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I've been trying to read different subject matter for a while now. Therefore, I did not review any vampire books last year. Nor did I review any vampire books the year before that, if I remember correctly.

However, this year I do plan on fitting some vampire books in there before the ball drops in Times Square, so I will be reviewing them here.

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Dan (dan2345) | 880 comments Mod
Okay, this year I'm reading some novels about vampires, and I will review them here when I'm finished with them. Now, this is a 32 page comic book. But I don't know why I'm saying it like that. I love comic books, and I'm glad that Goodreads now includes monthly issues on here...

Redneck #1 by Donny Cates


I gave it two fangs cause....meh! It's okay I guess. And I've been over this before as you all know, I'm sick of the whole "sympathetic vampire" and "good guy vampire" thing. There are exceptions, at least in the past. I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Angel and Spike were awesome characters! I read the first three books in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles back in the day, the first two were good. Oh and as you can see, my profile image is a picture of Nick Knight from that awesome '90's cop/vampire show Forever Knight. But now I think we should just go back to them being monsters.

Okay... Redneck. Comic book about a family of vampires living in Texas who run a BBQ restaurant, keep to themselves, and live off of cow's blood. Yeah, real interesting right? That's another reason why I only gave it two fangs. I'm going to give this series a chance though. I'll read the next two issues and then see if I want to stick around for the rest of it.

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I just finished the third book in the Laura Caxton series...

Vampire Zero (Laura Caxton, #3) by David Wellington


Wish I could have given it four, but there were three problems with it....

1.) The Subtitle, "A Gruesome Vampire Tale" misleading. Compared to the other books, the level of gore and violence, etc is extremely tame in this one. Therefore, it's really not that "Gruesome".
2.) At the end of 99 Coffins, Caxton suffers a serious shoulder injury and is told "She will have her arm in a sling for a while, will need orthopedic surgery. And lots of drugs and physical therapy which she will hate". But this picks up a month later, and she is back to chasing vampires and searching for Arkeley. This hits nerve with me because I know what a shoulder injury is like from personal experience, you do not just bounce back from something like that that fast. There should have at least been some type of explanation.
3.) I did not like seeing Arkeley become the thing he hated most...a vampire. I just liked the guy way too much.

LOL...sounds like I'm being to hard on this book, but I don't mean to. It wasn't bad, just not as good as the first two. I love this series! David Wellington's vampires are like Nosferatu meets 30 Days of Night! And Luara Caxton is like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens!

There are two more books left in this series, I will be reading them soon. I just hope it has somewhat of a positive ending. I'd like to see some type of closure for Caxton.

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I re-read this last month and didn't get a chance to review it on here...

Blade, Vol. 2 No. 2 (Blade Max #2-2002) by Christopher Hinz (Writer), Steve Pugh (Illustrator), Tim Bradstreet (Cover Art)


This one had come out in 2002 just in time for Blade II, and I don't know why I chose to re-read it. I suppose I just liked this particular series and missed it. As a Blade comic book, it's a lot darker and gory. R-rated much like what Garth Ennis did with The Punisher. Blade is pretty brutal when dealing with vampires in this. However, we get to see that he has somewhat of a personal life, unlike the Blade we all know and love from the movies. And I love Steve Pugh's artwork. I'll have to look that guy up and see what else he's done. I really don't get why they cancelled this series, it seemed like it was better than previous incarnations. One thing is for sure, it was definitely a lot better than that crappy Marc Guggenheim/Howard Chaykin series that came later. I really hate those two guys. LOL...hate to be mean, but they just suck and Guggenheim is an arrogant jackass. Yeah, Marvel needs to give Blade another chance. I know he still does cameos in books every now and then. He recently showed up in an issue of The Defenders. Whether it's movies, TV shows, or comic books...they'll eventually do something with the character again. That'd be awesome if they put it on Netflix with their other Marvel shows. LOL.

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And now for my next, and sadly final book review of the year. I had wanted to fit more vampire books in here this year, but I had other stuff to read. However, this one was a really good way to end the year....

Dracula The Graphic Novel Original Text (Classical Comics) by Jason Cobley


This, as you can see, is a graphic novel adaptation of Dracula by Bram Stoker. And a really good one at that! Illustrated by one of my favorite comic book artists, Staz Johnson, it remained pretty faithful to the book. I really hope, in our lifetime, we will see a big screen adaptation of Dracula that is as faithful as this one is to the original material.

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that sounds great and fun!

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Latasha wrote: "that sounds great and fun!"

It is a good book. Every Dracula fan should read it.

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