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๖ۣۜƧilverlight Here we go!

If you were set on the initial plot I posted, I wouldn't mind too much; I usually just don't do doubles of plots for confusion purposes. But, considering the reason I wanted to RP it, I'm starting to think maybe it's not that bad of an idea.

Otherwise, I have a few other plots I'm working on straightening out that have slightly similar elements (supernatural creature wise). Depending on what you're really looking for, I have an ideas that involve :
- A werewolf one that involves a sort of supernatural creature underground fighting (at the beginning mostly), imprisonment, and being trapped with a werewolf pack.
- The sister of an evil Queen, capable of hearing prophecies broken out of imprisonment and trained by those who broke her out.
- A sort of post-apocalypse; where a city has been created years after the majority population was wiped out. The city itself has selected certain people - orphans left behind mostly - to be trained as those who venture beyond the city to protect it and collect supplies. And they get to discover the world outside is a lot different than what the city is lead to believe.

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Sorry I didn't see this earlier! The bad part of being mobile most of the time. >.<
I really did love the initial plot, so if you are open to doing that one still I would love it. And if you would rather do a different one the sister of the evil queen plot sounds like it would be interesting.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight I would be; the initial person who was meant to do the plot with me changed their mind last night anyways. So the soul-mate one it is?

Did you just want to have a simple template with the basics?

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Yes, please. That plot just sounds so amazing and very fun. ^.^

A simple template for the characters is fine with me. I actually have a fairy character that could work with some changing to her back story.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Sounds awesome! I'll post my chatactet in a moment ^_^

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Okay. ^.^ I will get to reworking my fair to fit this plot.

║☽Name☾║ Haydon

║☽Gєη∂єя☾║ ♂мαŀє♂
{Sexuality}: Demisexual

║☽True Age☾║ One of the most ancient creatures, he rose with the first rays of sun to bless this world.
{Physical Age}: 21 ; his last reincarnation, however, was nearly a century ago.

║☽Species☾║ Phoenix

║♠ Major Abilities ♠║
➥ Shifting : Able to switch between a human and bird form at will, though often preferring the latter when angered or threatened.
➥ Fire : Capable of producing, manipulating and otherwise control fire. Can cause real damage when he isn't focused on containing it.
➥ Temperature Residence : As he has a higher natural body temperature, he is unaffected by heat or coolness.
➥ Heat Touch : Initially or not, Haydon is capable of burning things to ashes or even, on occasions, melting objects through skin contact alone.

☞ ║Physical Appearance║ ☜

ᴇʏᴇ ᴄᴏʟᴏʀ: Changes with mood ; typically orange, but fades to yellow when serene or churns with pale blue when angry.
ʜᴀɪʀ ᴄᴏʟᴏʀ: Ebony ; typically shaggy
ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇxɪᴏɴ: Pale
ʜᴇɪɢʜᴛ: 5'10

➥ Haydon is a relatively quite individual; generally speaking solely when first addressed or when necessary. Though there may be more exception as he becomes reacquainted with his other half.
➥ His control is often highly reliant on his temperament. He can and will burn down everything without something to serve as an anchor to his subconscious. In the past, his soulmate served as this, but recent years have forced self reliance. This has caused his powers to be more rambunctious and harder to control.
➥ He has no moral dilemma in making people suffer if he thinks it deserved.

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Name: Autumn
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
True Age: As old as the world she was there to help her other half be calm in trying time, she has had many incarnations of herself though she has lost all of those old memories.
Current Age: Nineteen

Major Abilities From Her Past:
Life force manipulation: Control of the mystic force found in every form of life and creation.

Physical Appearance:

Eye color: Light blue though they darken when she is angry.
Hair:Long blonde and curly on the ends.
Height; 5'0"
Complexion: Fair skinned.

Autumn usually keeps to herself because she has always felt different. She was more empathetic than most which also made it hard to be around anyone or she would always feel how they were feeling and could never figure out if her emotions were truly her's.

When she isn't Influenced by other people's feelings she is a calm individual. She has been working on keeping her calm when she is around others and it has gotten better as she gets older.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight I like her ^-^

I don't know if you wanted to start with a robber or someone otherwise harassing her (like i mentioned in my post) or if you had an idea for a better start? I'm defiantly open to ideas!

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Yay I'm glad you like her! ^.^

I like the robber/someone harassing her idea. I'm not at home right yet, but when I get home I can put up a started for us unless there was a specific idea you had for the started. ^.^

๖ۣۜƧilverlight That works!

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Autumn looked around the tavern as she helped her boss clean up around the last few customers. The night seemed to drag on this time and she wasn't sure why. It also had been a horrible night which was strange since normally when she saw that strange red, orange bird with its long tail feathers she always had a good day. Hearing her boss call her name Autumn snapped out of her thoughts about the strange bird that always looked at her like it knew her. "Yes?"

"You can go ahead home. I will lock up tonight. I don't want you walking in the rain they're saying is coming."

Sighing in relief Autumn started removing her apron and smiled, "Thanks Jack, I will see you tomorrow afternoon." After gathering her bag and jacket, she waved to Jack and started out of the tavern towards home. It was a long walk, but she didn't mind the night air wouldn't hopefully shake the bad night she had.

Yawning into her hand Autumn heard someone calling out behind her. They sounded drunk and that was the last thing she needed right then. Braving a glance over her shoulder she saw one of the men that had been left in the tavern as she had gotten off. The lopsided smile under the man's shock white hair made he really heart start to drum in her chest as he called out again to her, claiming he wouldn't hurt her. Run! her mind kept shouting, but she could barely make her legs walk when they suddenly felt like they were made of steel.

"What's your hurry?" The man whispered in her ear when he caught up to her.

She felt his fingers run down her arm making her shiver in disgust. "I don't want any trouble," she told him her voice shaking from fear.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Haydon shuddered when the first speck of rain descended, hissing as it struck what little pale skin wasn't bundled beneath his dark attire. The scent of an oncoming storm was strong on the breeze. A part of him lounged to seek out shelter before it had a chance to break. Instead he tugged the collar of his cloak higher, peering out through the concealment of thick branches. His fingers felt clumsy in their motion, unaccustomed to the usage of this feather-less form. One he was forced to adapt more frequently for the sake of blending in; something he couldn't do if rumors spread.

He'd been fortunate the first time he had been spotted, a fiery streak hovering above the tavern. Only a local drunk had glimpsed him, and the other village folks had been quick to dismiss his tales. The second time it'd been a group of children, and their stories had taken far longer to dwindle from gossip. He learned to keep his distance from the populated regions quick enough, or at least stay beyond sight of them.

His chin jerked higher when Autumn emerged. The sight only fueled the ache that had more so taken residence inside him in recent years. A deep rooted desire to be closer the way they'd always been before that left him feeling wrong and too vulnerable. His gaze jolted towards the other figure as they called out. He withdrew, hands clenched, further into the shadows, and jumped.

His wings extended half-way down; more crimson than orange in the dim luminescence. He stifled a cry as he emerged from the trees, wings folding against his sides as he neared, fully intent on barreling into the man. The itch beneath his feathers begging to do something more.

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Autumn's heart felt like it was in her throat, pounding in fear as she backed away from the drunk as he laughed clearly able to see her fear. "I just want to go home," she told him as she slipped her hand into her bag behind her back, hoping he was too drunk to notice.

His slurred words made no sense to her ears as he stumbled forward trapping her against the building. Crying out in pain with the way her arm twisted behind her back she then screamed for help almost sure no one would hear on the deserted street.

As she was about to scream again as the man grabbed at her she saw that strange red of the bird she saw all the time coming from the trees, but the wings weren't attached to a bird it was... a man? Autumn stared in disbelief. This couldn't be possible! Her eyes were playing tricks on her. Feeling her shirt being tugged at scared her out of staring at the figure, that she was sure was only a figment of her imagination. Being trapped between the man and the building she lifted her knee as hard as she could trying to get free of him.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight A stark flicker of blue seeped into his eyes, the color a cool contrast from the scorching heat that lurked just beneath his skin like a persistent itch. He knew in an instant, the moment he evaded the throng of trees and her gaze skirted into his direction, he had been spotted. A subtle flinch punctuated the realization and for a fraction of a second, he was frozen with only the flicker of wings to steady him. He blinked when her stare moved away, made suddenly aware of the drunkard's intention when he followed her attention.

When he dove it was in a similar fashion to that of a hawk intent on plucking its prey from the air below it. His wings drew backwards but did little to hitch his descent; and the impact he made with the man was accompanied with a sickeningly loud thud as the man's head jolted against the ground, hard. The stranger had barely seemed to register the weight a top his stomach when pale fingers gripped onto the loose collar of his shirt. Haydon sneered wordlessly at him, finding no satisfaction in the sudden widening of eyes beneath him. It wasn't enough.

He wanted this man to hurt. Too burn.

He clenched the material tighter until his fingers tingled and he could practically taste the sharp aroma of smoke. The drunk screeched, frantic in his attempt to escape the red sparks that seeped into the front of shirt, and ignited into a small flame.

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Momentarily forgetting about the man with bird wings whom she was sure was a dream she must be having as a result of her mind trying to deny what was going. Since her knee connecting with the man's leg did no good she searched her brain for all the self defense mechanisms she had been taught, but it was as if they had completely left in those few moments. Closing her eyes almost accepting the fate she was now stuck with she felt wind rush by her face and heard the sickening thud of the man's head on the ground.

Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes and jerked her head to the side. It was him, the part human part bird she had seen. You're dreaming wake up! Blinking her eyes hard she realized the red winged man was going no where and nor was the drunk. She was awake and this was very real.

Smelling smoke she looked around warily until she heard the man's screech. Gasping Autumn ran over and touched her rescuers arm, "Stop! I know what he was trying to do was wrong, but you can't set him on fire?" Her words were rushed until the last few came out and they became a question. How could he possibly be doing that? "You can't kill someone just because they tried to do something wrong," her bright blue eyes finally looked into the man's strangely colored eyes a strange feeling tugging at her heart.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Haydon jerked his head towards her, eyes widened, lean muscle tense beneath the ginger contact. Close enough to be assaulted by the staling odor of cheap alcohol. Pulse thrumming in his ears, he relented his grasp on the charred remains of the shirt's front, smothering the frail flame with a clench of his fist.

The body beneath him rambled barely distinguishable words of appreciation and forgiveness, his shoulders trembling with muffled sobs. They ceased abruptly when Haydon cast his gaze downwards, lips drawn back in distaste. Reluctantly, the phoenix pushed himself upright and off the offender. The wings protruding from his shoulder-blades drew tighter into the ragged remains of his cloak as he did so until they had diminished from view entirely.

It was only after the drunk had managed to stagger onto his feet, retrieving back towards the scarce flicker of luminescence in the distance, did Haydon lift his gaze from the ground. A speckle of rain brushed the top of his head. Absently, his hand rose as though to caress her cheek. It hovered a moment, suddenly uncertain, before dropping once more to his side. "Meus amor aeternus." A soft, barely audible whisper.

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Autumn's eyes searched his as he looked back at her wide eyed, "Please?" She asked softly not wanting to be witness to a murder. Watching him extinguish the flame she breathed a sigh of relief and smiled gratefully, "Thank you," she told him.

Barely hearing the drunkard's babbling her eyes stayed locked on this confusing man who could create fire at will. How can that be possible?! No human could do that. When he was standing once again she stood up quickly her focus on him unable to be broken by anything. He could set fire to the world around them and she wouldn't know.

Watching the pale man's hand raise she felt her heart pounding, but not from fear. She couldn't pinpoint why as she looked up at him towering over her. The moment he spoke her eyes lit up, his voice! Why was it familiar? "I-I'm sorry? I don't know much Latin."

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Swallowing around the lump in his throat, Haydon slipped his hands into his pockets to conceal the way his fingers trembled. Throughout the years he had envision them being reunited; to feel whole again rather than be the fractured remains her death left behind. It had been wishful thinking to hope she might remember. He had, after all, gone through great lengths to protect her from the memory of their lives prior. He clenched his hands tighter, willed away the throbbing ache from his chest.

Ducking his head lower, he studied her through the dark strands that had slipped down across his face. The blue having since diminished to a duller shade of orange. He worked his jaw a moment. "Are you," The words felt strange, heavy and foreign, from disuse, and he paused to let the unease of it pass, "-hurt?" Although it looked as though she suffered only a startle, he wanted to ensure as much. He was studying the ground, and the way more droplets splattered across the pavement. Intent on avoiding her expression entirely.

He missed the sanctuary of the trees. At least from there the contracting instincts to protect and touch warred against one another; now they threatened what little rationality he bore. His lips parted, sighing out a coil of grey smoke, before he angled in the direction Autumn had been heading. The incline of his head meant to inquire if he should walk with her.

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Watching every movement he made Autumn's body was tense as if she were ready to run from this man who saved her. Why would he have saved her? So she would be in debt to him? Pulling her jacket tighter around herself it made her take notice of his clothes. Who wears cloaks anymore?

Nervous habit had her wrapping and unwrapping a single golden curl around her finger. Sucking in a breath sharply her heart reacted once more when he spoke. Looking down to check herself she shook her head, "No, he... you helped me. No one helps strangers anymore." Everyone kept to themselves in this world unless they knew the person being harassed. "Your voice.. have I served you at the tavern before?" She was sure she would have remembered his orange eyes had she served him. Or his wings for that matter that she moved her head trying to see.

Feeling horrible for stating she looked away only briefly since his head motion was caught out of her peripheral vision. Unable to find her voice she nodded. Turning her body back towards home she looked up as the rain began coming faster. "Of course," she laughed out softly.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight The frail nod offered from the man was the sole indication he heard her. Though from the way his eyes darted sideways, narrowing in the direction her assailant had stumbled off into, suggested he didn't entirely believe her. Haydon was not one to easily forgive, even if the anger that had previously seared through his veins had dwindled into something softer with her presents, he would not so easily forgive this, The drunk deserved a better reminder of his crime than the scorching of his shirt; the chances were he would receive just that if the phoenix were to come in contact with him ever again. The inquiry caused his head to snatch back in her direction, mouth pursed into a tight line. It means nothing. They would always be farmilar with one another no matter how many lives and identities they crossed between, it meant no difference now.

Nonetheless, it seemed to register how much he had screwed up, to reveal not only his wings but the abilities in which he possessed. If he had simply ran out, she would know no different. At least, he convinced himself as much when he turned away at last. "No." He whispered firmly, and began in the direction opposite of the tavern. Having only managed a few steps when the sound of her laughter drew him to a halt; his eyes closing briefly. "H-here." Haydon slipped the cloak off, revealing the equally dark attire beneath. When he approached her it was with the same hesitance, almost as though she was a wounded animal he fret might flee. Gently, he slipped the cloak around her. "It's big. Sorry." A hint of amusement made the edge of his mouth twitch; it was indeed too big, but at least it would offer some warmth.

The sleeves of his shirt had been rolled above his elbows but, as he backed up hastily to allow some distance between them once more, he unraveled them. It gave his hands a task, at least, in the absents of his pockets. The splatter of cold rain did little to faze him, as immune to the cold as he was despite a relative distaste in being drenched. He was still fire, after all.

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments The firm 'No' even though whispered took her by surprise, "Of course not," she smiled a little. It wasn't the tavern, but she knew him. Well at least his voice she knew. Walking forward quietly unphased by the rain really she looked over when he spoke again. Tilting her head in confusion as she had done for all of her lives she looked up at him as he stepped over to her. Watching him remove his cloak she started shaking her head, "No, I'm fine I have my jacket for warmth," as she looked up at him she noticed it was falling on deaf ears as he secured the cloak around her. When he mentioned the length she looked down and laughed again before looking up to him and seeing his almost smile come through. "Thank you," she said softly wrapping the cloak around herself more so it wouldn't drag and ruin.

Falling once more into silence her mind began to think of all the things she had seen recently. The strange bird that always watched her and she still felt like knew her, a would be attacker warded off by a man with the same colored wings that could also disappear into him apparently. Slowing her steps until she stopped she looked at him, "Who are you?" Autumn then swallowed realizing there was a better question, "Or actually what are you? Are you the bird I've seen watching me?"

๖ۣۜƧilverlight If the phoenix took notice of her gradually dwindling pace, he gave no indication. At least not until several feet had separated them and her steps had ceased entirely. His hopes her shock from the event prior would over-shadow her curiosity doused even before she had spoken. Shoulders tense, he traced his tongue across the roof of his mouth, his throat suddenly sore. As if the effort behind all of his early words had stripped away the ability. A decade of muteness broke within a few minutes, and he didn't know how to make the answers form. He opted to begin with the simplest, "My name is Haydon."

He did not fully understand the difference between who and what. To a creature of his origins they were the same thing even if, over the years, the title phoenix had stuck. Haydon angled to the side in order to peer through shaggy locks at her. He didn't quite meet her eyes, instead studying her features. "I'm your guardian." He gestured his hand outward, an impatient gesture for her to continue walking. "It looks like it may storm for awhile. You're going to be drenched."

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Autumn watched him closely as his body tensed when it seemed he realized she was no longer beside him. Her nervous habits all started at once it seemed. One hand's fingers played in her curls while the other hand went to her mouth and she began to chew on her nails. When he turned towards her finally her hand at her mouth fell away as her cheeks lit up pink in embarrassment. She wasn't sure what she had expected, but his name wasn't it, "Um nice to meet you, Haydon," she answered gently. Answers to he rother questions she didn't actually expect as she waited to hear more from him.

Hearing her own heart beginning to pound as he peered at her. She almost turned and ran until laughter bubbled out of her, "My guardian? Guardians don't exist, Haydon." Watching him closely she wondered what kind of trick he was trying to pull on her. Her eyes pulled to the sky when he mentioned the storm, with a slight nod she once again scooped his cloak into her arms and began to walk silently. Her mind had a million questions racing through, but she didn't even know how to begin to ask them.

As they trudged on Autumn felt herself glancing at him several times wondering where he came from, how he was there at just the right time, and how could he possibly have had wings?! She knew he did. She wasn't crazy, but... looking at his back she sighed, where were they if he had them as she thought. As lightning lit up the world around them, Autumn reached out and grasped on to Haydon's hand.

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Neither do those who emit fire." At least he had been told as much, through the likes of an older generation that spoke of a creature since lost. Reduced to a story. If not for the way his stomach sank, each thrum of his pulse adding to the sear of ice in his veins, he may have laughed. How was it that, with everything she had bore witness too, the idea of a guardian was the most far-fetched? He pulled his hands higher, cupping them beneath his mouth, and blew hot breathe into his palms. The sparks emitted sank into his skin on contact; a burst of frail, orange flame taking their place.

It burned brilliantly despite the rain threatening to dose the small flicker, illuminating the path before them in a swaying radiance. Haydon kept the fire pulled close to his chest, cradled surprising gentleness. As if he feared it might shatter. His gaze remained forward, but the heat of his abilities gave him ease, ebbing away the imaginary cold from his insides. He nearly extinguished their light when he felt the grasp on his other hand, sparing a subtle glance at her outline before his head ducked down. "You're afraid." He muttered, threading their fingers together hesitantly. "Don't be. I-I'll-" I'll protect you.

He swallowed the promise, struck between the desire to comfort and the urge to shy away. How long had he craved the barest touch? Haydon kept his head angled low, not daring to look beyond their steps. Soon she would be home, after all, and he would return to his distance watch. He would fade from her memory, and he would be left to yearn and ache. Perhaps there was a way they could, at the very least, talk again. If only- abruptly, his gaze was snatched up by the sight of the flame seeping up his wrist to his sleeve. It shrank down in his palm when he frowned, the end of his sleeve scorched and tattered.

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~Nightingale~ | 1645 comments Autumn was sure she heard him wrong, but looked over about to ask when she watched him breathe into his palms and saw a small flame flicker to life. She was dreaming. She had to be! How else could any of this make sense? People don't emit fire from breathing into their hands, nor did they have wings that seemingly disappeared into their backs at will, it was all a dream and soon she would wake up with an empty feeling since this man seemed so familiar, but she could not pin point why.

Tearing her eyes away so she wasn't staring at him she frowned at herself. What would happen when she woke up? Would she go crazy and start searching for Haydon? If she found him then what? Of course the lightning and thunder halted her thoughts, his words erasing them completely when she turned her face up to see him better. "Yes, I am. Sorry," she answered softly just about to let go until he had their fingers laced together. A smile tugged at her lips confused, but happy to feel his fingers with hers. Even though he couldn't finish his next sentence she knew what he was trying to say. Squeezing his hand slightly, "I know you will," she whispered.

Far too soon she saw the dark outline of her house, but she didn't want Haydon to leave. She needed to figure out why he was so familiar to her, why she felt so different being close to him. "This is where I live," she said gently as she started them up the small walkway to her front door. Once on the porch, covered from being rained on she looked up into his eyes again. "Why do I know you? I mean, you seem so familiar, but it's like you are a memory I can't grab on to and actually remember. It's right there within my reach, but when I try... it flies away."

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