight in an impending war.

Ching doesn't believe she can help win this war—women don’t fight, and Ching isn't convinced her Gift is powerful. But after the enemy reveals a formidable weapon that threatens to destroy the empire, Ching realizes it is up to her to save her home and everyone she loves.

- Jackie

message 2: by Lee (new)

Lee | 3 comments Hi, the blurb sounds really interesting. If you still need a beta reader, I'd love to take a look at it!

message 3: by J. (new)

J. Kwong (jkwong) | 7 comments Absolutely! The more eyes on it, the better! Where can I send this? You can private pm me with your info. Thanks!

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