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Seven Second Delay
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Futuristic, adventure and romance

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Mariana Madera | 9 comments Futuristic, adventure and romance
Seven Second Delay By: Tom Easton
Reviewed By: Mariana

This Book takes place in the future but not too far into the future. The main character, Mila is from the U (what was formerly the EU) which is now a war-ridden, underprivileged, poverty stricken mass of land, but she has travelled to the Isles (formerly the UK) which is the most privileged country, existing with the most up to date technologies, plentiful wealth, and zero crime, with her mentor Julian. Crossing the bridge to Isles Julian dies and his last words was telling Mila to call Beverley Minister when she gets into the country. In Isles everyone had a phone implanted inside of their heads, so the government can see their exact movements twenty-four seven. Mila was an immigrant so when she arrived at Isles the immigration took her in to get her phone implanted. Just as they were about to put her phone in they see another device already in there. They are very confused and come to a quick conclusion that it was a bomb and start to freak out, Mila reacts quickly and starts to run for it. The government positions that she is a dangerous terrorist in the media and is now on the run and the society wants her caught. The only advantage she has is seven seconds. The whole world sees her “feed” just seven seconds after it has happened. This seems to be enough time for her as she fakes one direction and takes off another. Sooner or later the entire nation is watching her feed as the government is chasing her down and the people want her dead. Can she get away or will she come up a few seconds short?

I really enjoyed this book it was easy to follow along and was a page turner. It had lots of action that included bombings, chase scenes and fight scenes. I thought it was really cool when they would flashback to Mila’s life and how she suffered from poverty. This book also got me thinking about how much potential technology has to improve and take over. The book began very fast and got straight into it but it slowed down towards the middle but after that it speeds right back up. One thing I didn’t like is that it ended with a cliff-hanger. This book reminded me of the book 1984 by George Orwell in many ways. One of the main connections I made between the two is how the government has unlimited access to information to their citizens. I’m interested in the next book assuming that there will be a next book. Overall I would recommend this to readers who love having a female as the main character and someone who loves adventure and action.

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Jenny | 8 comments This book seem amazing and brings a lot of conversation. Do you think if our every move is monitors in order for us to end crime? Or is our system better as it is now or with less government. I think this book will bring many conversation and debates since in America it can be a very controversial topic since some people want big government and some people want limited or less government.

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