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message 1: by Stacy (new)

Stacy Ludington | 12 comments Hi all,

Now that I've finished the first book in my fantasy trilogy, I'm putting it aside for a bit. This is very hard to do when all I want to do is mess with it. I'm hoping by being someone's beta I can distract myself enough to leave it alone.

I would be interested in new adult or adult fantasy and I'm willing to read up to 150,000 words. I really enjoy books with deep themes, good world building, and characters I can fall in love with. I'm far better at finding plot holes, pointing out confusing scenes, and character development than spelling/grammar. I can read it over and give you my feedback as a reader.

Post a blurb! Practice pitching that booK!

message 2: by J. (new)

J. Kwong (jkwong) | 7 comments Hi Stacy:

Thanks for offering to be a beta reader! I totally understand your itch to meddle with your manuscript as I always do the same.

I don't have a new adult fantasy for you, but it's YA fantasy. It's possible you aren't interested, but would you mind reading the below blurb and let me know if you're willing to make an exception? Thanks!

You can contact me at Thanks again!

- Jackie

She was born on the Day of Balance, and the Feng Shui masters prophesied she would possess five Gifts—the ability to control the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal. But on her second birthday, Ching proved the prophecy false. She is the opposite of a miracle, and is the only person in the empire without a Gift.

Embarrassed by her predicament, Ching’s parents sell her as an Emperor’s concubine, but life in the Imperial Harem proves vicious and deadly. The concubines will do anything to keep Ching from being noticed by the Emperor, and when their attempts turn deadly, the Imperial Army’s leader, Huang Zhou, saves her life.

Zhou befriends Ching and helps her discover her true ability—a Gift so unique and powerful it could annihilate the empire’s enemy. He promises to keep Ching’s ability a secret, but reveals her Gift to the Emperor. And before she knows it, Ching is training to fight in an impending war.

Ching doesn't believe she can help win this war—women don’t fight, and Ching isn't convinced her Gift is powerful. But after the enemy reveals a formidable weapon that threatens to destroy the empire, Ching realizes it is up to her to save her home and everyone she loves.

message 3: by J. (new)

J. Kwong (jkwong) | 7 comments Oops, forgot to say my book is complete at 68K words.

- Jackie

message 4: by Luralee (new)

Luralee | 65 comments Hi Stacy,

I've been meddling with my own trilogy for going on five years now, and I'd love some impartial feedback. My book isn't Fantasy, technically, it's NA Science Fiction but it doesn't read like any Sci-Fi i've ever read.

Basically, it's about a young woman who wants to know what really happened in the strangely empty alternate future she finds herself in, and her developing relationship with a man she can't touch.

The first book is about 90,000 words and is a stand alone (I hope)
There are no sex scenes. There is some violence, but it's not especially graphic.

I'm looking someone to point out any plot holes, issues with characterization, or confusing parts.

Thanks for taking a look!


A vagrant musician is accused of a crime, and only Joya Day stands up for him, even though it means antagonizing the head of the council, and risking another visit from the mental health committee.

He could have at least said thank you, but he refuses to even tell her where he came from or anything else about himself.

His reticence drives her to dig deeper and find out what he is hiding.

Meanwhile, at a defunct human cloning facility, the only remaining outpost of the musician's world, the last group of clones works tirelessly to repair the timeline and restore history.

If they succeed, Joya's world will no longer exist.

message 5: by Randy (new)

Randy Smith | 68 comments Hi Stacy, I see you've begun a multi-book series. Good for you! I've spent years completing a series, YA Fantasy. At least I guess it would be considered YA. If you're interested, I'd be more than willing to read your first book and maybe you'd like to read mine? Here's a query letter/blurb.

Mike’s walking with his girlfriend, Violet, when he experiences a fall and awakens in a world where magic is real. He befriends a young woman as he works to reach Violet whom he believes to be there also. Unfortunately, as he’s comforting this new friend after her puppy has been killed, Violet pops in and reacts poorly. In a jealous, magical rage, she transforms Mike into Michelle before she disappears to join her fellow, soon to be world dominators.
This is when Mike, now Michelle, learns Violet was summoned here; her previously unknown magical abilities trained and enhanced by renegade mages to help them with their plans. They want to take over this world and many more that are connected via unseen doorways. He joins the quest to stop those mages in the hope that he can find Violet, get her to restore his male self and to stop the coming war. He soon realizes that this is no fairy-tale; magic is not fun, it’s deadly.
When Michelle embarks on this quest, she’s joined by her new friend who feels responsible for her transformation. As Michelle realizes her female friend is falling in love with her, she struggles with feelings of her own; she’s falling in love with her friend.
Perhaps returning to her home world as a male is not quite as important as she first thought. If she can survive, save this world, and the connected worlds, maybe she can embrace love… wherever she finds it.
If you might be interested, let me know. Perhaps we can help each other?
Thanks, Randy

message 6: by Aliza (new)

Aliza | 66 comments Hi Stacy,

I've just finished a major re-write of a mystery sequel. My MS is 109,300 words and I'm hoping that with beta readers' assistance I can get it down under 100K (even if it's 99K!).

I have two beta readers but my goal is three beta readers who can finish reading and get feedback to me by June 19th. I'd like to have a completed MS by the end of the month.

Does that work for you?

My MC is a yoga and meditation teacher, Jaya, whose meditation center is in Manhattan. The current adventure includes travel in India and Spain.

My primary concerns are that the characters are engaging, especially Jaya, and that the plot holds together and holds the reader's interest.


(A.E. Prero)

message 7: by Stacy (new)

Stacy Ludington | 12 comments Thanks all. I'm all loaded up on projects now and done accepting works.

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