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June 2017: Coming of Age > Dodgers by Bill Beverly - 4 stars

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message 1: by Charlie (new)

Charlie  Ravioli (charlie_ravioli) | 393 comments A book about four teenage gang members that take a road trip to kill a witness. There's a little more to the plot but not too much. One of the four boys (East) is the main character. About halfway thru I started to gain more of an appreciation for the literary chops of this book and the story behind the story and how this is really a book about the various characters of boyhood, what type of personality best survives coming of age and how depending on your race and socio-economics some boys are robbed of their childhood and also fall short of manhood altogether. I owe it another read another time and wouldn't be surprised if afterwards I upgraded my rating to a 5.

message 2: by Anita (new)

Anita Pomerantz | 6249 comments Glad you enjoyed it Charlie! I'm impressed you have time to read anything ever given your stage of life. I feel like I went through a time period where I read like 6 books a year and that was it . . .

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