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Once an announcement has been posted in the 'Announcements' folder for a while it will be copied to this thread for future reference and the original announcement removed to help keep the folder tidy.

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Links to the announcements in this thread

10/16 - Spell Out Folder Makeover
1/2/17 - Challenge Completion
4/3/17 - Standard Challenge Rules
6/5/17 - Challenges Scheduled for Revamp

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October 2016

Some of the Spell Out challenges have been running for quite a while now and I thought they could do with a bit of a makeover. The challenges have had a bit of a freshen up and the rules adjusted in some cases to make them all consistent.

If you are currently playing one of the challenges you have the choice of copying your post to the new thread or carrying on as you are. The old threads will be moved to the archives at some point but they will still be accessible for you to update your posts.

I've also added a couple of new 'themes' for you to spell.

Spell Out Challenges

Happy spelling! :)

All the old spell out challenge threads have now been moved to the archives. If you are currently playing on one of the old threads don't worry, you can still access the challenges to update your posts here. Revamped versions of all the challenges are available if you would like to transfer your post.

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March 4th 2017

For the sake of clarity, the mods have come up with a set of standard rules that will apply to all TLC challenges.

Please take a moment to read them here - TLC Standard Challenge Rules.

Thank you :)

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February 1st 2017

When you finish a challenge you must post to say that you are done and re-post your entire challenge so that I can check which level you completed etc.

If you don't do this, you will not be considered to have completed the challenge and will not be awarded the 'Hall of Fame' badge for that challenge.

(Even if you don't hit the level you were aiming for by the deadline, please re-post your challenge anyway as you may still be eligible for a lower level badge.)

We will be adding this rule to all new challenge instructions, however on some of the older challenges (posted by past mods) we are unable to edit the instruction post so won't be able to add this rule until we give that challenge a makeover.

Please be aware that the rule applies to all TLC challenges.

This will make life much easier for the mods and free us up to spend more time creating new challenges.

Thanks in advance :)

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May 6th 2017

A few of our older challenges have been moved to a Scheduled for Revamp folder.

What this means is that they are no longer open to new sign ups as they are going to be either revamped or discontinued.

If you are currently playing one of these challenges, don't worry! No challenge will be discontinued until all current participants have finished so just carry on as you were.

Could all players please post a comment on the relevant challenge thread just to let us know that you are still playing.

Thank you :)

Challenges that have been moved:

Literature Map Chain
Best Motion Picture
Whatever the Weather
What Should I Read
Bands and Books

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