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Maggot Moon Review (Kinda) (Not really) (110% Professional)

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The Noah-itall Taylor-Ortiz | 2 comments Maggot Moon Review
By Noah Taylor-Ortiz

So, I suppose my last review left a bad taste in some people’s mouths; I don’t know, maybe people didn’t really find me bashing and abusing a poor, innocent book with literally only one reason to justify the slaughter? Probably.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Today, we’re here to discuss a different book, but instead of making me hate its main character and everything they stand for, it goes and makes me really, really, sad. Like seriously, the amount of sad that this book gave me sadibetes. It’s like diabetes, only instead of sweet things causing it, it’s sad things.

Okay I’m getting off track, let’s just talk about the book already.
So, our story takes place in… Well, I have no clue. Doesn’t really throw it at you in exposition, nor does it bluntly tell you. It just kind of gives off the name “Motherland”, and lets you imagine where it takes place. I’m going to imagine Russia, for multiple reasons (mostly because the word motherland reminds me of it).

ANYWHO, here we have a dyslexic kid by the name of Standish Treadwell. He can’t read, nor can he write, which doesn’t earn him many cool points at school. It also doesn’t help that times are rough in the “Motherland”; food is scarce, conditions are awful, and connections even worse, so Standish often daydreams to escape this. Eventually another family moves in, and a kid named Hector becomes friends with him. Yay! Friendship! Finally Standish experiences it!

The Motherland is on a timer it seems, for it wishes to get to the moon before anyone else (really, I think it’s obvious that it’s Russia don’t tell me otherwise).

One day however, Standish and Hector find a horrifying truth about the Motherland, but whether they do anything about it, or keep the secret to their graves, is quite the mystery in it of itself.

Alright, there’s the plot. Pretty simple, right? Well it is, but that’s not the main drive of this book. I would say this is a very character driven story, and thankfully, the characters are all unique, diverse, and interesting enough so that you care for the ones you should, and that you despise the ones you should.

This goes for even characters you may have hated before. With the exception of 1 or 2 super evil dudes with absolutely no redeemable qualities, every character has their own ideals and goals, no matter how small a role they play, and certain people who may have been fine with one thing, may completely despise one other thing that happens in the plot. Though sometimes the characters may seem either flat or uninteresting.

The book consistently gives out a feeling of misery; and an emotion of hopelessness, which I suppose is what it should be, for nothing cheery or happy can happen in this book! Joy is for the weak! For in Mother Russia, sour and dreadful is the only way we talk!

The worldbuilding is also spot on here, since it successfully tells us a story of an isolated land, with barely, if any hope of aid from other countries. Every family, citizen, even rat here must live off of whatever meager items and foods they find, lest hunger and depression take them personally.

So, what do I think of this book? I liked it. Not my favorite piece of literature, but I felt it was well executed and well done. I didn’t really hate anybody specific the entire book through (except for that one teacher; screw him), even ones I thought I would loathe turned out pretty decent in the end, not great but decent enough.

If you enjoy a good sob story every once in a while, you’ll love this book! Just make sure to bring some tissues… But if you aren’t used to these types of silly emotions… Stay back, otherwise you’ll cry. A lot. Maybe too much. But I wasn’t used to it and I didn’t cry… Maybe I lack a heart; that would certainly explain the last review I did... Yaaaaaaay. Later!

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Josh McBain | 10 comments Noah this was awesome, by far the best book review i have ever read. it was funny, informational,gave just enough info for people to be interested, great review.

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