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message 1: by Hendrik (new)

Hendrik | 1 comments Seeking to submit my work for the following in-depth analysis in the next couple weeks, as soon as I'm finished with my own edits:

-Character development
-Plot continuity/cohesiveness
-Content you find unnecessary

These three chapters currently total ~13,500 words.

The ideal critique partner will be okay with a gay main character and will also have socially liberal political leanings and a socially liberal worldview.

Willing to swap critiques for similarly lengthed work, so if wanting to swap, just ask me if the subject of your work interests me or not. Long-term critique partners are best!

Looking forward to your response. Let's get critiquing :)

message 2: by ChessPawn (new)

ChessPawn | 140 comments Hello Hendrik!

Your scenario sounds interesting, I would love to hear more about it.
I'm also looking for some more long term critique partners, and hoping to get feedback about the historical fiction manuscript I'm editing.

If you like, we could swap our first chapters, then if it goes well maybe we could continue.

My manuscript is set in WWII, about a pilot in the Polish Air Force. Feel free to contact me here or at if you're interested in working together :)


message 3: by TR (new)

TR (elrowe) | 13 comments Sent a PM

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