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⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments Hello. Would it be fine if you post the plot so we can discuss how'll figure it out?

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Harley | 34 comments Sorry I had a long day yesterday.

Muse A and Muse B are two kids that belong to rich families. They live in the same neighborhood and even vacation with each other's family in their various vacation homes. Both families are notorious for throwing huge parties that last all night. They are also both notorious for completely neglecting their children. Whenever the families are throwing parties Muse A and B sneak off to the guest room to fool around or drink in the attic and spill their guts. Sometimes they even venture out of the house and go on their own adventures. Neither would say they are in a relationship, and if their parents knew there would definitely be problems.

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments Sorry I forgot about this. You're still up for this plot?

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Harley | 34 comments Yes I am!

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Harley | 34 comments Did you want to do mxm, mxf, or fxf?

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments MxF please

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Harley | 34 comments Are you okay with playing the male then?

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments Of course. So how are we gonna start then? Just a heads up, is it in your writing style to be dry/simple and short? I like partners that do around 7(+) paragraphs and have rich details.

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Harley | 34 comments I have rps that are up to 10+ paragraphs.

Well I'd like to make characters. Preferably simple ones. And I haven't thought about a way to start yet.

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments If you're detailed and rich with deep details, then it's good.

Well... I think we need to plan a lot of action. I don't really have any plans for how the action is going to build up but, the relationship between both of the characters... how would you prefer it to be? Hot and cold or adventurous and conservative. Something along that. I think from there, we can decide the action part of the plot
I think they should either be in high school or junior high.

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Harley | 34 comments Well obviously we need a plan, lol. But definitely not junior high. I prefer to play characters at least 18 years old, sometimes 17. But I'll go as low as 16 and that's it. When I first typed up the rp I imagined a really hot relationship that can go from really sappy to really sexual fast. One second they are comforting each other and the next they are in the middle of a really intense make out session. But since they don't stake claim on each other when they see the other on dates or stuff it upsets them and creates this unhealthy flow.

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments Seems like a good age range then. High school. The only problem is that it may get repetitive after a while them having being really physically affectionate and being cold and hot. I think that we could do that for a bit so the we can get the plot idea running smoothly. But once they have their hot and cold moments... the parents could come in maybe? I'm not sure about what to do after. If you're comfortable with just going in and then we decide after, then that's fine too.

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Harley | 34 comments I figured their parents would eventually play a role. They would find out and be not happy about it. Maybe at that point they've realized they actually like each other and that it's not just a fling.

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments That sounds good! I agree with it. You can post up your character anytime this day. I will later after you

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Harley | 34 comments Name:
Sloan Montgomery



⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments Name: Julius Vaugh
Age: 18
Appearance: brown curly moppy hair, brown eyes

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments Is there anyway in which you would specifically like to start this roleplay?

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Harley | 34 comments Um no. Not really. Maybe at one of the parties they go to they sneak off.

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments I simply had enough time... this whole night exactly to make it the best. Sloan Montgomery, was her name. You could easily imagine just in a couple of seconds, what a name like that could do to you. At least to me. Glowing long ginger hair and the eyes of an angel from far away. It was the night and it was as if she seemed to be the only nights star on ground. Close enough to talk and hug her. It was my house this time. I knew myself well enough to simply put on gym shorts and a shirt I got from Maine. There was nothing to give a damn about. My parents went along with their friends and barely had ever have the patience for me. The house butler could easily be my mother, long story short. Of course they could give me a kiss good bye and a kiss good night. Talk to me about how my day was and how their job was today. That was for a child though. I'm clearly all grown up and I fear that I'll never get to smile so bright to my parents knowing that they love me truly. I walked down stairs as my mom was outside on the porch. I smiled a bit. I opened the door and walked to her, sitting down next to her. The buzzing of the crickets was smooth enough to put a spoiled baby to sleep. "Hey, ma." I said, looking at her contently. She looked at me. "Julius, please." She said looking up from her book. "I need to catch up with this book. Everyone one of my friends have been talking about this. I can't miss out." She said, mumbling a bit. I smiled falsely, trying the best to have a shining smile. "No problem mother." I got up as I saw dozens of people have their cars parked. They started flooding out. I looked at the shed by the trees. "Sloan, I hope you get the chocolate we were talking about." I said to myself, remembering when we were young and forgot about our parents and problems. We would eat away our problems and hang out in the shed and eat chocolate. Chocolate was more than a getaway for me and Sloan, it represented every hug and chat we've had most summer nights. Once I made my way to the shed and opened the door, I closed the blinds and sat on the bean bag. I expected her to be alone. I reached over to the cooler and got 2 beers for me and her. Even though I was still in the shed, I heard the crickets and laughter. I arched my head back and closed my eyes. "Beautiful." I whispered to myself. Everything was so beautiful. Right at this moment. Right at this heartbeat and breathe.

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments ((Quick question, do you do one post a day?))

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Harley | 34 comments ((Usually. The first person POV threw me off. I don't usually write in first person. But I'll try to get a reply up soon. I've just been busy since its Father's Day.))

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments ((I can change to second person (after you reply), no problem. You can do it in second person. How ever you want.))

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Harley | 34 comments ((I'll be writing in third person.))

She'd been stuffed into a black dress that was tight at the top and flowy at the ends that just reached her kid thigh and her hair had been pulled until she felt as if she shouldn't have any left. Now Sloan's red locks fell down her back in loose curls, luckily she'd ran away before the makeup artist could touch her face. A simple coat of mascara sat on her lashes compliments of herself. As they got in the limo that would take them to the party Sloan was given the same spiel she was every time. Show up, say hi, disappear. The most important rule was don't embarrass the family. Which she had a feeling it wouldn't be her doing the embarrassing. But of course she nodded along with each thing that was said to her. However there was only one person on her mind, and that person was Julius Vaugh. They'd been through a lot together. Tons of parties where they'd hide together, the black sheep of the family, and they'd always been there for each other.

"Sloan," he father growled. Her eyes went to him, apparently she hadn't been paying enough attention. He started to yell at her about how she wasn't supposed to be born and they'd had an ungrateful child. She felt her eyes water but she stayed silent. Her mind was on the chocolate in her bag and the boy she knew would be waiting for her. Sloan sucked up her tears when they got there. Inside was extravagant just like any other party she'd been to. It was all an act as they smiled and waved as a family, her father put a warm hand on her shoulder and wrapped his other arm around her mother. She made the rounds once inside, saying hi to the important people and pretending she remembered others. When she got a chance she slipped away to the bathroom and a few lone tears rolled down her cheeks. It was enough to redden her eyes but it did smudge the mascara she'd delicately put on. However that she didn't see.

Sloan made her escape out to the back and quietly tip toed the path to the shed she had come to know so well. Softly she tapped on the door before entering. She let a small smile take its place on her lips when she saw Julius. "Hey," she said quietly. She took her simple black cross body purse off her shoulder and let it fall to the floor after closing the door behind her. She flopped down in the other bean bag and let out a heavy breath, taking a moment to stare at the ceiling before she turned her head towards him. There he was. Her savior. Literally, or at least Sloan liked to think so. She reached over and brushed a stray curl off his forehead before retracting her hand and taking a moment to look over his appearance. "Ready to stay out of sight?" she inquired as she kicked her red pumps off. It felt as if they always received the same orders. Very rarely was she told to mingle with guests. Usually when that happened it was a specific guest she would be told to talk to, and that was because her parents were already trying to ship her off to the son of some other wealthy family to expand their own power.

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments He smiled so brightly like it was one of his last smiles. "Hey, Sloa." Julius said looking as Sloan was already up to fix his hair as if it actually mattered. "It's my legacy to stay in quiet." Julius then faced her, handing her the bottle. Naturally enough, she had took it and had herself drink it 1/4 down already. Julius looked at Sloan. "And what? We talk for a quick moment and don't talk about you crying?" His hand reached to her cheeks, a light puff of red and a little mascara. What a beautiful mind and a beautiful person even with all these flaws. Julius shook his head while chuckling. "What? Your parents? Well fuck 'em. I tried giving a damn about my mother just right now. Apparently a book has more value than talking to your own flesh and blood." He reached to his bottle and tapped his fingers against the bottle trying to forget his shame of not getting attention. "I'm not a savior or anything... but we have each other. I know your Dad puts up all this crap. It's all useless. He thinks of you as nothing and you give in something. But when you give in something you cry? Come on. We've grown up with this. All of it. It's all fire and its burning everything. We all have a burn on our skin and hearts." Julius said looking at Sloan carefully making sure there wasn't anymore useless pain on her heart and on her eyes. He saw her take in another sip of beer, easy enough saying that maybe what he said was a cheer or something to make her more worried. What an idiot. "We'll do other stuff. We talk. That's our own magic. We have adventures out of no where. Thick and thin, right?" Julius reached out to tuck in a strand of Sloans hair to the back of her ear. Julius then held Sloans hand and kissed it. "What do we do tonight, mistress." Julius smiled like an idiot. Probably as if nothing happened. Maybe he was trying to be realistic, maybe he was just being optimistic. Someone like Julius could be one of Sloan's armor of her heart. He had a plan of mysterious ways. Julius then went to hold both her hands and stand her up. He looked into her eyes. "Whatever you want to be happy, Sloa." He laughed carelessly. It was the night and he had the nights sun right in front of him. "You look beautiful with that dress."

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Harley | 34 comments "We don't need to talk about it," she'd responded. But of course Julius wanted to touch on the subject anyway. She wasn't against taking about it, it just always seemed like they had the same conversation about her parents and how she shouldn't let them get to her since they were crap anyway. Sloan was quiet as Julius talked. She took drinks of the beer he'd handed her and just sighed. "I know I should be used to it because it's always the same. But being called a mistake and being told you aren't wanted by your own parents is kind of a drag," she stated. She knew he'd given up on his parents long ago. He was far more optimistic than she was anyway. When she was a kid there had been optimism there. But when the nanny was someone she called mom instead of her actual mother that started to bring her to her senses.

She wasn't sure if he knew but Julius was essentially her knight on a white horse. Somehow he always managed to make her feel better. As his hands took her own soft and delicate ones she watched his movements with her honey colored eyes. He pulled her up and without the heels she'd discarded he was much taller than her. "Thanks. It wasn't my choice but it's okay," she spoke in response to the dress comment. That happened all of the time. A random dress would appear and if she came out of her room in something different she'd be sent back. She didn't completely mind that though. Because now she was properly dressed for every occasion they went to and she didn't actually have to put any thought into an outfit.

Sloan rolled onto her tip toes and wrapped her arms around Julius, letting her head fall against his chest as she took a moment to hug him and soak up the comfort he brought her. After a minute of embrace she pulled away. "Well I brought chocolate," she said and opened up the purse she had previously tossed to the side. "Maybe tonight we can sneak out. Or maybe we should plan that for later in the week since my parents are having a party," she said softly. "Let's just sit and drink and eat for now, okay?" she asked softly. Once he'd complied and sat back down she placed herself in his lap, getting comfortable where she often did. She reached forward for her beer again and took it between her silver painted fingertips. "Cheers to us," she said and held her bottle out.

⋆ᴘᴇʀᴍɪɴɪᴄ (ninhagala909) | 1075 comments Julius then cheered to the bottle Sloan helped up and clanked. "Cheers." He took a sip trying to forgot most of the things in life. It would be beautiful just to forget for a moment. He then got Sloans purse and got the chocolate and took a bar. "Can't seem to remember the first time we came up with this idea. I'm a loser." Julius said, savoring what the chocolate bar offered. He then looked at her and began to touch the her ginger hair. God, thought. "Let's play hide and seek with the spoiled bratty 10 year old kids. It can give me and excuse to go through my parents drawers. I expect one of the best things, especially from narcissistic parents." Julius smiled a little bit goofily at her. He caresses her arm and rubs it slowly while he was eating away at his chocolate. Once he finished his beer and his chocolate he groaned already quick to be bored. He had himself completely bored, waiting for Sloan to finish. Julius then grabbed her hand and held it. "What do you think? We go or what? You have something else planned?"

((Sorry if this is short. This plot is a little bit slow at the moment. Once they actually do something, my paragraphs will be way much longer.))

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