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Catherine Marenghi | 6 comments My original book published by Tate Publishing is out of print because the publisher went out of business this year; I just published a second edition on Amazon CreateSpace. (Per agreement with Tate, I own the copyright to my book.) It has a new cover and new ISBN numbers. The second edition also has photos. I would like to add the new second edition and also update the cover on the Kindle edition.

* Title: Glad Farm: A Memoir (2nd edition with photos)
* Author(s) name(s): Catherine Marenghi
* ISBN (or ASIN): 1544629737
* Publisher: Self
* Publication date: May 10, 2017
* Format: Paperback
* Description: Default
* Page count: 282
* Link to cover:

message 2: by Codex (last edited Jun 06, 2017 05:26PM) (new)

Codex | 3401 comments New paperback created: Glad Farm: A Memoir (cover from Amazon).

Regarding the new Kindle cover—Goodreads creates alternate cover editions (ACEs) when existing covers change, instead of replacing them. This has been done for your new cover: Glad Farm: A Memoir

(Cover from Amazon.)

As author, you can set which edition is shown as the default: How do I set the default edition for a work?

Catherine Marenghi | 6 comments My query was regarding my paperback, and I appreciate your changing the cover. But the Kindle cover has not been updated and needs to be.

message 4: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43517 comments Mod
Goodreads policy is to keep all published covers on the site, as users want to shelve the cover of the copy they have. Instead, we add an alternate-cover edition. See and

Codex added an ACE for you, and linked to it above.

As the author, you have the ability to change which edition of the book is the default, which will come up in searches by title and show on your author profile. Here's how:

Catherine Marenghi | 6 comments The problem is the Kindle cover showing up on GoodReads is an incorrect cover design, not an alternate cover. I posted it temporarily until I received the artwork for my paperback cover and then used that as the Kindle cover. It should not be published at all and I want to delete it.

message 6: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43517 comments Mod
The cover was uploaded from Amazon after that edition's publication date. So it will not be removed.

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