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message 1: by Isabelle (new)

Isabelle | 3 comments I'm currently looking for someone willing to read the first 50 pages of my contemporary fantasy novel, 'Charcoal' to see where it draws you in and where it loses you. I've been struggling with submissions to agents, so someone who could be quite blunt (but clear) about what they didn't like would be stellar.

Potentially I would like a critique partner for long term feedback as I go through drafts of this novel, which is set to be a trilogy eventually. I've also got several other fantasy style novels in the works.

This particular story itself is set in a completely fantasy world, but with a modern atmosphere and technology basis. Different mythical creatures and races live together in a alternate magical version of London. Our protagonist, Tony, is a Fae deeply involved in the criminal underworld. He finds himself fighting for him life, or perhaps a fate worse than death, when he is trapped in the soul trade.

But I also have an epic fantasy that I'm doing serious editing work on at the moment.

For my part of the bargain I'm happy to read/critique any fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal/contemporary fiction.

I've done beta work before, but I'm entirely an amateur. I'm willing to be as harsh or as kind as people need me to be, I'd definitely be willing to critique for someone long term, but my job may limit my speediness.

Thank you,

message 2: by Keith (new)

Keith Oxenrider (mitakeet) | 1166 comments Hey Isabelle,

If you can wait a week or two for feedback, I'm happy to look at your first 50 pages. If I get into the story, I can see potential for long-term work together from my side, based on your description. And I totally get 'real life' intruding.

While I have one scifi work I'm thinking of writing, my current and planned work is all contemporary fiction. I like to write strong female characters, so need a woman's perspective on if I've done something stupid. My series is the rather self-explanatory "Diary of a Contract Killer" and is an unconventional love story. The violence and sex are non-graphical. PM me if you'd like to send me your first 50 and we can see where we want to go from there.

message 3: by Aconitum (new)

Aconitum T | 5 comments Hi,

If you're still looking for a critique partner, I'm available. Just shoot me an email at

message 4: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Stafinski | 26 comments Hi! If you're still looking for a partner, I'd love to help out! I'm in the middle of rewriting my own epic fantasy. Feel free to email me at

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