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L.A. Leidy | 1 comments We have all been there, at the end of a great book, feeling a mixture of emotions. I want more. I want to get lost again. Character addiction is one of the main focuses of my writing style. I creates stories that are light-hearted, fun and relatable. I often find myself falling for the characters as I go. The complexity of life mixed with raw emotions. I enjoy twisting their lives around for the greater good. Now add a little bit of drama, suspense and of course a love story and you have the perfect recipe for a compelling story.

I have self published an ebook series on Amazon. I haven't really promoted them yet because I am figuring this all out! I would love the opportunity to work with 2-3 beta readers if this genre works for you :)

Me Fat You Skinny
72k words
Easy read
No sex some precarious situations though :) kissing

Avery Michaels just found out that her estranged father had passed away and his funeral will be in two days. Nothing about her father’s death made sense, but neither did his life. She had not seen him in person in twenty years. If she left work during a huge deadline, she could be fired and if she did not go to the funeral she would be left with regret and guilt. Avery risks it all to fly out to San Diego, and barely makes the funeral.

At the airport, Avery kindly pays for a stranger’s order. One random act of kindness would change her life. In return of the act, she is offered a dream job at a modeling agency in Chicago. Avery had to think about it. She was self-deprecating and uncomfortable in her own skin. Working in the world of modeling, intimidated her; but she accepts.

Within a week, Avery is flying to Paris to help with the agency’s largest campaign called Inner Beauty. The photographer had been struggling to portray the concept on film. That was until he met Avery.

In order to get the life she wants, Avery has to put herself first, take risks, fall in love, feel pain and just breathe. She never knew what her inner beauty was, until someone showed her in the grandest of ways.

This is Me Fat You Skinny, the Inner Beauty Project. It is book one of a two part series.

You can email me at

Thank you!!!

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Andrew Rayne | 6 comments Personally I am not a fan of modern day love stories, but I am an avid speaker of the idea of love in my poetic works. So I will give it a go if you are still looking.

My email is

Safe travels.


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Lauren-Marie Brouwer | 9 comments I wouldn't mind giving your book a read. PM the details.

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