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S. Davidson (simplyshelly) | 4 comments Please add my latest book to my profile. It already exists in the listing.
* The Ties That Bind
* S. Davidson
* B072M3B7N6
* Encompass Ink
* May 30, 2017
* Kindle Edition
* Flashback 1990's - Rollerblades, bungee jumping, the laptop, cellular phones the size of bricks, and AIDS - the gay men's cancer.
This is a story about love, friendship, and family. It is a story about growing up, about trying to change the past and the realization that no matter how fast, or how far we run, that The Ties That Bind us as children,
many times come back to haunt us as adults.
We become part of the life of a young counselor, Morgan, who specializes working with homeless, male hustlers. He seems like an angel from heaven to many. He cares deeply for every one of his boys and would
literally die to save them from harm. He deprives himself of life's basic needs in order to reach just one more, but why?
Morgan has his own agenda to work out, his own demons to exorcise. While avoiding his own past, he meets a particular young man, Greg, who is able to see through this well-crafted, public image. Greg sees
Morgan's pain and denial. It is in this discovery, this role reversal that Greg, a life-long hustler begins to heal himself. He helps Morgan come to terms with his own violent past. Greg becomes his strength, the knife to cut the rope and release the guilt Morgan has denied for years. Just as they both begin to heal, Greg discovers the truth.
The Ties That Bind can sometimes be very restricting but many times we find that The Ties That Bind can also provide our strength.
The Ties That Bind are necessary for the sustenance of life
* 427

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Codex | 3401 comments #1: Book moved to your author profile.
Also added page count (from Amazon).

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S. Davidson (simplyshelly) | 4 comments Codex wrote: "#1: Book moved to your author profile.
Also added page count (from Amazon)."

Thank you!

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