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*This month's book theme is Black Families . This theme is geared toward family units. This can be single parents, reconciling in a relationship, or a couple coming together and having a child.

*Each member gets 4 picks. We will have 2-4 books each month for variety purposes only.

*Please try to stick with the first book in a series and then, later on, we can work our way through the series.

*There will be a poll up to decide the books we will be reading. Date June 24th

*For the ease of keeping tally will you guys please post book cover. It helps me to keep up with your suggestions. To do this look above the comment box on the right-hand side. There's a link that says 'add book/author' click on the link and a box will pop-up that will allow you to search for a book. Before searching click on the 'cover' link at the bottom of the popup. Once that's selected search for your book and click 'add' beside the book you would like to suggest.(:


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My suggestions: She's My Baby by Adrianne Byrd Fools Rush In by Gwynne Forster

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Auleah | 2 comments I suggest the Eaton Family series by Rochelle Alers,
starting with book 1:
Bittersweet Love by Rochelle Alers

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